Get To Know Starry Night In The Garden Artist Rozzi!

Thursday, May 10th

Wow…you could hear and see the smile of Starry Night in The Garden artist Rozzi all the way from Sweden, where she is writing and finishing up her album! 

Click and listen to hear how excited she is to come to Buffalo (wants to bring her dad because he has never seen Niagara Falls), and what she learned while on tour with Don Henley and Maroon 5.

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I don't that then there are while we got a little bit too little we'll try this it's a little static yeah on the line here hi your in sweetie today. I didn't read and that. What is this might be quiet about static what does it would this is Swedish afternoon like her idea are they serving you a lot of fish do we make Swedish meatball jokes now. I haven't had I don't know anything officially sweetest. Yet. We went to what a lot a place for once it's out of it so we knew at a falafel. He's silly doing right now are UN touring Europe are you performing at night or what's going on in Europe. I'm items I and you're writing so I that is in London for a few days I had a little shell out there. Economic dot com. If they're just some incredible writers and producers are here. We are with rusty on star what are 2.5 from Sweden you'll see her at starry night in the garden 2018. It has been so needs too kinda read about you play music and watch your developments. Are you at the point now real like people know my songs they're singing along with a everything. Fiat as I played a show like LA and that you are at a couple shows Adam. A few weeks ago and I started saying I think I'd like wherever you an LA and I got so confused because apple everything on everywhere but I I forgot the words. We get there with those shots. Since yet there are beat Cuba putting it back to me back definitely we really. That's when you know you've made it when people know the songs better than you do. Ha ha. So so you started out as a writer and you know he had some your sons and lifetime movies. Who was better choice she had to make whether you're going to be. Go the vocal way or how did your how did you playing your career not that it's even planned out yet you're just kind of starting out. Yeah. And I hope you know wanted to be I was saying like the first eight counts show and I would I would never been more assured everything since then ever again like I just. Knew that that is correct and I I always recommend. But I think that with Ali Maher accidental and hanging out in LA we'll have a reform on her church back. That. I didn't about it like. Early opportunities with my son right and I don't think maybe the kind of as. Painting a picture of the future to back out on the iPad app letting I have time to accept to be out but at the time I was with my sophomore that's at the finger for. And you mentioned your song never over you and from the moment we first heard that. We thought wow this is like another Smart girl power song and then we got in your music like uphill battle. Is it that we can't compare you two I've always thought abuse may be the next Rachel platinum. And that's really nice you know I think it. And I think the thing about our sights on re sort of like it's just incredible on acts she just always writing about her or. Feelings and what she is. Personally dealing wet tensions escalate on the table are and I really. I admire her for that and though it back I didn't do with a competitor and that and the I love it because so much I. All as an artist you just tell the truth and justice that I hit it as it seems to be it the best way to connect directly caucus got accustomed to give a thanks thanks. Let's take a break we're gonna play never over year rule and we're chatting with Rossi as yelling player right now and then we'll come back and talk soar with the rise the OnStar what do 2.5. But I feel. That's was he never over you like star audit 2.5 you'll see her at starry night in the garden 2018 along with Milken met Carney as long as you get your tickets. At my star of one or 25 dot com arazi he's within us. In Sweden this morning you're from San Francisco all regionally which there's a lot of different cultures in San Francisco. What do you like best about Europe so far the you've seen how I'll. I would even walking everywhere and it dot com I don't walking everywhere and I can just go walk everywhere Saturday like that. And I'll say and I walk out with my people think it's crazy that at and I. When he started out in your history most know that you started as he backed up all vocalist for Don Henley. What did you learn while on tour would John Handley. He principal and then I learned that you never thought he'd never get to stop. Like to get your act without incident for aggregate proved himself over have recovered yet but that he's walking him every night. Abstract getting. They're talking about but are part he just don't care about everything out of the Pacific nobody else and that it would be a couple by about a factor as evidence. In another person who was influential to you was signed him not to sign you up to his record label Adam Levine how about your relationship with him in. But didn't need Maroon 5 he's one of your songs for something. I hate to return for a lot yeah open with Adam. And he adds I think typical USA thank a duet with like I'm on every site on her. The 108 vowed to act we get a lot of co operating and I don't let those that Thelma acts and Adam I'd be totally different accept our old it. That was special place in my heart for Allen and all the guys. Withdraws the OnStar what do 2.5 obviously replaying never rover you we mentioned your song uphill battle as well. And and your album coming out later this year and I know how that goes where one single takes off and media Tilly riding you're in Europe writing right now what's the timing for the album. Oh man I have really no idea here but you know we're gonna keep it will be saying I'm probably for a little while I'd like he thinks congress son did it I have. You know it's kind of fun that way to ethnic people in the fact that I won Avant and it. The pros toward the end of the year I would guess that outlook panic about as you know what I keep writing on the court and still writer and I'm always writing it though. When capacity as he's had like I think I'm happy. And depth beating that I thought was certain about the out and now another starter is that they could keep all that stuff will it. We can't wait we can't wait to see you here in buffalo on June 27 have you ever been. To buffalo Niagara Falls Western New York before. No I've never been and I thought about it I think we've got to accomplish he's never been that block of these. There as. All the spring rates. I bet that's it well putter and it tore guide to the falls well the global dig they're back for sure it's also an event with hear from you being from San Francisco the venue starry night in the garden on the lawn of the botanical gardens. It's very much like the Presidio in San Francisco. You know now he like like it's an IR and a it's a mini version of that like the Presidio you've got the palace of fine arts there. Here we've got to basilica and it tried don't botanical gardens. You'll watch it it's pretty magical that at a at a bar found that it ought wolf thanks for the time from Sweden this morning Rossi hot how much longer are you in worlds are you going in Europe. And just say can and dot com for an act like we basically writing on that this. A good thing yes actually threatened. From Sweden to vacate its. The guys. Very good we'll safe travels will see you June 27 it starry night rise seat thank you for being for letting us get up close and personal with the UN Starwood a 2.5 this morning. Thank you so much I cannot wait to our. Your smile is coming through the radio we can't wait either and sent back but it didn't act regret it thank you so much.