Listen Now: Here’s The Best Way To Get Tickets For The Upcoming USA – Canada World Junior Game At New Era Field

Thursday, September 21st

The World Junior Hockey Championships come to Buffalo this Winter!  31 games from Dec 26th to Jan 5th highlighted by the US- CANADA outdoor game at New Era Field on Dec 29th.  Mike Gilbert, Sabres Vice president of Administration and General Manager of Harborcenter.  Joined Rob Lucas to tell us the best way to tickets when they go on sale to the general public this Monday.


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Awesome weather today the high of 82 little mud here were at sixty in buffalo right now this is the type of weather. That Mike Gilbert the vice president of administration for the sabres general manager of harbor senator and more to the caretakers of the world junior championships. This is one of those days you're not praying for for ten days between December and January. It can be warm. After the twenty NAFTA that's okay and it can be warm maybe early part mid part of December but no we needed to be cold. Maybe mid thirties. I'm not the 29 of December 3 o'clock Mike's here to talk about the world junior hockey championship. I championships the best players under twenty. Coming to buffalo 31 games from December 26 students through January 5. Again the big one the US Canada game which we look at that is being a championship game because it's outdoors into her field it's not it's one of the it's preliminary zero preliminary games there's 31 games total in tournament but what makes this unique. Is never in the history of international ice hockey competition has an average running game. Outside in the first came outside is he between US and Canada and we are all partial here to there have been so many outdoor games now but as far as the NHL were so partial to the winter classic the first one. Because it was hours but. Ot that snow globe effect to it wasn't it was just there's been not been here are my arms are standing up it and thinking about and I was fortunate to be involved with that game right now at the beginning. And it's amazing where it was and where it is now right to press conference to reach that new Citi Field but. We think this event or has been an and I use the word event and it's game US for his cannon of people are gonna look back and say while number ten years ago. The tickets were gone and right half an hour in the of the buzz and everybody want to be out there we think with the US for Canada during Christmas break. It'll just very regular no you're exactly going to be nice to have little to the snow that day and ideal weather for buffalo solar we're very excited USA hockey league. This is not just in a northeast hockey yourself that this is a whole the United States I was I was gonna ask you about that because what it means to buffalo did to half the world juniors and I'm not trying to suck up I'm just saying the way it is Mike is so good at what he does from a PR standpoint. He has been lucky enough to he gets hired by companies to go how many Olympics have you done that I was at the last Olympics and socialists team yulia and you don't some other Buick you like first follows on Twitter at when I first got on Twitter are ideally file like three people and I was following you over literally three axle things today it was going over there to to Russia was was fantastic so now you're you can give us a feeling of what does it mean to buffalo to host this is its well this is the first time that this event has happened twice in the city's city. When I mean by that is the last time the US hosted this event was in buffalo so when a country hosts of that they've never brought it back to the same city. And in the USA did that they did a for a couple reasons one. Those this market that they know you know what we have here the outdoor game we've done this of that in the past. But the other part that you know some people forget. Is. Parker Center didn't exist a few years ago right so dispute that are those the second venue was and I university which took a nice job while that's how I think everything is down here is a first time ever in the history the world juniors. But all three ranks onto one campus Indy is so close to Canada. Nice as well exactly keeps saying USA Canon USA how but you know candidate this event. That is like the NCAA isn't of basketball in Canada well and have them come announce to go to this game it'll be really excited. Let's talk about getting tickets because everybody will want tickets for the outdoor game I'm gonna say this right off the top everything we talked about if you can't keep keep up. Just go to buffalo world juniors dot com buffalo world junior start com. You guys did a great job on the website because it's interesting with the variable pricing high you price 31 different games including an outdoor game well explained right there. We'll accept that really is is brown Rossi and the guys over PSE who who the kind of oversee all that stuff for us and they've done a great job and you know now let's take as you know today and tomorrow and they go on sale for CB season ticket holders bills' season ticket holders USA hockey my one buffalo. And that I on Monday at 10 o'clock to read general on sale to the public so how quickly tickets will go and we don't know there's a lot of take out. I was gonna ask you army talk about the stadium and seating for hockey it's still might be close to him now is we're still what exactly is somewhere in the 65% to a range because the stadiums even changed since the last time I get a great bars change we have an ice plant we have to put down on the field and there's some different. You'll see kills me have regulation until we gonna have probably you know 50000 tickets available somewhere around there in a while 45 that will go on sale. And when we did this last time they went very fast and we didn't at the time with our computers broke when we did criticism possibilities tickets are gone. And they went deck right now I don't know if that's gonna happen and we have no idea obviously but. You