Up Close With James Bay

Monday, February 12th

This is very raw, but very cool!  We're taking you to an up close and personal event with James Bay!  Lots of great stories to random questions in a relaxed and REAL way in which you rarely hear artists interviewed!  Keep listening for James' new one WILD LOVE on Star 102.5!


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Component put into practice and it. I suppose early April new book becoming been put college. And slow release that it. That was it that was me so that's your two favorite. Goes through this case pizza last time. I confess. Because you Democrats better students. Almost always things. And it right some relates. To music. So let me expecting. The new album is coming. And it's in the spring that's coming this spring time the first single is coming for every day. Which is a little bit mirror and after a little bit more excite. Masumi Kuwata. It's one of those songs. It's a song about just falling. Madly and deeply for somebody. Everything that that entails. Well and it you know. It can basis. For other people they could be. Seem that someone who denies the first time and everything that you feel that moment. Well for somebody else it could be that you. You fill that thing time and time again the same for us. But it's how furious feeling. Of euphoria. And also slowed things. And so once he met for the other person. Wanting them to feel. Amazing. Let's take you. I was on my favorite lyric from my vote. I have feet I have a few feathers motherhood. I think. But really tough for the course I want you rub of the content of the slows down. We're not much that it's. But as he didn't. Followed us into Communist sets up is is quite. There's a little bit more. So anxious and government and it and his since. I'm gonna let's say you know standing in front of the put on how to fade in and out and how to play cook. But yet and comment because it moves through those emotions and and discussed the chase. I wanted to be loved. Tough course of ten. So. Some guys out there and yes. This out and it is in many ways to test to become. And it yet is mobile. Broadly speaking it's it's it's. And a lot of instances on the seven minutes is this more love some disposed. This is that's great to detail to the love songs are right and then just being. Kind of simple love songs Marco might be one of the most straightforward examples. But that differs in many ways this new music it's neat chats my career this news. Evolution but not me as an artist it's. Down to many things. The influences. An inspiration that's gone into this new music. It's. It really is quite different it is the summit there is some of the music that fit into this to me creations the music. Doesn't necessarily apply to what can have some come is what's. But it's all in the name of if open you know I I didn't wanna be the same person. I didn't wanna be insane. Let him play the same carriage. It's a fellow episode. And solidly. Well I think comes obviously from the same person and from some of the places because of a very a very personal. Perspective. So it creates. It's gone in in slightly most of synthesized direction. At times. This program drums but less of smash them up against organic items. To get back. Craig Sam. The stove top because that's like an instrument for me confiscate them on the at a moment. I've just used a different ways and some times of coming into it and sometimes of snuck in and boys and one of them for sudden. Itself is different. And demand in many ways. See definite chance of effort and attention and inspirations. Music was something specific color right. Johnson rap that frank ocean prints Michael Jackson. This. These are all these open big influences on this music of mine but some of those out since. Much longer standing influences mind. I just love there's something about them that. Is very soulful is right pop but it's never just one of those things the right thing is always great so the great songs. But. It's a different kind of show and a different kind of experience listening to that music. It moves me just as much as any of the more traditionally not a rock and roll influences I've Springsteen. Whose kid is the Kings of Leon. You know. This is the place tonight this is that those artists are good example of an untapped area of that sounds and music to me arguments incident obstacles you know that that. They have so think about what those artists and a slightly shiny pop. Finish. Us a slam them up against. These of these other influences obstructs. Blondie. And what they bow its music which is a little bit more rough and ready you know respects smash them together to help create. My own music and separates. Us and and show yet. Think lemonade. I mean aroma favorite tracts of him since some of the favorite track is another favorite track Mo. That's that's another I'm really excited about. From the new echoed. And yet it's this one of those. Well I've been much more obvious about some you know my passion for its. But it's inspired by. An era of the top music. That. I didn't. I didn't get into immediately when it came about I was kind of throw for the seniors open banned by the strokes. Coming up and give us and you know that's indeed he tells them (%expletive) incredible but. I was I was it's the most of the blues you look for most of the day to know what my friends are into. You know the kings Lim kit is drugs. And so what come through late but it. And it's really affected me and it's. Think lemonade. Lemonade is some about escape. This is part about various things. It's a sort of denial and this is so it's it's a very defiant so. It's. It was more about some so he just wants I need to go and I need to be can't handle. And I don't know if I wanna handle. What this is what we know what I'm feeling. And it's you know answers to some about escape. I'm our boss that you know. Those are pretty heavy subject matter that it was also while I was writing it I was torn from those kind of experiences but also made me think of that time when little kids and safety you know you piece of safety parents. I'm leaving on this isn't for me coming into a fight his though. Some powers that inspired by those feelings as well but there are the top feelings that their overly dramatic. And their authority the people you love the most. So you're not sure if you really mean them but it just trying to express itself. The course and the lyrics in the course of things that I do you think you wanna so pictured. It's