Ch 7's Thuy Lan Talks Make-A-Wish Battle Of Champions w RLITM

Tuesday, December 20th

It’s Buffalo vs Rochester in a good-cause Battle of the Champions to Benefit Make-A-Wish of Western New York.  Channel 7’s Thuy Lan is up against Channel 13 Rochester’s Ashley Doerzbacher, as they each try to raise $10,000 to help Make-A-Wish grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. Listen to hear how close the friendly competition is, and how much has been raised so far!  And we get a special bonus as we find out who the best smelling Channel 7 anchor is…a question Rob somewhat regrets asking.


Click here to donate to Team Thuy Lan and let’s get Buffalo to $10,000!


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Starlet 2.5 Buffalo's Christmas station it is coming up on 738 holidays giving time of the year and we're gonna help channel seven's tree line. Who's representing buffalo and make a wish fight with Rochester. The battle of the champions it's called good morning tweet hi you doing today. All are you. Are you still out on location we saw you near the big bus this morning would you guys doing it channel seven's morning. I am this morning we wrapped up the bought in to Hewitt if you hype or for their try and death. The black I think 40000 more than 4000 pound. The 16100 family and what you are. And if people want to put. Yet if people put an and wanna put a name with a face URE yearly did the roving reporter for channel 7 in the morning you're the one how many up park to city gone through already this year or you still on target number one. I injured in Al born. And it went and a fun Armenia I'm still not fully outfitted but he got to buy more stock and more blood would put my right hand corner of the. What part of California are you from because the weather from northern California to southern it's completely different. Right I can't I'm not an hour north of LA is the temple Bakersfield so gathered central central California real doctor whether a 101 in a bummer. And fifty degree known. While all low of sixty the Bakersfield very famous for country music can buck Owens and Ali good stuff. Yeah well yeah I thought how they brought it how the museum and it's good that there. All right so let's talk about buffalo vs Rochester you vs a Rochester reporter raising money for the make A wish foundation is this your first time working would make a wish they do incredible work there. It is my first time that ever really important competition at more than just the competition I think. It's a fun way to kind of make it happen I think we all the tries easily competitive they do it that way but seeing the stories that come out let me collection all of his children. That's just get a little break to forget about their illnesses it's really important and that's why my first time doing it here I'm really excited to be at our. So you're up against actually the door snuck their front. Doris Fokker from channel thirteen in in Rochester. You each are going to raise 101000 dollars your each over the 2000 dollar mark right now. You're like 200 dollars behind here so this is a neck in neck competition. Yeah it'd tight and for awhile I would bowling bragging rights and I guess I got had a might well he rarely but we have. 101000 dollar Goldberg trying to make it there buffalo I Mena where the queen dating rock has not fight. Why we couldn't pull through and point in the ground that we rightfully. See even though you're new here fairly new here you're already acclimated to the buffalo Rochester semi territorial rivalries so we want this week we in a perfect world you would both raised 101000 dollars. In a more perfect world you would be the first one there. So how can people help you up to go to what WNY dot wish dot org to donate. Yes that is an ankle is what I I'll let you Google and make the way what's your New York if you don't want to remember your ballot offered WNY. Dot wish dot org. And a right on the front page there. The battle is gone and then you click on it and you pick your team. Obviously you're going to pick you and Milan because that we want to win the morning and it 400 Brennan knew we really want to help raise questions that you're gonna bid to hear from collections. They granted more questions than they ever have of a 174. And one year and we just got to continue that because. It really helps filter and just really wary. And know all the information as well will be posting a blog page Rob Lucas in the morning get my star what are 25 dot com. Channel seven's chatting with channel seven's tweet on this morning their morning reporter who is out about every morning you're watching her why you listen to Rob Lucas in the morning. Any Parker were good friends with him does he see bad things behind my back. And Parker might but I don't know if I can pick sides at this point. Now we have. Word well enough but it'd Parker there's a lot I think so we never know about it. In year out year in year out on the streets all the time and he's inside the studio so yeah you really don't get a chance. Do you feel. I. Doing doing what you do do you kind of feel disjointed from everybody else sometimes because they're all in there and you're always you know going out to follow a story. A little bit arrogant like you live on a little I. But we knew where your piece on ran a field here now but I missed a lot of topic goes on in now. I mean we're still family at all worked out over here. Who was the best selling best smelling smelling channel seven anchor mailer female. And male or female. I know it is it act. Always like to see it does give a great does he Wear polo Cologne what does he Wear. I know I didn't say that you are making that up. Rod. Lied which is also English lower. Gas in you know like Johnny Depp does their ads in the back of magazines and stuff. Yes but. I'm not I don't know I it's it it's will have you visits and sent to I'm getting really uncomfortable with the snow at age as well you know. Put. Puts we backed. That. I didn't know it was right that was outstanding all right we will. You so much luck in the battle of the champions. You're going up against Ashley doors barker from channel thirteen Rochester she is 2300 dollars now you've got about 21. After everybody goes to our website MW NY dot wish dot org will get you so much closer today at 101000 dollar mark mark. Have a great holiday season and thinks for a making which is possible we want. I'm hoping for and beyond that delicate and really want to clean it. We're in the crown. Mister mister Lucas just calmly rob. It's seal later have a good holiday season at 744 star order to buoyed by.