Erin Grajek Of Buffalo And EC Botanical Gardens Gives A Starry Night Floral Preview!

Friday, June 16th

Erin Grajek from The Botanical And Erie County Gardens joined Rob Lucas for the "Flower Side" of Starry Night 2017!  After the numerous compliments Rob gave Erin about looking like Megyn Kelly from Fox News (in a super good way), she hit on "must see" garden attractions for an SNITG first timer, when/if Morty the stink flower will bloom again, and a floral train exhibit that Rob went a little to GA-GA over!


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Hearing great Jack from the buffalo and Erie county botanical gardens she brought her great smiling today in donuts is well on morning SA Brett lack of food for the crazy weekend ahead I gotta say that she brought these in shot out to our promotions people who. Stop sleeping two days ago because they're doing the alt shows Saturday that the case show Sunday. Our show on Wednesday. And they're basically sleeping everywhere from canal side to the botanical gardens over the next four or five days so. Will will get goes down the hall today I'm married to the best for last or in in the garden right every year yes you know like. Every year our city Erin after the showed next year we gotta have you we ended. And have you talked about the botanical gardens because we get previews and we take you up close and personal and do the interviews with all the artist but we knew we don't talk about the gardens enough in in it say if fund raiser for you guys in. Each year there are so many improvements so. Well that I'm so glad we were remembered it do it this year. All we are till we've had so much going at the botanical gardens. In a friend of the facility the last two years discerning in the guard in the two greenhouses have workload has been some construction yes which has been amazing project for ISO this year those greenhouses are open and there fully accessible with bring new exhibits inside an Asian marine forests and quite a curtain. I'm hearing the tried Gomes looked gorgeous and mouse are they a 100% complete because the try don't on the right hand side deep in the northern side. That was the one where the waterfalls inside yes and that's the brain exhibit the waterfowl is completely redone. And yes the front five houses have all been completely restored outstanding how was the rain. This spring because obviously obviously flowers bushes what you guys do it to big eleven needs rain. But there comes a point Rick can be a little too much Howard things looking. We're doing great I mean definitely say there Gardner are gardening staff are vertical see the water to Iowa. This year Waterville because delicate mine and I'm like are you kidding me what your water bill accused can you see how much how many thousands or and its price wasn't telling blog no seriously it's like it gives tells people how much it cost to do what you guys doodle well we do we do our vested content to conserve everything that we can and we re purpose as much as we can't sell. To save those little green guys. Thank you for letting me put you on the spot there. In good humor right so could be a wet weekend but it's going to be a dry Wednesday. I think Wednesday we we got good weather Wednesday looks like it's gonna be drying out after. Kind of a soggy Monday and Tuesday. What are we gonna see as we first go wander the grounds like you've Europe's first timer where would you suggest it is a couple and not miss exhibit's. We definitely have to go inside the botanical gardens it's open and free day during surname incurred an end like is said the two new exhibit are amazing. Our core cluster staff just angry Chad's updating exhibit we've been doing some painting in moving around in just updating refreshing. Our luck it is so neat how I remember back to the first starry night and the dome what's it called the dome when you walked in the meantime a condom the palm dome. And that was kind in disrepair. And that was one of the first things you guys did you know you walk in there and you feel like you're walking into his Smithsonian. A museum it is so cool to see our money at work there. Absolutely and that's exactly what starring Amy Erin does it raises funds for the botanical gardens and we put every dollar back into that beautiful glass conservatory for our entire community. Now how about for those who have been there maybe go one or two times a year on their own besides starry night but this may be their first time this year where some little other little nooks and crannies that. Maybe you guys who were there all know about but people don't take advantage of all the signs all the time. I would say definitely air water features are one of those hidden jams every. We encourage people to just stop. Taking deep breath and enjoy all of the greenery around you because life is so crazy and so hectic that going to a place like the botanical gardens can really think bring you back to center. What are your us some of the current exhibit you've got going on there's like I imagine a lot of people go to starry night. And you get hooked up on the music and you can't possibly see everything you wanna see between the music in the line and you wanna go back. What are what are some of the exhibit you have going on for the balance of summer. We have Cawley isn't color which starts tomorrow holiest grow so fast stone then whom they're amazing that textures and colors and they're just they're awesome. And we have our garden railway exhibit is suffering now. Wait a minute train strains you've got to train up yes we do well all my gosh. I'm betraying geek I'm Sheldon Cooper alma again where's the train is it an O gauge engage in my going too deep on their own way too deep sadness though is it a big train or a little too little train. There's Thomas is there to Thomas the train we have a bunch of different on displays within it where are the trains there in one of the greenhouse is directly behind where the VIP tent is going to be. All right so that would be as you walk into the botanical gardens go to the rights yeah if you wanna see the train yes. And the VIP area where we are I'm during the tense going to be even bigger this year because it's all go ahead doesn't hurt him. I southern Matheny VIP tent is enormous seller really excited to see hits didn't have unchecked and. We're chatting with the smiley airing Granger who we did we decided basically she's a mirror image of fox news's Megyn Kelly without the meanest. But series that take dead as a compliment thank you sit in India Peru visceral it's not just me role he looked at the picture said yes. Yet it's so well it's quite a compliment thank you but. I just lost my train of thought because when Megyn Kelly and you come together guys lose their train of thought. Stick flout this wanted to go housing forty distinct flowered going more do you actually we think he's in his are growing and we're not sure he's gonna push up another plow. Or a lead so well what does he do to stink again we're cautiously optimistic how many every of knowing DS ten years I was using savvy. It could be ten could be seven can be to. We have no weed those at their very. Elusive. Are anything else we need to cover for the buffalo new returning to tenor who gardens is a preview of what to seal way to meet the music away from the wine and food. By next Wednesday night just take a minute to relax and enjoy your surroundings at this at the event it's not a regular concert venue it's a beautiful botanical gardens are grounds there. Lovingly cared for for all of our staff and volunteers so common enjoying. Have a glass of wine and relax you guys inside also have some great displays of the history of the building. Back into who did the eighteen hundreds yes it is how caught on fire her and so many different things. It did it well it did face the wrecking volley many cultural and western URK opened in 19100 so it's a historic landmark and it's a treasure in Western New York. The Renaissance to start to listen thank you for letting us help you. And how good do you think Leann rhymes can this sound what the basilica. Kinds. We're not gonna have any speakers just letter saying it'll carry across it's an amazing we're selling far into it where will be there on Wednesday and you can too if you get your tickets at my star of 1025 dot com for jeans TW Johnny swim and Leann Rimes starry night in the garden 2017. My start 1025 dot com. Thank you making Kelly for coming into this. She doesn't wanna go to the off now. Everybody is going to be saying that a shot out your two year old at home what's his name oh my am all smiles he's in the tire with daddy are now driving to agree and anger at us they're also there listening yes they're listening daddy. Europe very lucky man. And I'm miles. By your daddy something nice for Father's Day yet you are you getting many thing nor open bank account under seen listening that it's. Thanks journalist he Wednesday.