LeAnn Rimes Talks Starry Night In The Garden With Rob Lucas In The Morning

Wednesday, June 7th

LeAnn Rimes joined Rob Lucas to talk Starry Night In The Garden 2017, her incredible career, (which is heading into its 3rd decade) and what it’s like for a superstar to visit urgent care on Memorial Day! 

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It handwriting and that entire area I would. Totally off the medication and has cut up that I was like this I can expect coming in on the front community is. Okay it's Rob Lucas here in buffalo and now we know you trapped trainer reuse the same way I do were meditating hi you doing and. I am meditating yes I do well. I need to start by asking you about what we saw Memorial Day in your Twitter account of bronchitis she had to go to urgent care. Going there are a holiday is all waistline are you feeling better now. I can we had no hit India have been urging Karen holiday it's not fun at all and it was like an hour and a half weight given not only people that are open does. Daily day become a nightmare but yeah I'm feeling I'm starting to get better contact with the fans dislike the hang on for ever since. I'm feeling I'm left on the mend at the moment. So there's no urgent care for the stars you had to wait in line right next hoist the guy who had a grilling accident a memorial weekend. Yes they did was. Pace since we're talking about being sick and under the weather I need to thank you for something you do it for me a decade ago. I was out sick one day and you call my office trying to thing me for playing a sucker punches can play this for you if you remember this amazing just listen. You know between and I and I'm UConn in the thank you very much for playing the US patent and our hub truly touching and the guys really came fifth thanks once again I played if somebody can really back it gets back. So yeah. Yeah that's the best you sound really bad message I've ever gotten. All you can really bad. And I didn't see got a good. Are you IDs this so many times to get out of work so thank you for that. I hadn't been there's always they welcome. We're so excited to see you here June 20 person starry night in the garden but let's go back to memorial weekend was the twentieth anniversary of the recent release of how to why lived. Others agree Rolling Stone article there was articles all overrun the history that song and how it's played now from weddings to funerals. Did you always special out of the gates caught boarded the politics of the music business in you were younger at the time to. Makes you a little unsure of how was gonna go. Yeah I mean and that dad I guess I knew it was special song amateur I ended at diet more and I am and Sami at a restaurant outlook my parents and I had no idea the woman that was at the time and she like runs as the cables think you have to come to my studio now. My case I didn't know what I got. They just so I ended up at night and there's video recording. I'm I'm very vocal on the demo a how to live and and so yeah I did. It was kind of there at the history from there but yeah I head I think we all knew it specials as you never know like what phone they're really going to puke. The cat dog and be that big I mean that's that's the rarity. And how much contact us. You know he just he just never know and especially with you know there's the whole pocket but he said of the media business and and should she would recording the follow also didn't I didn't never father's songs my version we're actually going to be heard and where with iiroc is so that is so I think I think the. Turkey until the gene smokers closer to break the record for most weeks on the top ten so yeah or tell pretty pretty well you Diane Warren. Oh yes that's my dad they tied it so now you're sharing. As. Well let's play how to play live since we're talking about it then we'll come back and talk starry night and Rand in Sweden Leann Rimes on Starwood a 2.5. What is the biggest songs ever how to like live no doubt Leann Rimes will do that when it's starry night in the garden 2017. And are chatting with her this morning OnStar ordered 2.5 Priscilla let's go from the old to the new let's flash forward to your current album remnants which came out last fall we've been playing long live love and love is love is love. I know you did some touring with the the remnants album already in the material. I saw earlier this year you rip the London palladium just an incredible place. And it's you're now going in your third deck decade do you still get chills it's some of the places you play re stand up and say I can't believe I'm here. Oh yes I think it appreciated more now than than ever. And I know them and yelling you're younger no one really ever tells you just stop and take in the moment and you know when you that when act when I had them so much success so fast that you think that that's always like the norm and you're always going to be able to play the palladium and you know it you just don't really ever thought to take at those moments and now that I'm all there I think that day I really appreciate. Can't really take in and try to take in the low especially being on stage with this special great crowds when you have that energy. Coming at you. It's been a major a major connections though. I had I think I'm I'm living in the little bit more now than ever and appreciating. All the little things. Well we hope you have one of those magical moments it's starry night it is a picturesque setting. On the botanical gardens long tunnel like in Napa you see a gorgeous basilica as you perform. Kevin Cronin of Mario speedway instead who knew something as majestic as this was in buffalo so are you garden are gonna are you gonna have to spend time I checked and other flowers at night as well. I'm not guard their myself but I definitely appreciate it yes that will be healthy check that out. But let's get back to the album remnants. I think it's pretty amazing how you get a pop album out of what you've been going through for the past five or six years pretty cathartic how does it happen is it just the writing in the production. Where there are certain songs he thought maybe this'll be country song and it ended up being more pop influence. Now I mean heck I don't look for great songs and songs that sounds amazing stories in the you know try to write those myself and however I get that great song Caroline herself did you can pretty fit anyway. Anyway you want it and it just depends on you know your and instrumentation and of the choices. Defend me at with this record I I really had had a no restraint that was not in a box that all. And I just wanted to if you came out naturally for me and there's a lot of soul that comes out on stage and I've never really been able to the fat on her record. And that's kind of what it's basically naturally actually bubbled up so. Yeah I just I just allowed it to happen and and remnant is looking out. I think remnants is a perfect title for it can I give you a sub title would he had a sub title of how this little country girl got in all the tabloids and how she singing her way out of it. Singing her way out I like that word out of it. Our Oyster Bay takes. I.s so how would your summer looking right now can you comment you're the stage of your career you don't have to be out singing and performing. Every single night you can spend time back home are are you doing dates once or twice a week is a going to be comfortable singing some are Freel. Yet it's them I think that we can pull China and they all doing that we can have family time Matthew that done better better cannon just wonder it's important that. You know I try to get back and and be here for her. We'll have that balance I think it's super important because. When I was younger I was constantly on the road I mean that was never homes so they have a home base and to actually be here and enjoy it is it's it's very important. What thanks for taking the weeknight away from the family for starry night I'd James TW and Johnny swimmer also in the lineup do you know them at all. I don't. As CNET didn't seeing a lot of editing their names pop up up actually elect whether because you guys have been pop out and there I'm gonna have to have to dig in. Jean James TW is from England he's in nineteen year old who writes about relationships like he's 43. And in judge Johnny swim I have to that's a husband and wife that's Donna Summers daughter. Is that the wife and so I think you guys have a lot of great experiences to talk about. More wriggle out of despite playing love is love is love. Any special back story to this. Mac Adam added a Lotta love on this record has now. An agent that naturally happened for me and actually candidates and a freak me out I was you know looking at all the titles like we have a lot of love on the jackets tennis changed. But it doesn't realize we were kind of looking at from all different angles and this. This song in particular is about standing up for it you know voted in huge supporter of the LG BTQ community and and you know human rights in general and and I I feel like. We're in this world and we're also closed off one another and where is that needed connection and I just walked to lead to do whatever writing sessions Monday and they have this track playing in night. That is being allowed to let it bother upload an atom we went from marriage and that it is what I favorites like itself. Am happy. Like you can't be heard if you can't at a popular thing that thought yeah. And that's a great story now our I've already played only thirty times now I'll listen to a differently we will every single time we here at thank you so much for that everybody. We'll save travel easily handled CU and a couple of weeks and wall be so damn happy together at starry night. And end up being then they can't.