this it's this back and forth between. It's about the enforcement myself to you or talk it through a swear by anything in my mind I don't volatility. So don't ask me. So it's like I'm talking somewhat lower until this myself it's very confused because of what kind of angst in it for the manatee when you hear it. That this is very so much time amenity. As it was quite classical and away if you so break it down. And I like how those two things. Don't necessarily see each other and therefore create. That's unique thing. So is gonna say ten years there isn't some. 2030 years didn't. One you couldn't. Despite them show the entire thing is. My career it's been defined. I like it did unlike my career it's been defined by. My ability to. To tour any mugs. To be able to put two on. To put shows and tickets up informal to sell out in ten years since when he is or thirteen years. In Arenas. Think it's as. Maybe stadiums. Or maybe even hit sports soccer now documents that have performed as well. The I'd let you know but that's our markets being that's how unlucky today and and Tony is time I can just I can do that and its that it them and they they're great shows in the big summit issues. Every person. For the summer about the first time I myself on the radio. I was in my flat in London first let's I've lived in them. I was I was fortunate to distance genuine knows that it sink. And as radioed. Show on the Donna exists anymore on this particular station. It was a critical showed about. As people discussing it was it was it was this discussion. About the music can have between artists and DJ's and you know what's coming up and and that is to reveal. New stuff. From the south just picked myself. Some mind that it does. She says she saved my life and she's so that so fantastic and there remains there and and and it needs to be Edwards said. She set on achieves that some and that they put it on the news that some drops everything in the sink in just unit has really caught off guard from an and it's incredible month. It's. I was alone yeah I was arms and loan book. That was a right. Off the woods yet I'll let them happen. I told everybody office politics tough month of the people my phone. I want you to create you wouldn't hurt me let me Andre you can view and try to tab ensure. Ultimately is asking her eight years as a primary care. So what's it like hearing something funny on how to treat. Here must have impaired hearing pink lemonade. In both places Neal is a particularly. Incredible thing. Some influences. So that's own. Like instead of the large destruction Blondie. Which is music though all right and and so many people equipment parts and you'll. I'm very so SCSI. Does he wrote Sam. So let's hear it here. This particular eco and you know it's a song is constantly moving this is something that kind of races alone. And you'll hate it when you stood still on a street corner of the whole place pulsating in the open and the city is moving some. Genuinely. You would've been SEC and a place that was really in my mind I was making some sort of all the songs on the record. Tipping lemonade in New York is particularly. Incredible. Well so how does global campaign that wins any given moment. How does it influence what happens to him. Are viewed as these discovery yeah yeah. It's a convenient and more active as you go seemed out. This yeah. Look ready. It definitely feel the impact when you turn up at a town and a local radio. Playing a zone you know if you females have made it you see it on social media. Because people is such a personal experience for the people in that town they can they can get excited. It's that time. For you to be that supplied. But the nice thing is that. Even in this day and age. Suppose a local radio talking about it on social media you know that proud of their local stations. And it's really nice and a proud to have you. Let's go back to infants and adults and for some beautiful. For us my ample. I don't fumbles him but in my opinion Marvin I might say that four of the little kids Bogle. But the real sensitive said. It was a good month and a bit and another armament children up to that was after the construction Guns 'N Roses which is maybe if I see they don't vote. It. Vinyl the first vulnerable. That's a good question is I can't inherits and so much fun movement that more light most coveted prostitutes. I'm talking about it like it's mind. Is his. His Bruce Springsteen 1975. To 1995 life. Fox and its incredible. The venue or. Both geographically. Second. Pulled it and there's a few places I haven't played yet about my seat in terms of venues. This place is is this close to home is for us. You know if they go to the have a whole list to sixty special venues in London not enough to put. Neo muscular. I'm dreaming about Imus has forgotten the geographic place. And it gets up there on the gun from South America are applied to Mexico it's a few months from the crowd. I opened the stated festival that was one and still wanna grace covenant plates. You can take and ports and file. That I can take anyone's votes aren't conforming. But first. The first but what goes too is I think about like whoa hello friends on the take them so. To get to a friend's incredible. Not. It's really fun to take. New exciting acts on soul. Do you need to have enough for me. And that's even Honda. That's a big name to name. And as always Momo. Dead or alive I mean that's as the game. Covington. That debate every amazing. To be like. To be to be the acts that have elected a young Bruce Springsteen or young Tony Mitt Julia. Clark some not that much at all but you know. A young endo but take back young like early early version of one of those in the room sex until. In an apparent omnibus agreement. They yeah. Jason physically. We'll go to dinner with me collaborations. Dream to leverage component that are alive are. About us is a few times and it's actually a couple but this is still musical. Isn't as an author Colin James Baldwin. 