Gwen Stefani Joins Rob Lucas To Talk Christmas....And She's All Fired Up!

Wednesday, December 13th

Gwen Stefani was a BLAST to speak with!  Listen to find out why....


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I just literally running through the house because my on this team on the radio here in LA and I'm like Adam Brett play. So I put you on hold so you can go listen to year old music. And I that it can't finish and then I ran I have a right to the house didn't and got a phone the phone was ringing like this is so crazy it is it's some real light up. It never. It's not exciting than any of these big essentially Christmas music at Christmas time it's like what it is because I'll think though it's so incredible. With Gwen Stefani see Mary Christmas to buffalo well. It we were wondering about huge you mention Christmas time and we've got snow hearing into you just say during LA. We were thinking about you on the air yesterday morning because of all the wildfires out there I mean we've got relatives all over and everything anybody you know when danger. I'm so I want you the only person I know that that's how is really engage right now as Ellen DeGeneres and so we're praying for her. But that would be what it was we have fire really literally like one Kenyans from. Well I'll let the other night and it was it was really scary and an air quality didn't get everything going on I actually flew over the fired a couple of days ago it was it was extraordinary. Means. And over miles of fire just you can't even imagine how extreme it is. But in and then right around Christmas is that it's an awful awful time but. I think you know everybody it seems like everyone pulled together and there's something that's a very Christmas he and beautiful about that part of it but it. Nobody wants these fires right now. Absolutely will you put a smile on her face with your Christmas special last night here on channel two and NBC I was reading beforehand that you said you wanted to make it like a modern version of classic Christmas shows you grew up with. And the word I think of his can't be. Like any any any at the Eddie Williams Osmond Brothers shows in the seventies anything review we grow up what was can't be real happy with the way yours turned out. I am happy with that it was so fun to make any you know it's one of the project I never thought I would I would be doing ever even it means so. It was just a kind of icing on the cake at doing this Christmas record and a and a great way to deal that like to kill people the music that we made and I think the mop the ultimate dream for me was to write a Christmas bomb especially maybe at Christmas okay yeah. I think that's something for a song writers like to build it to be part of that memories of Christmas that haven't been repeating coming back every year it's like a dream for us. Is it tough to write and record Christmas songs when it's hot stifling July and August as. Because that's what it often happens. Like kind of help that I'm from California could you never Pat White Christmas is anything like that you know. That was just in like storybook but I think that you know it why can't I think tempted I've. I'm that they used Christmas music lover and something I wanted these for so long that wind. I got the idiot I'm book and that the that the producer writer called but these we went in together and it was at this instant liking. But the belly and I have one idea per song and then we wrote he'd gone in once sense you know quite well here we go like I only have three sessions and wrote that bombed and it is really fun way different than making a regular record at the pressure is just different it's like. You either love Christmas music or you know kind of like me who will listen or not like it's like. Technically that is that's made an immediate like it's already get spear it though it was that the fund records make it. And having a Christmas special it's just another layer because for me. I did joy that I get is. That you needed but and Mike Teel the lake celebrated by getting dressed up in like big gap is likely that can't be like happened comedy and yeah and crap like. All of those caught in changes we are we get that live showdown here in an LA theater which is what it's all glamorous. Very old Hollywood like. Theaters so it felt like we are back in time and it's really fun. Talking about all Hollywood in the media kit for the album there are some pictures of you that your sassy 2017 gland then there's when a couple you look like in 1940s holiday bombshell your hair's all up you've got a big bow on. You look like what did you portray portrayed treat Jean Harlow in the aviator who that was that's the look you have it's your so perfect for that. I think you wanna you know I think I've growing up in Anaheim and I don't know why I mean it is always was very fascinated by old Hollywood and old Hollywood movie and I still like I would divide the other day and I was on the long flight and at a all but felt they had I I was watching like an old Lauren Bacall movie like I get. I love that time period I love how glamorous that was it anything that's old nickname page I just I'm into it and things. With Gwen Stefani and star awarded 2.5 we're talking Christmas special which in case you missed it last night I'm