Listen Now: Pink Party Artist LIGHTS Joins Rob Lucas In The Morning!

Friday, October 6th

Pink Party 2017 is next Wednesday at Statler City, and LIGHTS joined Rob Lucas In The Morning to talk about how excited she is to be coming back "close to home" in Buffalo!

She checked with us while waiting for a plane in Orlando, and her beaming smile could be heard (and seen) all the way up North! Can't wait til she takes the Statler City stage along with LP and Caitlyn Broadnik.

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How are you. Are your party you would right now I'm in Orlando and arable land and most. Aggressively positive. Classical music right now. Selling a lot. Well what what does it put you put you at a good mood to fly to buffalo or your flat where you fly into right now. I demand that the and it just led Buffalo News. -- see you next Wednesday a pig party 27 seed LTE and lights who's with us this morning will be its stellar city get your tickets at my starlet to five dot com. So will this be kind of a homecoming for you considering your your Toronto and Timmons Ontario background all the re any have you heard from many old friends coming down from candidate to see you. I bet and I you know what I I actually my friend that because buffalo. You know obviously people clothing and a lot of might actually making neither of across the river in Niagara Falls Butler is like a little a little accountability act. We kind of got that feeling with you without even speaking to you we kind of had their feel it's weird it's just PH is where the way that works. Yeah I I'm happy coming back necklaces. Good to that under aborted in dynasty or violent an amazing. How they'll do is not Canada forget about it ever. Be able to smell Canada there you are so you're the type of artist that some people are just getting to know now. And then you of other fans who have been would you for a decade and they're like they've been their for there to go listening in Siberia. Hi how sad day yet how set to cut a deal with where US such a diverse band group right now. How many cola I think what chronicle of the the fans that have been with me for the ten years at the beginning or wherever they discover me. Apart don't connect the music and and become a talk show that you liked the dedication your rich. But there's still a degree of discovery and excitement every time. As somebody who eat meat then Dick Gephardt yet that that's how I mean. I have you know our record that I. That feels pretty cool that people are still making that discovery should make Olerud that you know it you're you know don't want to reach more people are back with this project at the comic without. And that you regret the whole thing that I had been historian is bigger picture project getting it and. What let's talk about the album skin and earth would you could I've only heard a couple of sons from a would you call it pop rock alternative for those just discovering you what would you say it's likely. My diet poppy as. Record yet but I think it still a lot of authority and the alt pop tiger I think. I. You know I would be at the experiment Billups played it make you sick. On that aren't a little left the senate sometime Betancourt hit Europe but. You're definitely my iPod this project and I'm. I'm really stepped on it and like I happen now let's put up weird and that is typical bank. I get a leaping out at a world of the biggest feeling. You're making a smile in the studio right now we can't wait to see you on stage it's Stadler city it's do we we can see your smile all the way from a land they are horrible Orlando this morning. In this state. And this stage it's stellar city you'll love because it to step hotel goes back to the forties. People like time Tony Bennett Ray Charles Alter the 40s50s and sixties and there's a Rennes you'll be performing on the scene staged stated this in Asia walking you'll see it you'll be like oh my gosh. Tony Bennett should be appear on the big band in nineteen with a big band in 1950 our. Man I wonder they're like these magical I think that can download on to you and I and. They're aircraft. With lights out sterile what are 2.5 you'll see her rats that were city next Wednesday a pink party 2017 get your tickets at my star awarded to five dot com source kind of hope all tours are you on do you have an all set up to go through spring are you doing some radio shows now how is your fall and winter looking. Well it looking a little bit like that's pretty frequently found chemical radio show it and actually write Arabic to boarding. Parents are among. And then next you're gonna start in the headlines stuff. And in between all those and still finishing drawing a comic working and that act is that the trade is by got it replaces but. I love every minute of it doing all. And I'm sure he'll tell the story the about your drawings in the comic while while you're on stage here it just do you create are you left handed person accuse all lefties are creative. Yeah did you stink to high and I think right right hander I think a lot of elected people to get there is so into it in yet especially the way elect. Just the tablet that I believe that it in my heart and things. Triggered by your left hand and drive by your right that you have to really think doesn't act you. No I'm right handed. And that that's a weight that's a way I faked being creative that's what right handers do. Entered day Bryant is staying in any case that ever look at that go to sleep and I might trigger about collecting buried there. And make it outside your plan. Let let's talk about the single giants just before replay it now this this song. First came out for you what may or June any kind of was there on it it's funny how music just kind of percolate than. All of a sudden it just takes off. Yeah well thank you the support from from you guys been an agent that. Really out this CE I think I kind of went a Wafer cup weird the work on the project the coming out. That was the lines up this whole thing app actually is on. That he's like he fired his third career Billy pivotal part story sure every dominant record in two meetings right. Certainly comic meeting at the thumb is to be discovered by you know relocating and that. Breaking pastor while holding down and I elect. Really pushed myself that adamant about it you know of the week that it bounty spread about the B that we can't exceed the well by. Let me dream making it we're actually gonna keep anything and that's going to prep. Wow so now now every time we hear giants wool journey and in a whole different way and we're gonna player right now as we say lights safe travels we will see you next Wednesday here in buffalo for Tea Party I can't wait and.