200 effective his books. And every time I've read his books especially in the fiscal another country. It's one it's it's it's probably some the only right thing. Just if we Lorraine feels like Rockefeller could write some about every night it felt like. Every paragraph these songs are lyrical. Fronting the sun that's far to collaborate with him and he did the lyrics. And I didn't music. They made some artist concert he's. Yet sure. I mean. This is the kind of the a recent morning. And as few answers that question but last night I go together. And see Bruce Springsteen I've never seen there's been seen before and he's currently do in the southern shows the wolves have visited and you could. It definitely put him on line Davis you know. There's multi talented. And you know off to cyberspace seen plenty I'm trying to get tough. And also some incidence and then being sort of multi times now I but it was just bits of pace you know he's he's really up large sums of incredible actor the same time. And hoping was like listening to some speak to move. And some of those regrettable that so that. Thanks to Clinton. But did I realized that they don't do collective toes I mean I use them you know it felt like I don't collect the much stamps or something that I. A duplicate those. I've done out. But Dennis you know I mean you tell us I have. Some obviously we'll be OK with me tour how these guys well we're not so it's paying. It's been like one and a half thick like kind of kept like but it's a case is they think holds. Some of it's been like 1015 zone so it's approximately maybe fifteen of twenty tons must not it's never it's funny take until. As the might you my goals by big venues. Have ghost and the humans. Founded mementos so I think he needs to hit his day since its business and comments smashed into tones I haven't but I'm not against it are we not accidentally had to have a book kick to feel it on states. We've kind of got a point. At the end of the set a few times. Given how what rule Goosen and broken no it came on the last. Tory campaign. We don't support and set way it would make sense to smash in 2000. This can convert myself. However who have. And he answered this slippers he either. You know upon it and ends and I'm really into the books are popular podcast and asked if that's in he says that you can show so. Some pictures and. Yeah I have they should think they. Until some other things. I mean it's. But they try to read as much or canned an unfortunate. Especially in the long plane Jennings have found myself playing video games Carlo. To see guilty pleasure of the process of time credit files and yeah on TV by the floods stuff we keep on this is an enormous thing from your recent Mason. Ms. soundtrack was. Since there is is that this becoming more world world famous favorite video game assembly people. The statement that but this up again but then it got it's. My team is you costly united. I don't live anyway and I come from anywhere and any console but when I was a little kid. They have like a star striker who's like the best player in England at the time never content much but the team and still gray. That's that's why. Texted the last aside text it. A section a few people it. Assistant obviously through his mind he's in place to timer event and them even and we we start reversing recent. And there's still quite new to me many music. It was pretty nice and ate all the band that friends of mine and just the band. And it just takes me because he's listening deep to the to the new music again he said. It just announced he loved it and agreed last text or say. Did he these images. From these images of time I'm using. I'm using this analogy of time yeah. Some are probably did a government refuted. Look at yours he used it and see if this guy. Both times that Imus might some of this. Yeah that is speaking up influencers. Spezza shot. How hasn't even though he influenced you music. How good I think the question is how hasn't been about it influenced me my style and how hasn't been influenced anybody lightly he. From quotes to looks it's the be different chapters here is and generations of his music. It's all influenced me one way or another I'm RR confess I'm like fighting isn't it. Being a volley defend our our our news music before that are definitely liked the songs but as about five years ago are really start to go deep on his music. It's it to be and off since two talk about bode did you know. Had his first hits with one look then switch it to like an eye patch thing and manga from bands like that really. Crazy like red mullet situation and what crazy codes. I love how did you know him. All of the comic comedian has been through his wrist which India is the boot time and and them without posting these sound the weather those things came hand in hand. Each time that happened this was really inspired. And it was our fingers at the other end of his career. The I don't know when it was they said this far see this quote from him all the time and it a try it I'm trying more more to live by pieces are done. He said I don't know what I'll be doing next I promise you won't be born. Since the great thing. So speaking style. And these. Fans prudent thing to it that way that. I mean. When uncovered it happened a couple of there are. There's fifty people on social media that I coming out if there's been. It's my favorites one of my favorite things about its oldest fund and then. Part of the fun of them of doing this for a living. Most people said they left it there were people who said they hated it. That was the most exciting thing entertainment swings coming up one if you think people gun what have you done. Yeah yeah. OK let's kiss and Philanthropic. Goals and I sure sign that you're an advocate for moderate. And sustainability to be it's our corporate profit of one thing leads to good thing and one thing is to let me the better place yeah. Anything since the one thing he says you can answer that he. The one thing. Though I try to continue to do to make the planet that's a what is what would the right. And it is in that respect. Try and help make sure that everybody can get access to pay more to its drinking with that. There's a horrifying reality. That not everybody in the world has the media access or or even any access. To clean drinking most of and you need that to survive this very simple and them. It would definitely make to a better place if everybody. Could have the kind of access that we have to country and it saves and and this is handling this month. Zombie apocalypse let's say. If everything I've seen in all the movies is correct. They say that in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Just a blunt heavy instrument to smash the brain. Is still something going on and that he can just destroy the head. And you should come globalism means they have an apocalypse. And let questioning we're just eggs them against. I don't I'm right you can't allow me to do that funny I. Not that. Nothing heat. I have nothing compared. Pretty good.