Jody Lomeo, CEO of Kaleida Health, Talks Childrens Hospital Move With Rob Lucas In The Morning

Friday, November 3rd

What does the November 10th move of Women And Children’s Hospital downtown to the medical corridor and transformation into the John Oshei Children's Hospital mean for you and your family?

Kaleida Health President and CEO Jody Lomeo joined Rob Lucas to talk about this historic move. Along the way Jody also made Rob an honorary doctor! But it’s no surprise Rob is waiting for his room key white coat and patient list!  Not. Gonna. Happen.  



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It's appropriate that we're playing an instrumental of downtown for this. Because dad children's hospitals making the finalizing the blue moon big move next Friday. Moving downtown so happy to our lead to welcome back into the studio and to see what microphone in Iraq say hi Jody. I showed other ego Jody a male president and CEO of collided health who I was saying earlier this morning we met for the first time. Earlier this year and you're one of my favorite interviews and people seem like all we are also well I'll thank you or is it you may think differently but I do remember to make me like an honorary doctor. For pediatrician I did in the and we sell yet you haven't shown up yet I'm Yemen. Yeah fulfilled any of your duty here's the thing I'm assuming because the move is almost on your here today with a set of keys from my new office absolutely yeah overlooking the water wall right more than I expected and in a big like oh that's right written out of bed like a so we're gonna get it out in a patient list yes knowledge to lead the patients I'll give you call the office you can constitution you your your good yet you know there you know which Dylan. Welcome back into the studio thanks so much must be excited about. Next Friday the culmination of all last time you were here you were telling us in laying that the way the entire move was going to go and now we're just about at the finish. Line you know we're very and it's a week away so one week from today starting at 5 AM. And we're ready to go and and so this is a huge moment not just for collide. But I think for the entire community this is this is a game changer this is something this community. Deserves insult those communities can of from about for a long time it's it's absolutely spectacular facility with spectacular care. Know when you say 5 AM tickets at 5 AM for the move tickets through the timing because it's not. Our read a CC a parade of hospital beds down Delaware all hanging a left does not high street or something I don't. I know I said assassin that's not that fire removed from what's actually gonna happen all patients won't be walking down the street right right drug. What will happen as of Friday amor command center gets set up at 7 AM the first patient moves and so will be moving. Patients really in in the order of the sickest most vulnerable. Patients would move first. And he really that there is a manifest for every single patient others commodity and so they would goal. Probably every eight minutes now we're looking at every eight minutes a patient would move so we have fifteen ambulances going. We think that entire day's news is that 24 hour period more and honesty we might be able to do it sooner we're not in any rush we just want to get everyone done safely and get everyone over to a new hospital. Safe and sound so 7 am it's not Wear off and running but to your point there images. A patient's going to be there and it lands with a team of caregivers in the clinical team and he will just keep rotating back and forth. It's one thing when you're moving your house removing your furniture when you were moving some patients who some may be in some serious condition are I know maybe you can talk about patients individually but. Com what what types of things are you on the lookout for what's. Are they can I ask what the most serious condition would be a reserve was that the majority most vulnerable quite honestly our nick Q should the tiniest. Most I can only imagine parents being there and watching will be be in the ambulance got there what. And carried in in a really really good thing about that assess that. So there's upwards of 64. Of those babies each and every day so today I think the 54 actually in our new Q. But we do every day so we'll we'll get a call from. The southern tier are from Canada or even Pennsylvania. Saying that there's there's a situation where we need to answer them that Fabian that mound to our facility shall we do do this every day and that could be happening while you make the move ya oh yes so so we have a team of sixty plus who do that. We're very confident we're not. At all concerned where we're where we want to make sure. Quite honestly is that the families to your point ballots rather rash here. Either it's it's I'm not what I do I'm sweating just thinking about it if that was my view you wanna make sure they're comfortable and everybody's. So that the those are those decisions are always made by the clinical team so not by a bunch of suits those are may die. The political team and if in the event there's a patient who we just don't think it's safe to move. We won't and we'll just we'll just delay. Of that patient. With Jody were male president and CEO of collided health talking about next Friday November 10 that is when women and Children's Hospital heads downtown. Becomes the brand new John O shy Children's Hospital I tell us what that means in general for somebody who doesn't have of there. Kids in the hospital right now but maybe next weekend on Saturday or Sunday or Monday they need to come to the emergency room yes those. Hurting on Friday at 7 AM. We're I would say to the community