Listen Now: Rob Sez The Most Momentous Happening On Inauguration Day Isn't Seen By Anyone

Friday, January 20th

The moment when the President-elect realizes he is now the leader of the free world happens in a quiet room with just a few people attending, between the Inauguration morning breakfast/mass and the noontime taking of the oath on the steps of the Capitol. 

Listen for what that moment is…


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On 735 I want to finish off the thoughts and a story I hinted at just about this time yesterday has to do with a non inauguration day. It's not a comedy bit on my 100% serious. The most important moment in the inauguration day. Isn't seen by anybody. If it's a moment that truly changes the president elect's life. Tell you whether it is after train police song. So it 2.5 coming up on seven for the inauguration day today so I was saying earlier this morning no matter. Who was being inaugurated on whether it's an incoming president or somebody who was already president. If you're seeing in the capital as the sun Hun comes up and under murky Daley today. It's just it should be filled with pride. And I I read a book but a decade ago. That it change the way I look at inauguration day. The book was all too human by George Stephanopoulos. Who was in Bill Clinton's. Team for the longest time it was a white house speaker for awhile. Now George there's a whole generation who doesn't know that like George Stephanopoulos and enormous like the guy and ABC's Robin Roberts. Anyway he wrote about the most important moment of on inauguration day. He sought through his own eyes he was there it's not seen by anybody. The moment when the president elect realizes he's now the leader of the free world. That happens in a quiet room. Within just a few people attending. And its between the inauguration morning breakfast in the masks. If that happens between right now at 9 o'clock o'clock and the noontime taking of the oath on the steps of the capitol. It's one the president elect. And it only a couple of other people think one is the secretary of defense. And maybe one other person. They go into a room in this happens I think for a Bill Clinton. The room was in the old. He OB old executive office building which is right across from the White House. And that's where the men in that room by just by the outgoing secretary of defense in a couple of important people from the previous cabinet. And that's where they are handed over it sounds like a movie but it happens these titanium. Briefcase. With the nuclear coats. And said okay you were in control now if this happens here's what you do this is the way we're. Doesn't take that long fifteen minutes or so. George Stephanopoulos off Clinton when he went in saw Clinton when he came out when he went in he looked a year younger than when he came out. He came out ashen faced. It face in just like he'd aged instantly. When he got those codes that will follow him around for the rest of his presidency. And that's what Donald Trump and every future president. Goes through will be going through. In Stephanopoulos at the amazing thing about it is this hits the president's election right in the middle of the biggest day of his life in the beginning everything he has worked for. And that it's just like a punch in the gut and the president elect has to. Pick it up put on a smile that. Then go to the capitol. And addressed the nation. As his world it's just been rocked even though he knew what was coming nothing prepares you for that. What an amazing process. It'll happen at some point today then nobody will see it maybe we'll talk about it but nobody can see it can't imagine. Going through it.