Listen Now: Producer Jimmy Mic'd Up The Vice Prez And Had To Keep It A Secret!

Wednesday, October 18th

OMG!  When Vice President Pence visited Buffalo yesterday, RLITM Producer Jimmy was in the room as part of the sound system setup!  He helped rig up microphones and speakers for the Vice President's speech!  Talk about pressure...the last thing you want is for the batteries to die in the middle of a VP speech!  A very compelling listen, and very cool experience for Jimmy to be in the room with the Vice President!


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Okay yesterday I got to step share from producer Jamie you know and always was a photo of the room instead of vice president's office. And Jimmy and aside as weddings and all that stuff and in music stuff for along with CJ sound who face really in the guys that received TJ sound. For basically every time we do with star event that is not a huge major event if not they can do major events and Alex and thousand people problems. A CJ sound as good music source for example the Judy in the lion star lounge will be doing tomorrow afternoon at Smith theater. You can sign up for that if you wanna go at my star what do we find our Tom I don't think it's too late. Anthony will be doing the music from that thought trained him to tell once citizens are allowed to this city to the music that seems so does it all over and they do it so well that. Jimmy is a part of CJ sound you guys were booked by the vice presidential attention AD. To the people who come and get things ready beforehand and not eat this came right from the White House yeah so you knew you were doing vice president census thing you're here on Monday and you couldn't tell us. Yeah I knew I knew maybe a day before that the debuting Sunday that it was a very confident for obvious reasons commitments and you roll there is just setting up the microphone making sure is that it's one thing forward. You know what you're doing something for star our listeners with. When it's the vice president. You guys have nine deck up likes and 62 batteries just in case you something goes wrong it's an extra equipment there. That wasn't being used that could be used immediately down to secure the secret codes review yes thirty something happened. So what was alike when the vice president walked in the room where they're eighty people 400 people what was a -- a couple hundred people it was very it was very extremely intimate it was it's probably spun itself towards smallest rooms from him or smaller rooms so you relate with an almost and feel solid arm's reach that he comment in duty say you know of the self tourist place needs a little dressing up they can use more decorations no he. It is anything like that I didn't know this much marvel outside of Washington we know arguments that you've been the bathrooms that we are hoping it was gonna use the death of there just to see all of the crazy things that put in the debt now Secret Service we'll use Frist will you patted down to become minutes. Did you see dogs going through checking for explosives before him or anything yeah on the way in the parking lot and a a big set up. They weren't letting anybody in the parking lot wasn't part of me that's right you're just Joe Schmo coming in the end it is across the street protest or whatever I don't think so yet they had some dogs. And Secret Service. Everywhere. Our equipment Jeff frisked before you brought it in you'll scanned and when we within the day before. So when they swept the building and thinking limits of the building than they sealed it then it's yet so you set up to date before. It was just so cool you know while in it and it would you walk and that's a foyer everything up and hospital still works yeah we did like sound check one and then subject two and three and so's meet neat city had the vice presidential seal in front of him it was her day yes or was just at a table. He had a the podium with him that the president only spur of the players always speaks at the blue one. And just before he comes out one of the O workers at the White House. Comes out with a circular thing hooks on the front that's a cool as that was awesome did you want her and over get a picture taken yet despite an instant brand that. It's just food and money to attack did do one of the few China according to keep now widget people will be constructed keep their phones down that not take video of him while he's there and mature official press or whatever Noah had you know there was no. Press at all but that's what we saw but I think there was some photo taking and just general. Like I took this photo letdown. Nobody literally the vice president was now in. Via the when you see me anyway I wish I'd taken itself. Did you tell your exit did you tell your parents what was going on excellent parents after the fact really. Which are dead sick he goes I can't believe that you kept that from your mother and I. You've got different star fans for life record in me wow that is exciting it was it was thrilled to be a part of you know and again no matter what the politics in the middle when the vice president comes and visits it's a really cool thing it's not every day you get to experience something like that. You're picking a diploma there's a thing or emotional literally she wants to be in the secrets or that's and nights this phone but that's why she tried out the Secret Service. The Secret Service I eat is a very general admirable position as the snow holds and I think that's so cool what are you ready to quit and give up doing wedding gigs and two in the secrets or I would love to orphans and released after dating scene that's my job if we could job slots for a date with the Secret Service I was doing truthfully if I were gonna have either you or role he protects me. I have to pick her slams or big. Off off off and they get a get a snap jet now my arms were bigger. 640. Great Jimmy's excited because he's got arm is bigger than a woman. Toll is that a good defense for you oral bought them not so sure there are too big of six party before it's irrelevant 2.5.