James TW Talks Starry Night In The Garden 2017 With Rob Lucas!

Monday, June 19th

Starry Night In The Garden is Wednesday!  James TW' and his fab british accent joined RLITM to talk about what he loves to have thrown at him on-stage, why he’s known as James "TW" and not James "Taylor Watts," and how he’s performed in Buffalo once before, but weather turned it into one of his craziest concerts ever! 


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They've up I love I don't. Good luck your accent already. You're. We saw you on Good Morning America the other day and man I know how tough it is to sound good at 8:39 o'clock in the morning and a TV studio you'll aced it may and you were so good hard appealed you. Our broke and I had I had a good time and it was not steal all the people whom it. Agree they as well or she kind of Conklin. Is this your first time in the US. You know I've been not been back and forth kind of on site the football I came was probably a couple years ago when I was trying to get signed onto two record label them. And obviously worked pretty well. Well it's a great pick a couple times back and vote but thankfully we found some champions yeah. That some champions Jamie you've got me speaking the exit now all women are gonna love Hewitt starry night in the garden there's gonna be O line of women right up front stage front four demand. That's the problem or starry night in the garden this coming Wednesday after just watching you on Good Morning America and what we know about you which is not a lot we'll get into that. But it is an intimate lawn setting. Audience our star pins are so attentive they care about music. You are just going to rule there so we can't wait to see you here on Wednesday. That's how your arm a reporter there what kind of last summer tourists this across the US are you here for just a couple of weeks are you doing stuff all summer long. Not all of dominate a couple weeks or chronic and hard to do you know a bit bits involves a prime time recording in. And then press and now iconic head back Armon just O'Connell worked on lots of music right now trying to finish songs like release them balls. Speaking of music your album first impressions we've been playing when you love someone and acts from that. And every time I played those songs I can't resist saying. This kid is like nineteen years old in Geddes writing songs about breakups and things that did affect families. Like a forty year old. Are you just they are are did you go through some of that stuff personal experience or is it just things you've observed in your everyday life. I think it's accommodation really when you know someone was not about me was about a kid I was patient drums Dave and I found out his threat to get a get divorced and annex was kind of a culmination of life experiences that I had to. Our main relationships. To be able to write like that it your age is. It is just incredible the lyrics about little things like you know you can't tell your daughter she won't understand or your sister she won't understand that is just priceless thank you thank you aren't our director tell us about your hometown and how you grew up I know your name James TW after James Taylor writes. Yes some apple name's James Taylor wore. That's into the long when I thought of letting YouTube videos from my hometown. Every time people try to such fine and you come up with James videos so instead I come I have every name. We name myself and not it's not so that's what we ended up going with but that was always playing music. But our young men differ from kind of spread it on pain and Damien Rice today CDC in and and he played in that and that kind of wedding bands. With with his friend is still does salaries so I was convoys surrounded by music with a encouraged. Should just try to pick. He'd do with James Taylor watts if there's any you must get her all the time are you related to Charlie Watts The Rolling Stones. I am iron not a I've actually never been off that before. Are you hear me neither of us. Is that a good question a bad question that are not thank yet I think it's a book that's good. So we're doing well here. Did it as you mentioned like James Taylor that's what you were named after I think we're in a musical hero like we were almost in the early seventies again where. Today Adele and Ed Shearer and they're like the Paul Simon the Carole king of today. And I I think you fit right in their I think you're timing with the what you do is absolutely spot on. Thank you I think we have. Well more to prove to be out to be competitive. That they had there in the world today but I'm definitely efforts. Buy your album first impressions was that Saddam was it easy to writes a lot of comedians meant a meta picked a lot of artists say their first album was the easiest because they spent their entire life working up to it. Then when a record label says we need another one in nine months then they find it a little bit tougher how was it for you. Well I. I yet but did have a lot of luck on carpet that some sort of professed impressions. To me I'm always right and songs and I'm always welcome these towns and indifference outside I haven't yet come without time pressure in that respect but I. The various times this time. If somebody wants to make an impression on you it's starry night in the garden have a sign that says something that'll get your attention throws something on stage at you is it as or anything about you we need to know that would help that. Chris so I think the first thing I would like they need that benign. Okay would you consider crests are those potato chips or what her British. Christmas yes said the they'd be dictatorships. OK it's you guys. That would be good without like I lie possible. Anything can't sports related and I indigo partners and they stop I mean nine. But Jersey onstage that's good but not throwing a basketball let's keep it safe. Yes yes that's not that's not aimed at me. But I'll take any comment on one talks from this is filth. And yet is that if not that's gonna. What are your favorite cities obviously you're well traveled now what are your favorite see it started to go into so far high heel liking New York City are. Maybe is it two big free or not. Then you can get a little crazy to me it's abilities or it would on the big issues you have in case. All of the busiest and an offer some of our time I define myself getting a little arms. Taken by it. Such talks on stated that he long at a time. But they're not won the most city dialogue open and it's yet so. I've been a couple times and even not tighter reins of law I've every come upon it being gorgeous sunshine. So I'm going to be a wonderful impression. And then and then there's there's been a bunch of promises kept it around normally in the critical. My pin about played state that I would wish showman says the law back. It's why did you recount each year yet yet and I it was a it was a crazy. Because arm later on in the and then shown so there was this the dormant and the lightning hasn't struck the stage. And it meant that the whole show called comic turned off overstated and off it was it was the greatest thing about it Venus. What the weather looks pretty good for a Wednesday when your here partly cloudy and 72 so we gonna be wearing. Are important to ransom just couldn't conduct seeing them on and customs wage stays frozen. And we'll throw some NBA socks and jerseys freed aware onstage that sound good man. James TW safe travels we will see you Wednesday here at starry night in the garden we know you're gonna have a great time. Thank you so much man we'll see you Wednesday are clear throughout Syria.