Get To Know Starry Night In The Garden Headliner Mat Kearney

Monday, April 30th

Starry Night In The Garden 2018 headliner Mat Kearney joined Rob Lucas to talk about his being the first SNITG 3 timer, his new album CRAZY TALK, and Starry Night really stands out among the thousands of gigs he has done!  Oh...and maybe it's 'cuz his dad is from Rochester!


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Starry night in the garden 2018. Headliner mat Kearney good morning Matt. There are married you're good man how how's that Carney is mourning in Nashville. Well I'm actually at the beach. For a short vacation. Firmer the tour are just rare floor so. My mornings very good. What is that look what we're interrupting your beach morning where are you let us live vicariously through you yet. I mean I've got Paul Sri short term I got a couple copyright and then. I am in the Florida. Little critical port St. Joe. Beer and yeah that's about all I know. East coaster wet West Coast. We're kind of actually in the opinion of the redneck Riviera as we like to finish. Well don't worry we're not gonna hop complaining comes stock Q okay you're you're okay our bureau. You'll pardon me. I think Matt hardy it's starry night in the garden 28 team in June 27 we can't wait to have you here it's gonna be your third time you'll be the first three time performer. Your hear like five or six years ago is it opening act. There a couple of years ago it was a middle act now you're headlining so. This is like Saturday Night Live to be gaelic a special jacket gets a flowers or something for being our first three timer. I mean I'm so honored that critic Bernard you know that may have come expect to hear I want our memories of she let me into the winter or certain. Remember. We get the very first ever played. I know Andy grammar you run with a eighty grammar I think one of the bills are not hurt. Yeah and agrarian RU 2000 gigs a year I'm sure not every one some blend into the other. Which you like so much about starry night in the garden because we talk about her all the time but. What did you like about it was it that the flowers help picturesque it was the basilica there. It was pretty poor at. After the call up at the corner but it looked at the reporting through in their like they're meeting Clinton supporter in the garden because. Are you walking around because we're getting a lot uphold arguable on that sounds like your underwater that. Are what our vacation our current group. Millionaire I think Katie hear me now yes you can do the commercials for that. What's your connection to Western New York because I remember a case you did you had some Rochester on your blood young love album. Was that the song that when you were here in you kind of start rapping about Rochester and buffalo and you work in the bills and wings and all that stuff into it right or wrong. But when you're a song and made up on the spot actually. About to gather about Jim Killian and you know. Locals can cook like that that's what I talk about western. Much it was a song I wrote action right Derek Burton Rochester still in this summer he'll blow Brooklyn that would have been registered. In your songs are just so four in from the hearts. And we're loving digging playing kings and queens all the time. Let us play that ray player right now and then we'll come back and talk about it after protect our. You know he's gonna do this is starry night kings and queens it's mat Kearney OnStar order 2.5. Kings and queens mat Kearney OnStar what are 2.5 you'll see him at starry night in the garden 2018 Wednesday June 27. If you get your take it said mark Starr what are 25 dot com Rossi on the bill milk on the bill and that joining us this morning let's talk about the lyrics and that's all I just loved the writing out. We don't need jet planes we don't need gold chains just just you and I together our family will be kings and queens. In any inspiration for that was it being a new dad were to come from. Well you know some last term we toured with despair ecology you know are in the open up slowness in. They're doing really good which is awesome yeah. You didn't unit he became good friends and he's like Eric represented in order start together over a car she came over the most because there are so we're walking the coffee merchants carpet develop our own outlook garlic older brother like little corner when he got there aren't bad it's very. I think you know he may. We're just talk about life and success and for whom the write the solos were arbitrary to so and so we said ever wrote it kind of in in just a few minutes also okay. At that seems like in natural. And the album that's from the album crazy talk which is actually to eat peas in in I was kind of confused I'm like OK you release dated two different times. Tell us about crazy talk. Yeah actually I mean official arm drops may force so. But that we just we actually it's kind of rolled out of purchase our. Ahead of sort of previewing the record and I am just real excited about it's like. Some of the best songs ever written and our age I was sitting with a friend Greg OK with that during several work you know he demonstrated record what during moments were a little like you know. Crazy cartwright is stupid as a bigger speech you know I get to work with these artists like it to play. In in some amazing rooms I get to collaborate with some artists I respect. That was doing things I love and those requests are really hurt I was saying that it is to be dealt titles. Well I kind of became you have my yellow record like what we're really weren't you on the sort of every would you are we getting a bit. I know following you on is to Graham but this will be the first time you've been in town is it dead. In on mr. Graham a little while ago you mentioned you're you're on tour this spring. Was ten per where you're just so over the moon with performing their because I think it was the first show that dead EU has paley members in your daughter at was that the one. Edited it and yeah it was weird. I kept saying with the elevation but yeah I don't know menu worked so hard they need clearly shows its. I didn't economy are garden with my wife and daughter to a new image she was that the show would hope. Just having them a part of this thing that I believe it is so much and I look so much he was baby very emotional kind of caught me off guard stated. You are just another seat or who think for the super blessed that I get to keep doing this thing called music it's crazy. While it is you tell me that story you're making that Kara Myron stand up and if anybody hasn't seen it don't go to Metz in to grab account scroll back give it. And neo what you roe was just tremendous that we felt like we were on stage with your wife and daughter there will you be bringing an end of buffalo all they make a surprise appearance here. We look feed live you know. She company goes is he worth that I would ever make it work for the art I don't go yeah we will have plenty of the big big ego clerical. Not know your wife did you you met her in a store machine what are your videos too or not. You record art or are cut off. He couldn't. He was in the ships in the right media if you would and again what we just did for us sort cooperates the space and yes he's black super talented actors that we met she was shopping recordings we are both shopping at the podium with it and yet we that there. It's our view it was Minnesota got Abe over your articles stories in the. Actually we're neck Carty Enceladus 2.5 headlining starry night in the garden June 27. Get your tickets now it my star of 1025 dot com. Every time he'd been in town here and I think anywhere Reese CU except for your wedding photos and maybe even then you've been wearing hats. Are you are you hiding anything or will you be wearing how would you come to buffalo. It's like Superman cape he could he take it away and lose dormant powers so let's just kind of stuck with its former early in my career and it's been by my Brandon yes but definitely I think it's. Well it's funny though you can go for you could Wear a truckers baseball cap. And then you go to can go to like an 1890s type you know ball lower something. It you're gonna have a way error there. Even darker here or commitment to order you. Are met Carty thank you for the time from the beach in the panhandle of Florida on vacation we'll see you here in June 27. The new album comes out may fourth crazy talk kings and queens Digg and anything else we need to know about you before you get here. Then I'm as excited be the first three hitter that's going to be that's pretty tired. Headlining starry night in the gardens what he eighteen it is mat Kearney thank you Matt partner.