Listen Now: Backstreet Boys Join Rob Lucas To Talk Memories Of Buffalo And New Single!

Tuesday, May 22nd

Backstreet’s back and better than ever!  Backstreet Boys dropped their new one, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” last week, and joined Rob Lucas to for an incredible chat about how Buffalo was key to getting their music played in the U.S., Nick still being a Bills fan and memories of Jamestown, and Brian getting seasick just before hugging a Buffalo BSB fan on their latest BSB Cruise! 

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Backstreet Boys good morning from buffalo. I don't know I don't know. Especially Nick Carter saying any Jamestown your hometown. I'm an eight oh my god you know I've been thinking about the bills men like that. You gotta go have a good game. Yeah what's your team to which are from Jamestown you're always here. I. Oh. The Lipitor but then and not a war that was border gate outside Italy it got outplayed that the the bill with a simple I'd be accurate amount for sure. All right bills in the Super Bowl and you guys this part of the halftime show how's that. Thought yeah that sounds really good at that you can thank you we say they had no matter killed game one vote. But yeah sure they'll. Did they win or lose that day they want to. Excellent we'll have you back as soon as we can't yeah. We've that we've been playing your song don't go breaking my heart we'll talk about that in the new album coming up but. Let's go that we reminisced a little bit about a couple of things already but let's go back to like the ninety's where I was working in radio here than in. Wasn't buffalo key market for you guys because it is I remember Rick. You guys were big in Germany and Europe yeah and then you seeped into Toronto and Montreal and Buffalo's one of the first American markets to play your songs. Of course strike people have lived up open up north there hurt hurt you know I heard it. Creeping across the border around similar radio stations and they would call it and that you guys have played you get via. The Backstreet Boys. Guess. I pointed out that Canadian radio station we get into and you guys you guys gave this our shot you guys are the first ones. In the United States that that gave The Backstreet Boys shot back in the ninety's and we appreciate that we have forgotten about it. Right in thanks for remembering newest saying that was a guess it was ex Kevin. Bad bill I know my voices that. Let's fast forward to today you just did that Backstreet boy crews this is a great small world story. My producer's sister Christina was on their crews would you guys. So I'm sorry I'm sure you'll remember Christina from buffalo among the 2000 people. She brought back all these bids in picks you guys look nice is pirates and Spice Girls. Asian steam combination of the day yeah we didn't scare in us. I'm not cruised one that taught you about all the that the violent amateur. She said she did have one scare and Brian this one's for you. What when you guys are doing a meet and greet one day I guess Brian was a little under the weather me BC sick and she. She she was the first one to hug you after you had to take your. Who. Have they met Rowell yeah it's for the you know what. Actually. That does he that we were all on the blue. It's quite simple it was. Quite rocking okay diverting and we heard yes we we actually gonna go down to turn I didn't care goes it goes to the weather that we got about halfway there and the captain comes nicest place in general would not return back and go to the Bahamas. And we are like what the word crap so. We ended up turning back and about that time we take photos with half of the blow which is about eight under didn't. Fifty people at the time or close to 900 people and you know we buckle when we were going hard the day before we get a party that night it's free and it's about 3 in the morning. And man what we got up we just in a pirate costume volatile hot model week. And that what was crocodile like oh my gosh I did not want to route one fan back at Intel and I hit it hello and the. It played OK okay guys look I need like a like there are fulfilled it like this is not this is not gonna do well at Blake and all these girls young ladies like. Yeah I think you know like. Yeah I don't like Watergate and over the hill could still tell Christina that I am very very sorry but thank you troops thank you for your time. Patients she said everything was by these Ehrlich stories you guys to tell when you're nineteen years old colts. Andy are you guys in Vegas right now because you're doing things at the Cosmo tomorrow right. Well it's. We're currently in Los Angeles Ellen we go to Las Vegas tonight. Yeah and we're doing a big got a pool party tomorrow night and it could be our actual first live performance of double break the heart of the. And you guys are starting to residency July and August with a couple weeks there at planet Hollywood what's worse since many of you grow up in Florida. Florida humidity or the Vegas dry milk the sidewalks heat. Florida Florida Florida nick Hackett papers share because tea one of the most humid places on the planet. And