DIY's Jason Cameron Talks Buffalo Home Show w RLITM

Thursday, March 8th

The Buffalo Home Show is this Fri-Sun (Mar 9-11), and next Fri-Sun (Mar 16-18) at The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. 

Jason Cameron, the hunky, good-looking host of DIY's Desperate Landscaping & Mancaves, and TLC's While You Were Out, joined RLITM to give us a Home Show preview, tell how he went from Sex In The City and The Guiding Light to building man caves and fixing up ugly backyards. 

Click, listen, and find out what this years hot shrubs will be and of course he has Buffalo connections!


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The buffalo home shell is coming to the convention senator this weekend Friday through Sunday. And next Friday through Sunday all the information to buffalo home showed dot com. And joining us this morning one of the guest stars of the home show you've seen him on the DIY network's a man cave Brees got to work with Tony Serra who is up I don't know how he does that. Desperate landscaping and also I know TLC's while you were out Jason Cameron welcome to buffalo say hi. Failure to whatever whatever public report government. Yeah I was looking your bio and I know that you're originally from Toledo Ohio live debate in Kansas went to school in northern Michigan so. Coming to buffalo that means you'll be halfway home. Yet it does it's up or at all because so little in northern Michigan you were very similar weather to what you guys have to both. Problem what are you going to be doing the home showed you could take it you do so many different things indoors outdoors landscaping. Which way you gonna take your presentations at the home show what are we gonna see you do. I'm all about presentation we talked about all the shows about Don no I really don't talk a lot about the front so that happens bureaucracies and nobody your producer has succeeded and I think really funny stories of over the years and out just walked through the process of how we go but designing and diplomatic disgrace whether it's outdoors or indoors matches that's the landscapes. Whatever may be sort of bottled up 45 minutes. Our presentation PowerPoint and I just want to a lot of those scenarios. With the city to have some blue person outtakes from the shows and act. And I don't have the blooper but I have a story. I can do it they'll argue that story is without our researchers have myself put I drove some of that and. Yeah oh we don't like cues here simply because he didn't play for the bills he played mainly for the ravens go oh I thought. There's only you can do an hour and a half of seraguso stories I'm sure. Yet very easily do an hour after surgery restores back I'm I'm actually with him now while we're down in Florida so. I'm all ready to beat today to come back up some open dodge guys I know you've been so wet weather coming right. A little that is known not bet you you last week it would have been rough. I mean you did you're from northern Jersey and you know snowstorms dog may be may be a dusting of snow over the next couple days. Bill B snow on the ground when you get here and I was gonna ask you about landscaping for that because it in the northern area are. What is it tougher area to landscape into plant is it in the north. We're re have to jam everything into four and a half months. Or is it Florida and down there where if you don't water you can lose your plants within two days. Tell you opt out from the northeast so for me it's easier out where you are where I grew up because I understand that area they're growing Sony these sonogram but they do ought premiere was always like Nevada and Arizona. Because of the bottled water churches which is this year temperature that you have there in the summertime and it's. No we don't do very dry conditions so when you do look for example when you're in that bother you even to dig a hole what you do Jack hammer just. So yes that's why you don't see a lot of and you see your best don't skate she philosophy just can't. They can't you know they're hoping that they can grow but I've been having trouble with dear I I'd. You know my eyeball in my landscapes really nice course I have to represent I have that might slant you break so right. But I devilish sort of deer in my. Everybody they don't they're not scared of humans because alike ride grew up where you hunt writes they've all their there's no hunting where I am so that I even built stand by people real. The big eat everything. Literally everything so you don't think about our venue though he did a lot that's the trick that I mapping is funnier things that they won't devour. You gotta mention that when you get up here because you'll have been the entire room will be filled with fans yet zero beaten a lot of our our provide Ian you know David is a well up here. Did not say they have all the luck talk about that because that put you through trial and error I've got a lot of things I would do really well that pretty stay away from what the other looted everything if they if they're hungry enough. With Jason Cameron be DIY network and TLC he'll be the buffalo home show. A couple of shows this weekend in the home shall also going on next weekend as well all the information at buffalo home showed dot com is Syria is we heading it's 48 team. Is there like in new flower or a popular shrub or a bush something that maybe could be all that is making a comeback it's gonna be like the hot thing for 2018 and landscaping. Well those set up a lot of things. Bend really liking lately as Russia since. Because to me that not only do if you really great color this summer and spring but it's it's very low maintenance and appeared opposite. So those are all really good reasons to look at Rus six ish time as a possibility he did its unique black. So bad that's one that I would probably highlight these. Is that a little clan is it is it a high plan what's the size of it. We're not only can they can do that I mean it can get up to three feet so that it can get a pretty big which can trigger back. So it's it's manageable. In I was gonna say on the carpentry style of things because you've done carpentry is well all all over the place from as you said from Nevada to the south to. The north. Are there different types of carpentry things you need to know four different areas of the country for example I think in the northeast