Get To Know Starry Night In The Garden Artist Milck!

Thursday, May 17th

So here’s what we found out in our chat with Milck:  She’s bright and happy, not “quiet” and all serious the way you would think from hearing a lot of her music.  She had a huge taste of snow touring over the winter, which reminded her she’s very much a “Cali” girl.  And it was amazing to hear how surreal it was to be in the middle of the viral happening that quiet has become!  Click, listen, then get your tickets to see Milck at Starry Night In The Garden here!

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In my hand Harry and. But we Caylee to see you here June 27 that starry night in the garden house the summer and spring and summer shaping up for you touring. A man I can't wait to be at Q I'm I'm really set about passion out and turning to be great I'm actually doing a lot of writing right now so it's a lot of I don't co writing sessions and the and the actually in Los Angeles or most of made a far. Start traveling man and performing in patents that it's been nice it's been and they break from touring. While were where did you go where or like internationally did you see any place really cool when you were out over the winter. I saw a lot of snow with a peg to read. I swear that the group can adapt it was at its big rain bow island from Q California all the way to Vancouver those here. Toronto than other recounts in Florida I got an open or. Jason her eyes and Amy shark. Which which are really cool supporters and very different tours so it I got. And they. Scope of experiences. A lot of snow and then we got to and we can Puerto sound sunshine and it made me realize what it Cali girl I am now found its I mean. Well we we can almost promise on Ford June 27 we know there won't be snow I think we can promise that we're with milk OnStar what are 2.5. We we've been playing your song quiet for so long now and when it first came out I thought of it is a heavy song with a big smile. And then when you watch the video. Is it starts up relief heavy with people and a trailer and a lot of issues in it finishes with your big smile at the end. I need me that's really really get on I think says it. This loud and important one you know like going through that journey has. Some of the hard stuff from my. And and then. Pushing cereal for that you know moment of choice is really really am partners so I'm actually cut that both and that it. You performing what that spring no would be a string section. At the end of drug your quiet video both sets session like you look really cool it's like you brought us right into the room. I think yearly debt that was so really it really am Simon and joyous. The moment because those. Strengthening it actually built high school students that I meant. Because they had email to me that they heard quiet and they covered the song. And they happened to. Go to high school close to my house and so and I which you like to come watch as players. And so I went and met famine. I just started. Tearing up immediately because this is so beautiful I have to invite them to be part of the music video out they actually inspired this new version of quiet. With so orchestral. You reporting so that was really really special for me. Are you bringing acquire with fuel or do you want us to unsure if we yes we can get a couple of high school choirs on stage and up putting you on the spot now but if you want it to them we could find people to sing with the what do you think. That's definitely an idea I I'd definitely into it and and harmony is and just doing now hosts saying that I was about to talking further about it IA. The great now I if it'd been me and a piano and and some cool with being that I do about I love I love singing it with other people so we keep that sonics are back. I would he would your production people will let them work it out we'll take good good the onus off you and I how's that carpet. With the milk it is so be it starry night in the garden June 27 and milk joining us this morning we've obviously been talking about the song quiet. The women's march January 2017. A year and a half ago now that's were really it it it started for you. More so like with these people the you're just meeting for the first time in they barely knew you and yet they took your song and needed an anthem what was that like. It could be in the middle. Viral moment is very Serb Leo and experience just because Islam that I released. To have to take on a whole other life becomes that this big. Big things for other people that I had never met 2 o'clock across the world you know and there are flash mobs of people things are my street then to Ghana. But do you really all over the world. I was completely lived in ninety app I would break. Be laughing and and crying constantly for days of illicit. I would give video after video message after my kitchen. And and still get messages from people now about how. The song changed so life and help them find their own relations back. I mean just the most beautiful thing I think every artist hopes to be able to treat that impact people's lives in a positive play. And so this is Carol says. Did perfect. Storm of all of that turned artist streams so calm yet it was incredible and it's still. Still is blooming in in different ways to contain that against teams now that are dancing to it so it's become a different form of expression and it's really really of anything actually Arab music it has an incredible is spreading all over the world went when it's true. On nothing more true and from the heart then quiet let's listen to it. And you'll look back up with a milk on the other side OnStar awarded 2.5. That is quiet we're visiting with milk OnStar what are 2.5 she was just telling us that how viral that song is banned in. You know look I just thinking of it here how. You may have written a song that even though it didn't reach number one. It may be affecting lives in people for ten years down the line if now longer more so than a lot of records who have hit number one. That's so nice to say yes things that's that's. All that means a lot yeah I think they're meaningful meaningful things to relate to motivate artists like me to just keep. Keep writing songs keep touring in the end and working hard to connect with more and more people. And when people asked about what else can we find out about Milken or music art and we say. Go to YouTube your version of who child that 1970 song from the five stair steps to. That that is how are you when did you do that wouldn't it please tell me you do that is starry night because hey everybody will know the song. And beads of venue was perfect for a song like that. I would that's sounds magical out to policing that stopped aid did the cover. I'm a year ago and am I started recording it and then I got asked to complete the version for our this commercial for the Procter & Gamble. Commercial for the Olympics and so it it was odd man commercial honoring mothers. And it's playing like. Olympics season. And I I really just wanted to take this song and and really make it into my own battles so. Also keep the integrity of the sunken it's such a classic you know. It's such a great song you know it's so simple but. It it definitely has some very cool little musical. Twist and turns out is that typical of the song so I think it's as great ones. And I am honored that it it was used for different commercials and stuff but ultimately I love performing at lives that's. It's happening via their cellphones go you know. A look at it it's certainly you'll see that a starry night in the garden that you meant to rule with milk OnStar order 2.5 you'll see her at starry night June 27. If you get your tickets at my starlet or 25 dot com you mentioned your last tour when you saw the snow that that you had. Spend some time in Toronto have you ever been to buffalo yet or not. I have been and really say that. Looking and I expect. What can you expect. Great weather. Buffalo's class cius biggest backyard party on the lawn of the botanical gardens. Some people dress up like it's the Kentucky Derby. But it friendly fun atmosphere. And you can expect buffalo hospitality through and through. My actions so excited. It's it's unlike who literally we have had artists from Dario speedway in sue you name it and they come in and they usually stop mid show and they say. I didn't realize that a venue like this was in buffalo. You can ask. Yes and I and you know like Iranians. Rod the air going to be performing alongside me and I'm I'm really excited because I've I've heard their music and I know about them so it's an itchy just you know you know I. About thirty more seconds with milk OnStar order 2.5. The one question I didn't wanna ask his or know the answer but everybody wants it asked. Why the name milk where did it come from I'm sorry it's just so mundane but our listeners want to know. No not at our you know a lot of people don't ask a question I think they're afraid it's a good thing it's it'll called late night is is actually late last name Baffert and my first initial. Though my name is Connie Kimberly Leonard and though limb back where it is am I out and then my first initial BK and I wanted to take that my parents gave it to me gave poignant and make it into my and and this. Can it it's really symbolic of my journey advocate a Chinese American doctors at. Immigrant. It yet symbolizes a lot for me and my breaks through our group just doing me. Well Connie Kimberly limb milk keep riding that wave and hopefully he'll be on the top of the June 27. When you're here for starry night in the garden thanks for the time this morning. Yet parents.