Johnny Rzeznik Talks Summer Goo Goo Dolls Tour And Being A Champion For Buffalo With Rob Lucas

Friday, June 23rd

The Goo Goo Dolls are headed out on their "Long Way Home" tour (wait till you hear where they're kicking it off), and Johnny Rzeznik joined Rob Lucas before the plane hit the runway!  Johnny is sooo excited about what's happening in Buffalo and his first tour as a Dad.  Yes, his wife and daughter will be visiting him in certain cities, and no, he will NEVER write "Dad Rock" songs!


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I don't round but I feel like I'm out of questions we just talked five weeks ago when he released use immediately got up early in the morning for that yeah Perez. Category aren't I'm up love buffaloes doing well learn you were you spending a lot of your time now the spring. I am told. My wife and I moved. Public and it's up to agree York city. And so that's where they're spending much time possible and try to keep my daughter as much as possible before we go to your. I'm. Yeah I did not know there's no rocks like that. The effect that that's right well no we Jorge. You deserve to live wherever you wanna live man you're putting your time in the bars on Franklin street U putting your time. Take you know what those are some of those on my life. But Peter Bart back and then. That the continent all Plame gate there at you know but the guy who won't back outweighs you really. He was the only real champion public original live music at buffalo for a long time he would. He's almost cutting edge and like he always supported or bad she. So I don't let it probably came back from doing to her home phone he was she wouldn't. He was some of these interest big guy. Great words about home from Johnny Resnick in the twos start on their long way home school our. Which it's Darian lake August 12 you guys the tour starts in earnest in July but. You're going to saint Kitts did I see that right this Friday for a big music festival that's a good way to start the summer. Yeah big musica we'll definitely committed if the giant is about what. That would do them now and then and now. And Bob come on back home just sort of July. Could. That's what I was told to do and I'm just a bit and then then I'm leaning on the so yeah that we've got California were meant you were hurt so there's start work on stuff I think. You're I didn't want to stay on the radio didn't wanna I wanna put it out. He moved to all of our Caleb but if you get on our Twitter or FaceBook account whatever you want like. Don't throw it comes out what you want to hear this summer and don't say Irish. Obviously. Obviously here's the spoiler alert we're gonna explain that at all. No high risk it or no name are there one thing I hope you're gonna I was hoping you would have released opinion as a single. Plea Dodi might be true yeah. So what happened to talk you out of it because I think you should've. I don't think nobody talked Miata and I need just ignored. All. The Beverly ignored me. I would like I love that song yeah right in the middle of it. Does this right in the middle of my favorite part of that song when I mean he would not much for drew right now it could just play. It was hilarious because you have old Asia's solves the heat of the moment absolutely. Where you now been down. Aaron capital battle. But we totally ripped up that part is solved Super Bowl or bowl oh. That's sort of yeah absolutely it's got a lot of old school sound bitter. Brian could you put up those construction. He didn't moment and the Pitt didn't feel like well let's let's yeah the if they let. Ari that's my choice that that's what everybody asking go to the goo dolls official Twitter handle. And after he spoke Revver and input in their selections for what they wanna hear. I would say also long weighed down because I keep calling it the long way down into war not the way home to a war. Wanted because I wanted to call the left out night in America tour which is a song these are closed and Bob Lula met at a magnetic great song yeah and I wanted to close to a of that of rowdy Roddy but that it did. Might be misconstrued as well if it being our last tour. With her pocket able. Hey who's go who's could be backing you guys let's give a shout out to the other band members whose playing drums who else's they're gonna be on stage with the UN tour. Well Craig is bill on the drawn. And he's got this thing going on almost forty years yeah with us he'd been nets so. So he's he's he is thank. I'll read Rehnquist as always who bonded our vocal spared Carell who resort Stiller so good is that without. Like twelve years. Well here it created these. Still last twelve years while most of them. Looked OK you know most bands don't have two guys from buffalo and go well because they'll be I'm saying I'm just saying Blake. Like. What if you probe buffalo. And the and Europe a certain age because now played buffalo buffalo and what did you Brooklyn to put an accurate count yes. But if you're if you're mr. Nagy grew up in buffalo litigate them. You're kind of all week. Oh I leave until I win I mean you know the only people would pay it back to that left before they want would have built. Johnny you run a lawyer you're on fire with buffalo this delta today. I'm good thing and it went one more time they were one. But that there is let Robbie and I we learned from the Buffalo Bills which got cute guy and police went in and we finally you know and then. Don't want to knock the ball you just keep coming more of a weird sports metaphors. What you got the brought you better run anti drug. Let's go back to the tool or as you guys look to your tour dates in your very familiar with pretty much every place you're going to Al UC sit certain cities re you know you're gonna see people in certain cities where a lot my wife and my daughter to come out and visit me here in this city because I know we'll have a good time there. Yeah you know arm looks what's really