you've got to know how to build it to warmer. On on a cape or something like that are there different things for different areas of the country in specialties you need to know. Yeah actually amigos and through art and art piece it's good for the different builders about style that when you're at NATO SE when you're in Arizona and there's like that it's so what you sow the door MRSA that the style house deciding that we use is completely different than what they used. Which is mostly stuck well. So you can do different different choices of materials that you choose based on the weather the climate pitcher in problem is is much different. You also began any debate they might do pour concrete block more than we do with shall we do from basement spoke we mostly stick built home so a custom homes so. Yet ever built in styles but solemn this is still a lot of its remains the same amino building and building at the end of the day but. Yet heard about that you really can stop the materials destroys some materials that you used spending and that area in the climate that you haven't. With Jason Cameron on starlet 2.5 one of the guest stars of the buffalo home show who he's mixed a career of landscaping in carpentry. And being our our view Bennett Simone my men's fitness and men's health magazines is a male model in it and what I was doing research on you last night my wife city is he coming in the studio. A Sid nodal your phone or is she said. I'll stay home and our need to come in but you also don't Guiding Light All My Children sex in the city is like a high point or a story were you decided OK I enough of that stuff I'm gonna get into. This side of it or any good sex in the city stories. Yes forty under told story almost say don't want story for the stage. For the socialists and historical what they want from from that but. It's what god I don't doubt the New York from Bible Michigan. Never thinking and by the way I went through the model search that I went through in buffalo boss. So that's great considered shopping mall here or. Yeah I don't remember the job to do where was but I woke up your computer acting correct didn't I never thought just like drop in the trades all my life open in the trades have been. I was a framework for years sort of concrete for years and I got my construction company. So when I was in New Jersey you know try I was living in New Jersey trying to to give the ticker going I was I had sort of a construction company. Just it against me. Enjoyed a license in New Jersey and I'd never thought I'd like camera they've never even occurred to me that I would've doing that on camera. So I was I was broadcasting that was I guess what before. American tools it was a duty commercial rights side but what the job. From the public guys did back there went into this suggestion for can you never know what you know sort of got my tool belt died and I won the newscast in Roman. It was there was some luck too much on the floor or forget this in the industry people at the table gorgeous and so we wanted to. Work on it you're working on secrecy imaginary right to Jordan I was sick so regret the monkey wrench in the Florida just. I just turning to Smart wrench in imaginary say don't smile slightly this is suggesting there's no dialogue. Between myself this is why I came in there. And they and they're like thank you very much the bottom like that's what just like to do it Wallace was it was a top and on the way out the guessing this is indigestion for wire out on the street issue predominantly audacity that Djokovic is right when the public purpose sort of getting big be strict basis bread yeah so I go down the street. And I going to casting rumor I'm the only guy by the way you know this kind of pool ball got in trouble stopping right that somebody else still look at you like on the method actor. I hope it towards. And die there's three people America what guys look at our vial. And he just he says to me. So Jason. You're you're dead as James Cameron I don't like just what did she ever produced about the saint James Cameron I just thought it was all right. I'm just agreeing whether debt but as James Cameron. So. That's sort of off and then it just what went through that testing in the and bill that the general Victor marched by and I ended up getting that job but I think it was into the fact that I have a tool belt otter was James Cameron was my father was what helped. It's it's all about the timing it's all about the timing in the wall dust is in it. They're not so good good bet they do you have this good drywall dust but I'm Teresa where I was stories written signing a guy like by the way when that happened to I think they got. I got people that opportunity came up because I had no desire to silence so. There swollen after we see you at the adult show the convention senator. You may continue with Tony Siragusa right now I assume you're you're doing some new episodes what are we watching for you on TV for the spring and summer. Well displaying and yelled look at most of the last trip to really big show we really don't we tackle the biggest most worst. Landscape out there sort during direction shooting. That wrapping up an April that will be out probably got a in the summer maybe I just up and Ireland DR like network the final and that's going to be that'll be out so we're wrapping that up and then actress I. And I'll talk to people brusque about it what's going on we got some new things coming out of the podcast now is well on those small things so. Yeah I will work site about that but yet every duty blasted went on in there and Oprah is ever changing so its interest in to see what's going. We can't wait for your sex in the city and landscaping stories when you come to the home show this week and have a great trip triple a Buffalo's Jason. I would report go to my body's self calculated to be shut up enemies from bubble that's certainly good to see a W Mexico whatever time. He's with us saying that everything good came out of buffalo. He's right what was his name again. Sell sell hot seat let me guess he's from Cheektowaga tonne Alando orgy front you know. I want you all ask a question maybe I just buffalo but maybe tell Wanda. The group. Right at six tells us that he shot out sell from star loaded 2.5. Thanks Jason will be watching you on TV you'll see your own show this coming weekend. Guys stand by Israel.