Hotel Sabre Fans MUST Hit In Columbus!

Wednesday, August 22nd


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And 35 and savor fans I think there's only one game in Columbus this year October 27 two good road trip and I've got the hotel. That is tailor made for every buck polonium because it's it's it's a brewery. That's happen every room yeah and get to that after Al Harris gets in order. 734 travel leisure magazine has been a great jobs spotlighting cities that don't get a lot of spotlight it's not New York San Francisco to get a bunch of complementary articles on buffalo over the past few years and this when we've share on her FaceBook page and Twitter as well Columbus, Ohio sabre fans October 27. Sabres on the road there might be another one later in the schedule but that's the first I saw in Columbus. And when you go there you want to book your hotel your room in the world's first beer hotel. It's opening now in Columbus. The dog house hotel and brewery. Features beer taps in every room. Hotel is very unique gonna be tough to get into 32 rooms and two suites. The front desk has been replaced by oil lobby bar tender. Yes. Each room has a police duck beer fridge. And he built didn't show our fridge. So even when you're showering. You don't have to get out to be fed up here. You have access to limited edition bruised from the brewery next door. A spot that uses beer in its products and treatments such as hop boils any malt and Barley massage. Craft beer pairings during breakfast lunch and dinner. Have recchi at a craft beer. In the luxuries are love this this is in that travel and leisure they say in the luxury suite a hot tub filled with the IPA. There's a hot tub filled with the IPH building don't recommend drinking it. Not the least because it'll be very warm. Here. Honestly tailor made for Buffalo News everywhere you turn there's fear Horry tap leading to here. I look at this. It it's just like my college dorm room in Genesee you know. But that was 1981 and drinking age was different kids do as I say not as I did many many years ago. The full story on the dog house hotel and Marie book it now for October. FaceBook dot com's list wrote it to five and on Twitter at my star what 025.