know people who are season ticket holders for the bills and sabres my one buffalo. USA hockey registered. And I think that's further your first shot Atlanta on Monday I think I'm running at 10 o'clock he goes on sale. It's a general public and people can just log on as you said the both the world juniors and if I am looking forward to it's going to be 31 games we. You know how have a lock going mountain during a lot of people awful to show off our town if your first. I'm ticket buyer there's old talk about the individual be the pricing where the prices changed dynamic pricing model these the earlier you buy a record the lower the price is gonna because let's face it. If you wait to buy a championship game tickets in its Canada. Or the US in there chances are that demands gonna be much bigger than if it was Carol pick two countries Lafayette infant. And yet know exactly and and it's a model take the model based on the airlines if you buy airline ticket to go to Florida six months at a time in the in about a price. Then you do a week before Easter when you try to buy ticket if there's even one available and an affront to its but take it started 45 dollars for the outdoor game. And the individual game sales. Not just acting rally the wrestling games will go on sale on the 29 so. At the end of next week that'll happen but the focus right now is on the and upload your name it it'll be really you know Leary here last week at the rink builder. Who came in to do a site you visit and we are working with the bills of people and walking around there was Kansas looks like wow like you know when we won the spend a year and a half ago. But now that it's reality it's it's just a few months away and it's let's start to happen. How neat is it you kind of touched on this earlier but winning the bid a month and a half ago when you go out to get this for buffalo and again they were just here in in 2000 eleven. You're beating out cities like Detroit you kidding me breeding on a lot of cities that are much bigger with maybe bigger resources and we have what does it say about our city and just have done moxie in the organization getting downtown. It it says it's as a lot I mean we are one aside we've veto Pittsburgh. You leave Chicago within a Boston Saint Louis and Detroit out scandals are all the finalists and finalists and in US Jackie came back here it's really three reasons one. They know the people that are here and their support they had last time to. That the outdoor game we usually group to put together during games and three ms. Harbour Centre and we have a three ring campus right here. They can pull it off and everybody can be downtown and we're gonna have a championship village it can house side so if you don't have tickets of the game really come down and these are going to be announced in the in the coming weeks and months down there that. We think we've pretty neat memory lasts some of those yellow duck on the water area I'm not saying we're in have a yellow Doug Parker left the traffic route we're gonna have something else we think it's gonna bring a lot of people don't really and really that not necessarily on the water but down a giant black pot can be done in the jet and a it'll be pretty neat to get you know that we didn't have skating going around it it can house that's true you know back then and all those things going on some pretty excited. With Mike Gilbert talking about the world junior hockey championships December 26 through January 5 tickets for the outdoor US Canada game. At 3 o'clock December 29 go on sale Monday morning to the general public. 10 AM what's the website again for that buffalo world juniors that's the case with the same website and as I mentioned earlier. And I just wanted to shout out to anybody involved with a us. From people in the transportation industry at the airport to the hotel workers to people like yourself on the inside. Christmas for you guys this year is gonna last about three net you're shaking your head no Christmas doesn't exist this I was gonna say because while you're opening your presents for three and a half hours Christmas morning you're thinking do they have the arts radio out of the stadium in alternative all the teams getting today that not mean. It was you know Christmas is gonna be celery in the eighteenth of December this year that the Gilbert house senate and through other houses of people who are involved in this but the events are two of three games in the 26. While and and that's your thing I see these international families hockey family so many of them lose for three or four years in high school years and younger. A lot of christmases and holidays they spend in faraway country yeah that's again just part of it that's just part that's what you sign up for and it's. A little bit uniqueness of them doesn't happen every year but you know for this year it's going to and we're really looking forward to separate tickets go on sale Monday morning for the outdoor game at 10 AM. Buffalo world juniors jot dot com in the biggest question I have for Mike Gilbert is now that he's. But moved up to the mic man your accuracy your coat and tie guy now general manager of harbor senator. Are you still the back up back up back up goalie for the sabres when the need somebody at when they're deemed a skates well and actually be I guess a Camby but today we have. Tonight we have our prospect came out USA hacking and I got a picture last night the some history. With Phil Housley. Brian leech and Chris Chelios swallow three as the best defensemen ever to play the game from US you can play goalie if they reality you have to go back I'm Micah Wright strapped the pats got us yes of the prospects games and I was neat to see those guys in town and now we're really excited thanks for coming in today my thanks me again all the information to buffalo world juniors start Tom I know it seems like a long way away but when you're talking an outdoor team in this snow globe affect. You wanna get your tickets due out wait they are Monday morning 10 AM. Buffalo world juniors dot com for the outdoor game.