Johnny Rzeznik Talks 20th Anniversary Of “Dizzy Up The Girl” With RLITM

Friday, April 13th

The Goo Goo Dolls are headed back out on tour, spending summer in Europe, and hitting Buffalo and the rest of the U.S. this fall, and Johnny Rzeznik joined Rob Lucas to everything from how much he misses Buffalo (he was amazed at the construction near Pano’s on Elmwood), to the 20thanniversary of “Dizzy Up The Girl” and how it was the album that truly put them on the national music map!   


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Throughout Johnny Resnick what's going on man how are things on the left coast you know I'm ready affected the right chose that moment. I love being that he's thanks for being a champion for buffalo no matter where you are man you've been doing a great job. Not knowing you know I love it he's my wife and I have you know we you know we moved back piece you know to be close to her family and things like. But you know we have now obviously we had a baby last year and it was like. You can click. Yet there's no way I'm gonna rape kit Los Angeles so if this looks so we. You know what that you can the ground you're traveling south side. With Johnny Resnick on starlet or 2.5 talking to do Dow's dizzy up the girl twentieth anniversary tour. Two dates in buffalo Friday October 19 Saturday the twentieth the chase. And I I was gonna say they don't look great you guys finally had a summer off. But then I noticed you're going to be in Europe this summer UB in Spain Belgium Germany. It's a debt does your daughter have a passport ready. You know all. Think wow I wish she did now don't you made a lot could take to put our PT BI. You I could just show her pictures of those places right now and she did flu death that they believe that this is he's just as good you know. Yep we're finally getting to go over to Europe again. You know it's been awhile with a go to BUK and we played. To get to dig deeper into those and suppose it's strange country you know the meeting. And you've told this so many times about playing those academy show's over there it's just like crazy it's like thunder dome for those shows you were saying. Yeah you really think the intensity of it is so it's amazing and until it. The audience's his is a lot different different than it is here since this. More guys in the audience. The nor are here and around. And yet you know it's just it's exciting content to look at it it's put a real. I have you rupture there. So when you go over there will you be doing dizzy up the girl front to back it beginning to wind the way you'll you'll you'll be doing here in the fall or is that only part of the American tour. No that's only that's only part of the twentieth anniversary tour. It was it an obvious thing to do the twentieth anniversary of this doing the album did you think about this two or three years ago or did you and Robbie how how the idea come up. Film called and said. Hate you get the truth that's that's pathetic no I don't know enough to play Hamlin done you know a couple of bands have been doing these things are subject since we took. Twentieth anniversary of the Selma about how much you know that's a really good idea because. Did get the growth for a lot of people what was. You know for a feature there that they were also are a lot of hits on that occurred. And we Neil there's a lot of fun. So we've never played live off the record so that we have to go and figure out how to close the sounded good but it's it's. It's just it's exciting and such. Cool. You know sort of milestone and in our careers because you know we had we had. Boy named coo. And and and that record it really really well. And and then to have two in a row was yeah really was really pretty exciting. And then I'm looking at the trackerless cheer for dizzy up the girl. This is the greatest hits album for a lot of bands just when he talked about slide. Broadway. Black balloon I receive a no was from a City of Angels before. Yeah that's a greatest hits album for a lot of bands let alone the one album. Yeah yeah I was pretty. It's pretty exciting. You know when you look back at that time and recording it was there a song may be one of those that. Almost didn't make it to the album that you weren't sure about for a song and it came out completely different in the way you started it. I mean that always happens you know songs songs what got them. I'm Floyd. Broadway wasn't so they think it was probably American. Absolutely yeah it's so funny how you protect brick yeah Broadway it's three by the way I'm looking here on Wikipedia. So thank you. And Broadway was was that none drawer for a couple users. And and we recorded it. And they just didn't it's just been work amend amendments to tie it was great you know for a man album. And so we recorded it and dove robbed of all it was was producing so the site. Found here really sort of lifted into shape you know under a minute. It took on new life once we got news studios and. And and I looked at a song like January friend. Where you play bad and in another city in May be like what's that song but here in buffalo we know we look at that almost the way we look at black balloon it's like Robbie spite spotlight we love that song. Darren. You know it could it could he get there and and earned. It is hard to describe my fifth through walk would Johnny Resnick talking about the Google dials it to see if the girl twentieth anniversary tour coming to buffalo Friday October 19 Saturday October 20. As you hear this now politics it's going sail on sail like nation dot com just a couple of hours from now. Go back to 1991 final time for the album there we've talked about this before but. Three releasing an album back then was so much different. How you guys would release sick and you would watching Grohl on the charts. Whereas today you put the album out people downloading and it's gone down must've been so incredible to watch that go up to chart Specter and it doesn't happen like that anymore. Yeah. You know it interest in the world has changed so much I you know. We we had a lot of fun you know that's done. End you know we still have a good time the effect that. Goes so. You know watching the album called obstruction. This pretty gratifying given that you know. And now you know he you know you look at how he views here here's Sandra and I are not. If I don't YouTube or whatever you you know it's it's not much fun book deal bush Robin good time. We Johnny Resnick OnStar ordered 2.5 so the personal life we started off talking about use the new marriage and how you live outside a few of us set a new York city New Jersey right on the East Coast. Yeah yeah hundred and New Jersey so you last time we talked you were talking about how you couldn't believe other property values in buffalo have gone up hideous snag Denny you to get us through a retirement home here for twenty years from now or something. Yeah we owed my wife and I were talking about stuff like you know we we go my sisters with the baby all the time and good. If it seems like every time I go to my god I know is that you're so bad. You know but she can't she can't find a job the first couple up. The world or just but it would it would be really really it. But he finds move back home to buffalo I have to live in the Elwood goes she you know yes I did. I couldn't move out there is no threat to anybody no shirt. Not yet been you know like I couldn't move about this over to would have lived. Where can walk the store where I did you know that have been. You know I meeting from the hum outbreaks 1617 years old permit that's where I live to them and stuff. You know it. Even the Oakwood village is changing now where they're putting up apartment buildings next a panel says it it's like there's a big hole in the ground next panelist now YouTube well you probably of CNET. Why are all really night and he's all you Eric pretty controversial silly you win it's it's a boy. While that's mainly in Q probably the building our home and that's what he's gone yeah absolutely that was one thing that I love but album was the fact that it was like. Is mostly being old houses that they converted. You know things go home and hit Sonoma music can. You know the you know did the original Panos was how would. But eight little bar stool can have that look at those clubs. Reminiscing with just ready Resnick you bigger does not star awarded 2.5 had just thought of this election I thought of it thought of an earlier but here's another thing you could have done for this year. You could've done the 25 anniversary tour of superstar car wash. Yeah. So we need your fall dolls and that are already there again why not just follow yeah that blood. But you know if you don't. What industries besides besides putting him I guess I'd make this clear people for it or not just gonna play the L bids. Still thank you very much and go home like you know after we put the album. Then we're gonna. A lot of older songs a lot of deeper cuts create and it and a few other a few other quote unquote has. You know I learned. You know so it's gonna it's gonna be up all night. And I I think it won't go home happy. That's a great way to leave it Johnny thank you so much for the time from the left coast this morning. And again we started by saying it but thank you for all I think for always being a champion for buffalo wherever we see you year always talking up this city. You have not a great place it's still my arm itself very man's tool seas safe travels in Europe over the summer and we'll see you here in October. Our mandate alive.