now I live in Vegas I actually happy living out there and I have been there forever and I'll tell you I'd rather be in Vegas. Well that's for sure what I got him I agree Arabic. Care they get pressure. Something everybody gets to put your feet. They would have the Vegas residency they don't make you like room with a each other the way they did on your first couple tours and can you bring your family's there does it work out well when you're in one place for two weeks. You know they know there are fairly. Not a part of your contact. Her top competition I think at this I don't that was great about Vegas that you know a couple of guys. Live in LA so afterward delicately shows they're able to go back home they want from me Brian you know we let these stay out there because. Work from the East Coast and now we are able to bring our families we have the time and we want them to come out. Actually it's a great little. Well I think that we've been doing hearing now and I think we're excited about next year going back out toward this new record. Yeah let's talk about the new record with The Backstreet Boys OnStar what are 2.5. The album is still to be determined. Do you really know yeah Russia looking to hopefully have the album be out by the end of this year. We've been talking about a couple of potential problems titled nothing is really set in stone just yet but. Where about three quarters of the way done making a record and restored getting stops emissions we actually got to really awesome news again recently Kristi they have these so. We're definitely gonna keep trucking away and gotten. Followed up with a world tour you commemorate our 25 anniversary this year as well as you that you backed up brand new album march 10 studio albums so. Really quite busy the next few years. And the creative process for you has to be neat now because you've earned it in the beginning it was all about what the producers what the marketing team wants. I'll hopefully you've got a lot of flexibility now and saying this is the way these are the sons we wanna do in this is how we wanna do home. No not at all now. Now we know about your record label we lost ark you know nothing changed this. RCA records do you hear that do you hear them. How are out now having that there at the end of the day you know they wouldn't you wouldn't know what works you know we've we can hear. Each other things certain parts you know we know our voices like the back for and so. And that's that's the good thing you know what I think. We all we are trying to give it our best and you know the cream rises to the top. And you know it would just continue to work together as a group has likened marriage you know what the best out of our music this is her fans do so. So let's play don't go breaking my heart which it it's the real deal it's gonna be a smash. Give us the story on AC NI story on it and then take us into it here. Well. That don't know started we started. Working on this new album new music about a year year and a half ago just back in the studio get things going that great thing about. Our residency in Vegas it allows us. To. You know getting the studio and create as we're only doing shows on Wednesdays and then. And then Fridays and Saturdays so we've got a lot of time still create that's been really convenient for us so. A producer from Scotland Stewart Christian. Who did some stuff on cash's last album submitted this song too isn't really like it we demo it but once we finish with that always felt like. And no it doesn't really going to actually record it felt more like a solo artist record and he came out to see our show in Las Vegas. And was really inspired came back stage chatted with it afterwards he's like guys I'm so fired from watching you over the golden studio. And work out some stuff and are themselves for your wheels so themselves. He's submitted about four brand new songs to us. And I was on the plane. Flying to Vegas. Listening to the news song in my headphones and if you're not Laird went to continue to guys were in the dressing room we all listen to them together. And this song don't go breaking my heart stood out above the rest we all agreed that it sounded like. The Backstreet Boys 2018. Yeah and you're Christian wrote it with a gentleman by the name of Jamie Hartman and an artist by the name of racial great. And so we got the studio. We cut it. And we're like this is that we think this could the end and the label left that we all agreed that we feel like this conceded jumping off point is to be the first single force we loved. What the song says. We love the lyrics without the melodies. We love they keyboard the synthesizers and it wouldn't be drops in the second verse we just felt like it was still with The Backstreet Boys 2018. Absolutely. Dice a head start start one what. The world premiere BC but first world premier knew we could clinically Ford is now man you know the way the Internet works. I don't even know you guys you know I plan. Backstreet Boys especially nick from Jamestown thank you so much for always being a friend of buffalo and this is don't go breaking my heart I. Still I don't know where you're employed. But.