Listen Now: UB Coach Lance Leipold Joins RLITM To Talk Up Rob’s “Pick Game Of The Year”

Thursday, September 21st

The UB Bulls Host Florida Atlantic Saturday night in a game Rob Lucas picked earlier this year as the “must see” for Star 102.5 listeners and families.  The great night starts with the pre-game party at 4 including a concert from The Gin Blossoms! 

UB Head Coach Lance Leipold dropped by to talk about their win over Colgate, and facing Lane Kiffin across the sidelines this weekend.  After listening to the coach, click to get tickets and full info on the STAR 102.5 pre game Party!


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So happy to bring in the studio after a win against Colgate over the weekend UB head football coach Lance like Paul Holler you do an icy smile on your essence. Do well Ralph are even today it will you always have a smile on your face in this is the mark of a good coach whether it's a win oral loss. I mean privately kind of feel bad but you always. You've got to be the inspiration for the team he's got leader yet the F stay positive in it and find positive and in the and we knew when we came here three years ago was it was gonna take time to to build a program that was going to be good for the long haul it wasn't going to be a quick fix and and you know his coach McDermott even says with the bills as it is a process and sometimes people get tighter the word but it but it takes time in the end and things are guys are working hard at getting it done we could see the process not only on the scoreboard with a win over Colgate but I'm so kind of disappointed that that the games you guys played so well in Minnesota and so well in army. And because you know that TV coverage was limited people should really losing to Minnesota by ten. That's a pretty good accomplishment your first game on the road yet we you know we're in the more we looked at their game rob you know they would they go on beat and Oregon State team from the pac twelve had already right now men and middle Tennessee's been a consistent bull team Nady beat them pretty well at home so. That when I heard you know and missiles went over Austin and that in this score there probably shows a lot more than what even we thought we did mowing walked off the field we had opportunities. They kicked a field goal two minutes to go to go up two scores there's a lot there and there's a lot to build on. Army game we we had opportunities again. Nice Cecile start fast against Colgate and we're gonna have to do it again Saturday night against Florida Atlantic. The big thing I always talked about would you be as I wanna see the student body out there I mean it's it. It's they were good does awesome I wasn't there when I saw the pictures and audio seemed really really really good. Yeah it was I could save probably in my three years the best student crowd that we had they were into it. You know we've played well in the end it was a big reason they were a big reason and then I think his second half stadium by the margins score I think some woman had other plans to get down to for Saturday night so. But we could sure use them back out again have supplies to tailgate is. Known to be at the concert here ready to go and help us get another victory. That's my challenge for the UB students especially a saw the article in the paper more and more coming up from Brooklyn in downstate. Don't stay inside watch in schools on TV get out there and support you be against Florida Atlantic might challenge on Saturday. Now it's a great family event we've been saying that we've got to tailgate party this week with the you touched on at Sewell O'Neal I think do you still do the walk. Before the you do the walk right you onstage at the tail we are dumb we we don't go on stage every game anymore applied we we do new dual walked to the locker room and it's right on the outside of rush stampede square. And then they'll be maybe one game this year probably homecoming that won't go off on the states Sewell O'Neal's hosting the tailgate party party force look out. She's a player crack usually and everything it Arco tailgate party like. All man at a group that is the word so that's awesome hopefully we'll get to get everyone going. You know pregame is very important especially with the weather hydration will be very few yeah. That is not proper proper hydration 11 Vern you know to make sure we do you don't know we passes out in the in either direction right but. Make sure you have a good time how about this weather where it's better than you guys were training camp in July and August. This is like you're sweating more now. Yeah it's it is by far the did the warmest stretch of consecutive days out on the practice field for us and it's died young and you could tell you know especially our guys that. Lot of our guys have lifting requirements early in the morning and class all day and you can kind of see it sometimes it as the day wears on and again that's you know it just have to work out it's a night game and I think we're awful glad it is 7 o'clock kickoff. Would you be head coach Lance like hold on star order 2.5 they host of Florida Atlantic this Saturday this was my pick came the year remember I said this is the one game everybody's got to go to. And the pregame party starts with the Gin Blossoms just beforehand. Off the field big news over the past ten days you're gonna see the north end of the end zone looked different over the next month or so and then the next eighteen months to two years. That field house is coming to a fruition. Shovels are going in the ground what does that mean view well it means dreams can come true. You know way I think OK this debit and I don't Lyle and I'll say I don't that's not Lance saying it that's me yet you know. From the time I arrived in town you know people have talked about aids day asked if that was going to be was that part of any discussions when I took the job in and to see it happen the work of Alan green. Com and our administration. It is come true and out. It's really going to be a big benefit to our program our athletic department work site to see those shovels in the ground and it's not only the football team it's all the other but it it's good for. Basically every student and non student athletes and also an effect semi yep we yeah I mean the do you sort of non athletes student or should I say yeah. They'll be a lot of things that. I think as time comes when you're gonna see a facility that size you know you look at DF pro senator down an Orchard Park in all the different things its use for. You know once we get it up enrolling who knows what other things will happen I think it's going to be a game changer for our athletic department university in and probably the community. Cup Florida Atlantic coming in on Saturday I don't wanna get to exes who knows because that's not necessarily our audience but Florida Atlantic has had a weird start to the season their first game against navy was like five and half hours long day at lightning delays. Kept playing till 2 AM. And then talk about the human side of things. They played on the road in Wisconsin and couldn't go back to Florida because of hurricane Burma so they've they've had some things they've been up again yet they've been up against some adversity and and things you know the weather delays I think happened down that way sometimes Jane and know the course of the year Nate they go through that in practices talking to it to people out of work down there and and that part of the country. But like you said the unfortunate. Circumstances that are that are country's gone under in the southern part of our country's been imports and they've been through a lot. You know our our schedules are very to parable on the fact that I noticed that we both played Big Ten teams we both played a service academy we both played NLCS school soul. It's kind of it's kind of neat the way that's played out and should be a heck of a match up on Saturday I do. Old on the line as much tougher and speaking of the mid American conference our conference not to be overlooked anymore when you see it's a feather in the cap to all the programs wind. I'm northern Illinois beats Nebraska and Nebraska fans I think it's good for college football the Huskers are good but. I felt good for you be in the Mac conference for that was. Yeah I it's it's exciting times in those things happen you look at western Michigan's season last year northern Illinois. From Ohio and central Michigan beat Kansas. I mean right now rob in the NFL the leading rusher and leading tackler we're players from the mid American conference and they're not even the guys that were the top five picks likely will Mac Antonio Brown Corey Davis so. There's great football played EG EB stadium with a lot of great athletes in and you know once again great chance to see him right here in town. Well let's give buffalo or star fans a chance to see them on Saturday night we've got to family four packs of tickets to the game against Florida Atlantic. And also the pregame party with a Gin Blossoms you'll be doing lead vocal for the Gin Blossoms William will be no we want to harm any maybe we want to keep people there. Here's what I need I got two numbers in my head and rowly I told you what these were earlier. That I thought he would say give me two numbers between two and fifty in these are the two callers who will win today. Two and fifty between two and fifty Tommy bolt 2448. All I was close. I said eleven and 220. Is I was thinking football eleven and twenty to 2448. That both doubled. Is there any reason why you picked those are just that's what came to me he wanted to be a score but I it's. A father 48 point 44 kids or PH to our callers 24 and 48 role he got to work to do at 644102. Fighter go into the UB game and you've got the VIP party passes as well. Against Florida Atlantic on Saturday I think it's gonna be one for you guys at this is the route picking of the year you go to one UV game this is it get your tickets at UB bulls dot com.