HGTV's Tyler Wisler Talks Buffalo Home Show W RLITM!

Thursday, March 9th

The Buffalo Home Show runs thru Sunday at the Convention Center.  HGTV’s Tyler Wisler joins Rob to talk what’s in for 2017 (making your home reflect YOU, not someone else) what’s out (POPCORN CEILING’s…still trying to get rid of them!) and how he’s never been to Buffalo but has heard nothing but great things about us!

Oh, and if you think you have the chops to host your own HGTV show or be a design star, he’s got some hints on how to get your design career started.


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Good morning Tyler are you ready to take on the buffalo home show iron writer there aren't chatting with Tyler whistler who you know from HGTV's design store us star pretty much any design magazine I'd love reading your stuff on Architectural Digest in coastal living he'll be at the buffalo home show going on at the convention center throughout this weekend. You've been doing these home shows they saw you were in Minneapolis roe was cold. Jacksonville. In now buffalo. Do you would just doing these shows help you spot trends that may be you wouldn't see because you wouldn't be in those portions of the country. Or the trends are are you the trend setter who brings the trend to the shows. I am the trend setter or you don't try to control it happened differently everywhere but what I find interest it's what I traveled to these different talent. If not necessarily trends. But walled compounds that are sort of regional like coming from Minneapolis everybody. In the audience to that got to Q and after layup presentation. I don't know how many people. Brought up popcorn dealing with almost immediately exit interview regionally that they have different. A different set of issues but they're dealing liked. They got you're right popcorn ceilings it would seem like in Florida where they did a lot of building in the sixties and seventies for condos books makes it look like an old fashioned motel. Yeah and and what's funny is every hotel that I have been staying and I go to sleep and Iowa are aren't young thank you. We've been happy about that tomorrow. Critics what is your specialty because you love interior design but some people have paint and color other people like working with fabric some people are graded. My boat. I'm good questions. You know I I loved. What my main focus is as a designer and my personal philosophy as I am trying to make your faith and Ed good other state says it is for you because everybody is it different. But no play. And you're patient reflect who you are where you can what you wanna be. And reflect you as the purse that. Or less or less your married your space will reflect your wife no matter what you want. Your whole waif sleeping on the Gupta tonight and putted well. And a comfortable. We're Tyler with sludge starlet or 2.5 he'll be at the buffalo home show this weekend you're your doing yea make it take it workshop on Friday. And then you're doing other feature stage Saturday at one and Sunday a one in four what are eager to be teaching us during your presentations. Actually got to work. Saturday along quite and then Sunday at 111 informed Saturday it was on Sunday at one. I you rightist stand corrected apparently I can write things down properly. What I'm going to be talking that is really really basic give an account and also ensure expect anybody can take home because will can afford to designer and I can't afford liner but what I wanna do is translate sort of the these inaudible because there are a little to design. Under the guidelines at a news she did aren't going our heartland and I haven't translated to every day landings so everybody can feel like rocks are living locked into their. God it every eight make everybody rock star make your area feel like your own. I think you're right because so often we watch different shows and we feel like I wanna be like man instead of being like us. And what happened did you know. It looks great on TV Tina of their for inspiration and I tell people all the time he did not real given a great source of inspiration. Music and entertainment and but at the end of the day if you need to walk into your home and you need to love it just because. Everybody loved it on TV doesn't mean that it's gonna sit well with you and your living here. Well said with Tyler whistler on star order 2.5 now you went to college design school New York California. If some there're so many people who watched HGTV and in think. You know they have the talent the uniqueness to be maybe didn't the next Tyler and have their own HGTV show what's the first step in being a design professional is it college for somebody younger what would you recommend. I always pay that in education is that they're. A great foundation for what you need ended aren't. We you know did I don't want saying a bed yeah you could literally get up on nick could have a business are bad that I'm decorator. It's not quite that bad design and gives you the termination pieces that you need in order to build build their career profiting give and give you the confidence to know what you're going. And what about somebody who's a little bit older may be they'd been in the rat race in their business life for twenty or thirty years there ready to get out in their in their forties or fifties. And they want a change of what would you recommend may be an apprentice ship with the designed Placer just just hang out people who are good at what they doing design. Hate to nightclub that takes so that takes a hard time report it's. Through blood for the institution vacant homes you love what they're great. And I turned Chad. Or at least get inland to where did the banks that are happening whether their show rounds that you community. Out of the shadow land in L. Those are all great opportunities I have to say what I was going to fall a thousand years ago. How of the people who were actually picking the design courses they're Jupiter's second career so it is not unusual. Great advice for those who wanna be designer from Tyler whistler HGTV will be at the buffalo home show this weekend all the info on at buffalo home showed outcome what do you know about till we're proud of our architecture in buffalo. By the different buildings the different interiors and exteriors do you know anything about her city and all of you been here before. I'd never bent so are you going to be didn't get to work. Oh man I take it she's performing arts center and I would take you to the guaranty building I would take you to some of the old buildings that we turn into great if futuristic buildings with the exterior Sydor looked a hundred years old I I think you're gonna have a great time if you have any free time that all all all over downtown buffalo I'll be your tour guide man. Sounds like a plan. All I've heard from the from the other cap celebrities who host said it better dump the ball flush out. It always sat at the great Arab man if you never bet you have a good start and you know I'm really looking forward. You'll be struck by it when you get here and you'll be it ended the convention center at the front senator went the heart of it in downtown buffalo so. Tyler thanks for the time this morning I bring a jacket oh you won't need this no boots for this weekend. I don't what your plan but not so much IOC at the home chill on Saturday and Sunday event. Pitiful.