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Tuesday, November 21st

November is National Adoption Awareness Month!  Steve Poissant, part of Gateway Longview's Home Finding & Permanency Planner Team joined Rob Lucas to tell us YES, foster care and adoption is portayed on This Is Us in a very real way!  Through Steve's experience fostering 14 children, he highllights the rewards and family togetherness fostering brings along with the challenges you may encounter along the way.  


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Well November is national adoption awareness month and for the past couple of years we've had the folks from gateway Longview in a Foster care adoption. And this year the pictures and heated even more on TV throw little tiny show called. This is us if you've ever thought about adoption or Foster care you're watching this is us now on. May be seeing it in a whole new light so I'm so happy you I haven't today happy holidays steep voice on how you doing today to a multi except validates Theo thanks for being on my side as far as all the Christmas music here. As producer Erika in Stephanie from the sales department like what are you played this soft and you're with me and miracle on 34 street absolutely absolutely one of the greatest of all time. You are part of kiwi long view for their home finding and from and it's a year under my home finding and permanency plan or team. Yet that encompasses a lot of stuff what do you do there. Soul might roll over there is to help recruit. Train and certify new Foster adoptive families for the agency I'm one of about four home finder so that there. It's a legacy that's our initial roll this took a while and raise awareness in the public talk to families that are interested in becoming Foster or adoptive resources for children. I'm and I also saw him people hobby get involved if they're not ready at this point no life to adopt or Foster children but ultimately our goal is to get them through the process to get the ball and get them certified. And end in the end allow us to place children in their home and Steve did just not just talk the talk he walks the walk he and his wife. Who do you guys just take your anniversary and nor did in October 17 congratulations. In over seventeen years they have fostered. Fourteen children. Have adopted five. It's her wild cheers to you on that you aren't I can't beat your nineteen children well fourteen and five which so. I can't imagine there's probably not a situation you haven't seen so when people come to you and say. Case it really like the way it is done this is us you probably. Jay your day you have all the answers yeah I can I can say you know I tell everybody and I'll I'll share I'd watch the shows while my wife and I's are watching it when it first came out. And I actively and you know 100% support their views and what they're doing on the show I mean. And this is a personal opinion but I I feel like it's the first television so it's really accurately portraying. Some of the challenges and struggles that family seat that's great to hear Aussie or because I didn't wanna hear that it was just all television and Hollywood and it's not like that man now wow. I mean the one episode where the arm Euro Asia days it was have been the challenges and she was. Cutting her own hair and we find that hair care is one of those things that with children in care. Is very important to them and yes so when they when they had that episode it's cutter heron you know two to elicit that don't know about the episode. I encourage you to watch at that that's a very real very common occurrence in Foster care there're so many things we take for granted aren't and every day basis that we learn from birth. That along the way the kids in Foster care that you know kids without parents or kids or parents or have had tough times. Just didn't debts. The conditioning just didn't get those wraps on a daily basis from beating an hair care. And just items like this it's good to hear that this is us is doing at the right way how many boxes of tissues have you gone through like let's just hope that. My wife a few more than I have accidentally but. You know it's okay yeah I felt more issues in my life itself so you know I mean sure there's there's there's sad moments or buy it really conversely on the other side there are far more. I'm the joyous happy moments that we've celebrated. With our experience impostor terror let's go with financial let's talk about that let's talk about the bright side because. I know that in there were 930 kids have the stats in Niagara and Erie county as of twenty or 2015930. Kids who were in need of some sort of homing yep 40%. In the US 40% of the kids in the US. Up for adoption or Foster care are under the age of five. But there's a lot to a lot to go through some people as they went through his Randall withdrawn this is us. Do we want a newborn do we want somebody who is thirteen years old and maybe has bared habits. What do they do people have questions like that was QA long. Call us a lot of via Foster parent we signed you up implicated crawl right army. There it is an actual full on process where myself for one of the dark home finder's. I'm really come alongside that family to sit down with them interview them talk to them Apollo. What you failure for and we can't he can't handle what is the age range do you have the profits take one child two or three or six kids what does that look like via. And that we actually to put everything we throw full training program. It's about. Thirty hours worth of training which. In the scheme of things this is kinda short when you think about it in our main if you think about having a loved one in your family just. Removed and someone said OK you have to pick someone and put them with somebody else they've all been trained for thirty dollars. That's a tough decision to make so we're pretty rigorous and we we really dive deep and help people make. An informed decision and we work in partnership with them to make those decision because there are certain parents or would be parent adoptive parents who their lifestyle just may set up and be more conducive for some children some kids yet another step you mentioned you fostered fourteen kids over the years. What's the shortest time Foster child has been review and I mentioned the longest would be maybe when the you've adopted now. So the shortest has been and she was let us for about two weeks. I'm so what weeks there was an emergency placement okay and so it was it's none of those situations where we had other children in the home and so. We said yes we would certainly take the child and help as much as we could and that within two weeks that problem long term placement far. On the funny side of that story those are very first placement was what they refer to as an emergency placement also. She came to us on a Friday we were supposed to ever told Monday till they found a long term placements and on behold she ended up in our second adopted daughter also on C she was a long term emergency place but that's it and that's the way it happened yeah. So we have a lot of listeners right now who watched this is us and they're thinking that they may be on the fence do I fit doing not fit. Are committed to the thirty hours if they have any questions at all or maybe they're thinking about this for four years down the road. Because there'll always be kids in need of a new home. What should they do. Yes so I would encourage Sam to to reach out to you with long view and an army that's certainly a place to go we can find us on line that date indicate leaders Longview dot lord yet he had it. And there's numbers out there that they can reach out and speak to meet directly or any of our staff directly about what is the process look like how we help you walk through that. And so really it's a seeking out the information right now and we know that typically most fairways bowl. Reach out at least 23 times before they actually made the decision to Delaware I was getting my next question how long your ego and probably a lot of Phillies don't committed instantly say our I'm ready to adopt and read read a Foster correct correct yeah and most of them it takes upwards of the year for them to make the decision to sign on and go through the process and even during that and processes designed to help a family make a real informed decision and oftentimes we see cameras opt out halfway through. Because just not the right time and they're like okay I'm and they help families other ways than we certainly. At gateway can help patch them and how they can help those elements was deep voice on of our gateway Longview and he and his wife have fostered fourteen kids over the years adopted five. Can you even are it's probably not describe mobile what the holidays would be like without those. In your house you know probably can't imagine thirty years from now when they're all fully grown. Although hopefully thirty years from now they're coming back in telling you the great stories of what they've done that that's our hope re absolutely that's our hope you know that we do our best to raise them as best we can and hopefully they go out into the world and I guess I'm really on my wife and I've tried to Diaw and what deeply tries it on a regular basis parent to thank you for so much the information today November again national adoption awareness month gate we Longview just one of the many great agencies we have eleven Steve works roses well. It in Western New York but all the information. At gateway dash Longview dot or what can we get you for Christmas what do you need and data at a I don't help will be great touch a date night with my wife thought it wonderful quotes I'll I'll protocol of the Seattle try to arrange that for you think you so much for the time today thank you and given tissue new this is us again tonight so. I know we have another DB Gary didn't get a tissue boxes out.