the new hospital would be open appearance for them so where there are you all right I say this all the time that. It's not our it's not a it's not a right to have a Children's Hospital buffalo we're the only standalone Children's Hospital in the state. It's a privilege and so. All of us and everywhere I go 125. Years the hospital's been on Bryant street. And so every family in this communities has some Children's Hospital story it's it's amazing. And in really were thrilled to be able to deliver it to the communities for another hundred plus years. And so starting at like I said will say goodbye to all the wonderful memories of Bryant street and served us well and starting at 7 AM says hello to. It to a shy and and were often are on and then very exciting weeks. One stop medical shopping if you will now in the medical quarter ways with the ocean on Children's Hospital buffalo general Roswell park. All the way it should have been. From the beginning you're not having and everything ten miles apart from yet. And that duplicating these hacker who is an and so there's there's not a redundancy there if you had really walk going bridges to buffalo general in it it's it's pretty amazing theater really cool thing Angel parked at the parking. Ramp connects to the hospital and we know each teacher called off in your car. And you're done and you're done there and in if you need to go to buffalo general if you need to go to children's if you need. To go to gates vascular institute it's all connected. In what are also lights it with the design of the new hospital was. It's not a fearful place every click you see smiles all over every floor has a different theme. When a kid is on a stretcher or being transported to go into an elevator or he may see his favorite Disney or whatever character around there so it's his smile play yet the feel of it is. Is an exodus as well it's it's got the best field of any house I've ever been in and it's really great so I think the families when they come I mean the reality is no one. Watched the B and house nobody wakes up any day in Israel today today I feel like you wanna go in the hospital so we it's our responsibility. To. Ensure that their comfortable so the care is one thing the atmosphere is another thing and in your right it's the atmosphere is great and and we're so happy that it's in the event in the dust and you have to be in a hostile that you're gonna feel kind of good about it. Is it bad that one of my favorite things about the new Children's Hospital is that you don't have a commissary or cafeteria to cafeteria you do but it's Joe's jolly Ollie I loved you know that's right open for a while now or not acknowledge this so Joe's Dolly will open right when the hospital opens in the overthrow the organs so many good compliments and feedback and you get it's important there's well you have to have yes ultimately you build without putting it's important not only does it will be tons of next week. We were at the opening thoughts and more and slid a little sewage Joni were male president and CEO of clinic health with this overvotes we need to know about Friday is there any traffic patterns it sounds like he did everything all worked out and so people don't have to worry about all I have to change who we go to worked on Delaware. Or Maine or via medical quarter on Friday morning yes. Social it's veterans day in that was done by design should be good in working with the city. It's been a lot of people are wrong about 30% less traffic so what I would say is just if you can avoid that can that area of both the old hospital in the new hospital. For about 24 hours it would be helpful were not shutting streets down but understand there's gonna be delays there's going to be traffic patrol. There's going to be a whole lot of action going outside major everywhere. And the weather looks like it's gonna cooperate so. And for those who may be want to have me. Peter they're doctor what's my office numbered now your office and it was this floor monoclonal two point this hot. You're staying right here are out there with different oh by the way thank you much they brought it special. Basket in this is for. This for obviously cool for babies we put a picture of it on FaceBook dot com's list or order to five it's a new Children's Hospital thank you basket there's a Teddy bear. The ones see the one's the perfect color for me. I think if I put three together colts yet although the three well yeah. Thank you very much. And and how did you know that the Johnson's baby lotion that honey apple was my feeling Indianapolis. Thirty ago who doesn't love it. Jodi thank you so much good luck with the mood or anything else that I didn't hit that we need to know who's knowledgeable dirty work and great and milestone a milestone event for. It really is and and thanks for all your support in the community support and as I told you when I first walked in on and get ready for the Christmas Carol so let's. G1 would you like is to golf I'm in Europe powerful man you probably haven't here with Santa more than ninety now I would say let's get this thing run and right after this children's you wanna stick right who are okay as the US to go off Christmas next Friday. And we get a lot of people want us to go earlier. So no I. I we'll tell you you're just rumors and that's why I come back on me IMAX and they got this going Dolly I can't imagine that stuff I know come on it's it's too. OK okay if I were it's a good idea good that's good you guys got it right you know you hit it right it's too early the weather's gonna change a little bit more review really made me sweat a little bit denial on and I am trying to be supportive good luck with the move on Friday thanks it's going to be fabulous and I appreciate it.