sure it's on NBC on demand for Christmas album were playing you make it feel like Christmas with Blake in and the other song that it's a standout I love on the album my gift is you get. That's got that 1960s. Here we are old again Phil Spector rhythm section basin drumbeat I love that. Thank you I that was the second time that I wrote it and I was in I had a and I did write a song called under the Christmas flight which we started yeah and but B we were like in the middle of writing the guy and they aren't about certainly he can't speak came back it was like I have. I had written a line calls like it did you to put it under the Christmas lights like no that's going to be its own thoughts. But then I'd like how we really didn't stop on this spot in right back though because we're going so good comments like I don't want to like reality now he like no comeback lit up like. You know. And we wrote I get this feeling. It's just it's just such a fun phone and it is so radical you know and music is a practical and I think that. At Christmas time I don't know and other layers because that's certainly one thing they want that back drop to their memory isn't so I love being part of that. We is Gwen Stefani Nstar what are 2.5 you just in partial answer what I was going to ask about. Music in 2018. For you and that. T how are you contracted for an album you have to put something out or it sounds like you just don't feel complete if you're not writing or in the studio. Com I I think that writing for me is definitely the thing that makes me feel. Like I have a parent and it's my that my creative outlet and I have literally no idea what I'm doing enjoying eighteen I have no job like we had no record. Sometimes that's good though it's good breed. And I think that at this point in my life I sort of like I kind of just. Will try to pray about what I thought that the neck but this one at the film my best to be an Indian. I'm ready I love it I never expected the records to connect the way had I I just did it for myself or you know and I know I don't have anybody saying oh yeah he did next I I definitely trouble with this is really not well and I don't know I love writing music I really really love it is something that something so satisfying and fun about sharing music with people. About two minutes left with Gwen Stefani Nstar order 2.5 to reel and a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade this year and if so you want afloat and icy there. I want actually I'll allow is any. Luckily not because if it was able I think a lot of which I love it we have we run the rockefellers but it was at Rockefeller Centre again like that what I. Any rank all that's really that's rice you yeah. And I was really it was so the real we got up really early and referee can call and I think I was wearing a sparkle and Alex. So quickly I'd our spark all in this cold weather feels really cold boot. But it was really magical because Andy was I eating around and that's the backdrop of new York at Christmas time is just there's just something those. We'll have that here in LA is a different feeling inside it's feeling like Barry without it being there and doing white Christmas it was incredible. I was lucky enough to be their two weekends ago and in buffalo it's just a quick jetBlue flight away but it's got to be in every it's expensive but it could be in everybody's bucket list. Except playing that game which you may not have to do could you have a driver gest the subway smells. That that's a little game you don't have to play anymore you graduated two which is going to Dubai. I don't I hate that thrill I would I am very glad that I I think out of all the blessings of that hat. I mean I can just keep going but I mean. The traveling and being able to go to places around the world through music it's just been something I just can never. Be more grateful for and it's just been such an incredible gift to me so. One final question a lot of our listeners who you're doing what they're doing now you have to balance multiple family groups in traveling for the holidays in different areas. I I heard a psychologist at something good the other day he said more people means more memories more opportunity. Now more issues or conflicts. And am like do you go up things like that through things like that now during the holidays. He means cop and family in. Three yeah it's crazy and just this morning getting McCain who was crazy so. But it entry and I feel they would like. But in my Amaral there's a lot of and we did it act like it becomes easier the more there is like all of that and they've taken care of each other very tribal and I love that. So for me it is about when and where. Glenn will leave you with those last thing I said Q the last time is a sit and I spoke with you and it was OK by you but thank you for continuously having the best ads and pop music. Yeah. Not that you'll like last time so I thought they would try to get you said they do. I think you are you know what what I'm really working on getting Hamilton. Tonight it's good secret Hollis. I bet you are quizzed a body continued success with the album will watch for the Christmas special and NBC on demand and I have a great holiday are wherever you're going to be traveling. I ET thanks so much replaying the wrecks it I love it.