Gateway-Longview Joins Rob Lucas To Celebrate National Foster Care Month

Tuesday, May 8th

Listen as Foster Mom Megan, and Gateway-Longview's Sarah Falzone give us the highs (and some lows) of becoming a foster parent.  If you've ever thought of fostering a child or young adult, chances are your questions will be answered here!

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I doubt starlet 2.5 and is coming up and in 09 may is national Foster care month and over the past couple of years we've gotten to really know the people if you wait long view very very well. And of course a little shall call. This is sauce rod Foster care deduction up to. Prominent truly nationally. It's without we do invite folks in from Q we Long Beach today and maybe how votes of people listening who. Might want to do some fostering a piece of adoption and their futures from Peewee long view we welcome Sarah tells owned entity good morning Sierra. Excellent you're you're you're only via a multi vendor multiple times now right. First you're last time to. Speak to last time. On the show you much emotional. Thought. It. And making and who is one of the Foster moms will get to know and just to sacking good morning again all right rule gets UNICEF did you have quite the story. But for those who don't know. Serie tell us what does gateway long be long you do what do. What's the role in the process of fostering. Thoughts or action agencies so yeah. These kids you're into thoughts and there absolutely is and you can eat at and. Get a little bit closer to the microphone there on deck port that's I think we got all of that though. So you are basically on the front lines somebody thinks about fostering somebody sees something like this is Austin like. I think I can do that and know people would have they called you and you are responsible for getting the right people hooked up with them. Yes I'm higher potential Foster parents smoke columns and ask us all about posture posture. And then lease sign in my frat orientation and and and it just take it and Angela. Attack and sponsored and certification classes. It's a really nice pass us. And you're looking for some very special certain people when you go through processes of finding out who qualifies and who doesn't. And Megan certainly you are you were certainly one of them because of Jalisco from the buyer from the vial you fostered eleven children over the past six years. And of bond you must have wouldn't some of them are going to be lifelong because talk about you've already adopted one you're going to adapt to more Telus you've got some incredible stories. I'm so my husband and I actually kind of came to pass an unconventional way we are in youth ministry and we took a fifteen year old and she had had really bad experiences in Foster care she had. Gone through a lot to transition them. Emotional abuse it was really hard and that actually is why inspired that's become postured ourselves. We had never. Parentage really meant for fifteen girls with this kind of like she is priority on the freest and we started out with two under to press on. Yeah. Zeller went from no kids to to tablet is that obedience out there and done. We have cents. Returned a few kids home to their parents which is really awesome and the gold Foster care. And we are also in the process of adopting two girls through Foster care who patent that's for three years. And you just mentioned something that it's very you can fill in the blanks on fostering doesn't have to be a lifelong thing it may be you're looking for a home. To us for a couple of weeks or a couple of months for a child. Yes definitely it's need for Foster parents second tee kids and short term and long term up to a year is greatly need as. We need those people well who are committed to sending these kids home to their parents and reunifying. That children with their biological. Meg in did you have and I'm sure you had some of the questions that. People always have when they go to Foster for the first timer think about it like. And Mike and I hate it will they like to me will highlight them talk about some of those aspects there right from the outset here. I the first little girl. To be in its she. And lock the screen. Nonstop for three. Neighbors like to see now. That means she's at the time and it's. But the bond we've. Eaten out she's. Four years and we still get updated school pictures from that and get so. You don't check in and see how they're doing so we really make it a goal on a priority to have good relationships with not just the kids in Foster care that the families in Foster care because there aren't any bad guys that Foster care Aaron just needs help. Funds sell I think you learn a lot about yourself. On there's no room for our rigid in their control in Foster care really is a time to learn how to be flexible and down. Just kind of love recklessly. I. I was gonna ask you an open ended question of if you're like what are your great moments when you get out of it but you've described it so well. And just tell us about now you're adopting two more eager to expound on that'll of how old are they include the story so our girls came to us act. On five weeks old and five years old are the weeks and while it together two sisters right. Yep actually the app a five week old daughter first and then on her sister was with a relative and DE. Brought her to be with us as well so that the siblings could be together and make double B and because these environments. On it when she was five itself at that point actually. A lot of homes. My factor of the party too old for because some people think like babies are easier so let's start there are some don't know if people are willing to take older kids that's a real leader in Foster care. On by. They are just. I would not trade anything in the where else tonight Alistair just holy areas and spunky and fears and sassy. The smile on your face in your high yeah we could see it all on the radio it's coming through believe me we love them. And I and so now there are three years old ears all they've been trees since June of last year and we are hoping to get its adoption what does that mean Sarah B Ben Freedman zooming debt means that they actually for adoption and there parents had an opportunity to look. I'm get the services they need to get the children back. And they declined to do look gorgeous student news I'm fine now I am. People can be and Betsy says and they won't be able to take care of their children that's what I'll do would you do you put it in the right way yeah. Absolutely. Incredible story may again. Thank you so much for everything you've been doing and Sarah how many kids are in the fostered here Kara. During the program right now. We Cabot probably roughly about eighty. Children who are we eating policemen or are leading. Forever homes. They're greatest need right now our first children that our school aged and hired sibling groups so anybody that's in just sit and taking a child's. Even if teeny tired if there's such a great need and sibling groups often get split up because homes cannot accommodate. You know more than one or two children so. And that's why it's so exciting would make ensuing with the woods and bring this keeping the sisters together absolutely. So sorry catch up their British had interject on that and so if somebody there media star listener right now who's thinking of you know what. I heard Megan story I've thought about it this is the time for me to act what do they do. We have ST spotlight event tomorrow at noon. You can tune into at least a page IQ Elan view Foster care and adoption and we will be covering some basic questions. And that an Imus there's still and just said they can sign up for one of our outgoing coming orientation and us. And the website is gateway dash long viewed sorry dot org yes got to write it every time I messed that up. Dartmoor thank you so much for both coming in today you may is national Foster care month that's why we've been visiting with the folks from gateway Longview and again we needed do was shot out your husband who's probably work right now or. He's home with the babies I could be here self. Dragged and the girls in the Angie were. Thanks Phyllis neatly right shout out to everybody there in the Batiste a household. And heavy what do what you've been doing for you guys next Thursday and hosting a private event tickets are sold already Gregory but what are we doing next Thursday. That is our annual prosecutor think clay is so we honor of our hardworking Foster. Parents and with that you really think Clinton should bring tissues are going to be crying a lot tonight are not it is a late night T designer everybody that worked so hard for their children and I'm. I'm honored that US meat to a hosted can't wait for next Thursday night. A gateway Longview. The national Foster care month all the information it gave way dash Longview dot org it'll have this interview up later on on the on demand have as well. At my star awarded to five dot com thanks for coming in today. And hopefully meet a couple of fostering connections this morning eighteen. It's.