Life Lessons From Gene Simmons' Eulogy Of Chuck Berry

Monday, April 10th

The God Of Thunder could barely speak as he held back tears in his praise and eulogy for Chuck Berry. 

We also took a life lesson from his emotion…if you’re inspired by someone, don’t wait to let them know.  Tell them before it’s too late.


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And then the other thing that happened over the weekend was something that goes back to last week the passing of Chuck Berry rock and roll legend. They had his funeral service and viewing of his body on Friday and Saturday. Time. There are things are there were pictures in the New York Post nearly news of Chuck Berry. These laid out it was kind of not odd just weird to see. Gene Simmons. Went to the funeral. Got up and spoke. There's a message here that is greater than rock and roll but just listen. These shoots from. Hope you because. And that's cost them. Real tears spoke to. I never had the pleasure of meeting truck. In life. And I just. Could not let. This big Obama. Without coming here. Just ask. Gene Simmons the guy who breathes fire on stage she's broken up over the passing of one of his heroes and Stoltz came in Jimi Hendrix came and everybody started to talk about the culture and the art stuff like that look at that music what are you doing. They would all turn around home and point to kick truckers without him. They wouldn't be. He would probably should be for call shall without. Chuck Berry I wouldn't be here. If you mr. Barry Gene Simmons is breaking up. Receives them cheering his message Chuck Berry met him what I took from that is not so much the rock general mullah it's that. Trying to sound like politically when jeans and I couldn't let this big go without coming your driving seat Lewis or whatever he did. Om it's kind of like a little regret his points that he never reached out to Russia I was so surprised he didn't it Gene Simmons nobody's figured. Had never met Chuck Berry in all their travels and all the shows and places they may have been in the same time. And I think there was a little regret there in his voice that. He'd never reached down just concede I chucked thank you for inspiring me to do died. So that's what I took from that and when I hope you take from it is if there's anybody in your life that is inspired inspired you up close or from a far. The relative. A business person. Even and athletes Warrick goofy celebrity. Don't let it go by without letting them know if you get a chance to see them in seeing something to them don't be shy. It it's you know what. It it celebrities as much as they hate people coming up saying I'm your biggest fan when people stop coming up saying I'm your biggest and it does hurt them. So it's somebody means something to you. And you let it go by too long without letting them know and email popping something and in the mail just go ahead and Dudack. Because it sounds like Gene Simmons had little to regret returning to so that for him his truck Perry it's Keith Richards says said. There was Chuck Berry and Anders everybody else.