often quite. Robby brings little Honda. And yield goes what they'll come out. And. That's all good potential to different but I'd have been cheated you know not have an amount that lipped out because. Community what it used to be up. But what what what took a like yeah my life and we got together with the with the tour manager and we put together a little schedule lake. Then there's really only six month old right is it it's hard for my like to travel within. So wherever we can get a direct flights you know they are back she's gonna come out with us. And you know. Even if it. You know I'm stoked to see my kids when we still wouldn't. You sound so happy honestly you guys are always happy but I've never heard you seen this on this happy beef before you go out on tour. Yeah well I would I would I was able to treat them. All fake the happy Troy loved characters. We do that us. But the rules that they're afraid oh about sincerity America. And like what you can fake sincerity you can do anything. You're writing was so incredible and sincere before art I can't wait to hear what you're gonna come up with on the road this year the things to be writing about. Are maybe your daughter just inspired by looking at the world and a different way now. Yeah well maybe you know Islam and ready any dead rock. Because of talking about. That's absolutely. Oh yeah those songs like butterfly no sounds like butterfly kisses. Yeah that just like please don't. Exploit the child's school in different. But he's none too cool little moment she's really should've called sweet kid and whatever so we are. So we're going to be at a dairy and Mike again. August 12. Into people realize that we can do people realize when you come to Darian that you're like you're doing three days in a role there and that's the middle of between Syracuse and Jones beach. Do they realize they can't come to your backyard party on Saturday before the show would you get to sound that you barely even see you buffalo. You know what it's it's kind of it's kind of weird you know I wish. Will try to try to plant. You know a day off before raptor because it puts you know my whole family feel that there are. Why not the people I consider migrate my true friends which still there. And you know hit it hard to chief warned back stage for a half an hour in the and a little group you know but. But I was really it's funny doesn't look about California and now the majority. Calm the public stand off from here so. So we. So there are like fifteen minutes from Newark show like him. That I can help and playing well but we'll anytime I want so threatened trade. If you make traveling a lot more excellence and it's really an armed until all of them who I couldn't think of the I'm so happy. Sure what's going on in buffalo couldn't. Sound obviously it's so exciting vibrant they're now. Am money while they play it's really it's an amazing place to be supplied these state the people. Maintain. Blake. The best part of what it means he's from buffalo at like really really sweet book and culminated in place you know about the. Your line of buffalo being the new Brooklyn is perfect in a reminds me of your July 4 chill here in the rain. That vibe is like dead here now 24/7. You're so right. Yeah not submitted enclave. You know I think has you know. I told my wife from like what does you know when the big news older you know we can always go back but look upon that I can get out flat out going to be like. Well but but but but that's right that house that you I want now. Even now yeah you're the you're seamer catching up to other cities and it's a good thing me and commerce is happening you were talking real estate was Johnny Resnick on starlet 2.5. Yeah. A job. They love hate it that we putted very realistic about that the leading indicator. Oh okay what what is happening anyplace. There and put them so when the price for the first time I heard how involved was sold for million dollars over the water. And that it is an indicator. Of what's going on around you know so what happens. And let you know. I'm excited you know intricate still many people. From buffalo everywhere. I didn't know all girl entrepreneurs in their girl went you know doing really really well so my. Through our. Well maybe you'll see some buffalo somebody from buffalo pro looking on the beach or you are you gonna get any beach time and seat kits when you're done down there this week generous suggest. All worked out Putin brought in nursing a photograph it seemed that not a huge guy shouldn't. Okay you need to hand we'll see you meet its hand I can certainly that hands so I'll go Google expertly the play and under and now I'm not saying announcement done there you go mad that they think that's at play. Use me out of here the one you debuted this about a month ago so why you told us all about their then. Anything like you wanna mention about the new Wii. So different now you can you can just like John Mayer released his album in peace is a four songs here and there it's not the way it used to be. Yeah I mean it is about. But under the new did you quit doing it because people have left an offense failed. And people forget things very very quickly I mean I'm sure you've ever got around. At a table with like a couple of teenagers. Some type of bitter still corporate fidgeting with the pollen and they're looking at this stage and that. And what I think that there's there's an attention. Deficit disorder would be. The entire world because there's there's actual what's available all thought so plagued. You know if I have a couple of really good songs that I like emotional and put them up right away. So people can get them and hear them and enjoy it vital because fifth. You know I'm not gonna wait around three years solution do another album bunny you know. There you don't. All right let's do use meat from your new EPE and we'll see you and August to Darien lake giver master Robbie Johnny are out there throughout.