Bug Biking With Rob Lucas In The Morning

Wednesday, May 31st

Rob Lucas went on a bike ride through Niawanda and Isle View Parks in Tonawanda yesterday...and was barraged by bugs!  Clouds and squalls of flying gnats and sand flies...we think!

It was so bad we saw a guy mowing his lawn while bundled up like it was winter!  Star fans Allie and BreeLyn called us with their "bug report", and video!  Sounds like this could go on for another few weeks...YIKES!

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Early Wednesday she also over the hump day when Owens and let him already. For me I ask how shall I. They've ignored on Alando there's no prize for this that I just need your help we'll talk we'll. Along the area of you know it's a small neighborhood we've got some was is there now I want to park high yield department or you go to that area a lot. Tell I think going to bury forever thought I'd never seen that bugs. The way they were yesterday. Where. My buddy Ron who's lake. Some I don't like writer he's getting me into writing these were gonna go to Ohio the united I wanted tonight I thought that was a great idea exhibit sniffer dog walks a lot of times and an over route licenses and it was good. Until Rhine river road. Because with rod you can't just get on the bike trail you've got to fight a mile and a half. I'm good the roads just to get there for a fit extra. Warm up. Busy knowing my rookie Ryder. And we're viking through votes aren't talking lake snow squalls as what it looked like a beat bugs flying all over me. And then I looked out at the rail IOU and Iowa department wide. There's nobody out there it's empty what is this why because there were bugs all over. Mississippi months 5 o'clock had like four people. So if you live in that area can you hit me up now at 64 forward to find. Tell me about the cycles on his book. Does that last through next hitter not a bad week the bad days. But these inquiries are being dance. I came home and my body I was covered with a many more but OK here's the deal channel seven just to the story of this. And I I told any Parker Texas limits it. Saw your story of the bugs and tunnel Wanda I buy through those. Bug clouds last night was covered with them. It's so Andy says I drove river road he was in his car and needed a car wash after all the blood splatter matter on the window. So I replied to him yeah I was the windshield on my flight. Plugging through seventeen. Miles an hour and 644125. Looking for somebody in the tunnel once this morning heist. Our good morning you're on the air what's your name. My name Kelly hi Alli go to blood do you live near a highly viewed nine wanna park. I can actually move their hat here and we can't think it happened last month old it hit my. I mean any island and Rick I mean they're well and I can't imagine biking or at I don't elegant. I know we did that's where he agreed to let Mac pornographic Britney Delcarmen spotlight because it's warm out here. Out here I'm a couple more weeks and that kind of. Give it a couple more weeks. Now that. You don't want them. Really honestly I I I'm I'm I'm ignorant to be gross but I feel like I keep picking my nose or feel like there's thirty of them up my nose steel. And I. Didn't. Re. In. So this has been going on for a week then of those bugs have you heard Yi so this happens this is a yearly occurrence because I've never seen this before. Yeah and he'll probably miss fairly active yet who had an accomplice. Oh yeah I think and every year but it that's the way it goes back to me if I'm not into. Thanks Ellie. DS series that we were going through by some cars Indy cars were parked there. Were. Pretty incredible. 93 your high starting in morning this is really envelope relay and I RLQ. And that's covered with bugs are you do you know that area and I don't want dial you part. Well we act out different in Thailand I and that Adelaide comic effect on that route yeah and I couldn't video that has been that in you guys. Aaron how bad it went like. Straightaway had to get our current and accurate that I thought all bachelor it dries back. Our guys because they're at they'll last like. I think proved aren't as. All yes series and I. You got I wanted to take my bike through the car wash meanwhile might biking partners saying you're locked in. And like your old lady come August party the adventure north I wanted this I moved to Africa. Yeah it yeah I thought I can keep sport any had to pick up picture we're covering your mouth because it was just. It was just like you that are clouds I don't know what allies battle that that you were talking. We went by a guy who was mowing his lawn out there and he was bundled up he was yeah he was bundled up like it was the middle of winter. Covered just mows lawns so. What seed that's what EU those houses all look great with a beautiful view and everything and you think could be great. But but they do it when you move and like Alley before us it you'll learn things about the neighborhood you didn't know. He had and that does. You move out while it was that was how. I'm gonna put one hole I'm yeah I'm gonna put on hold and Jimmy will give me the information on how to give us the video okay. I think you are okay. Excellent but I'm recording this and I'm going to send it all too much this is at a media should use the term Nazi. Tonight nice Nazi bike riding neighbor Iran who he agent he's a he's the type of telly it's only an eighteen mile ride it's it's a case only 28 it. People would you don't it's 24 miles. I've learned from rods friends already ahead on three miles to the flight right would you go with Ryan Jimmy you were saying that your parents route there. And ruled Monday. And it would happen they were at the grateful band's concert. Oh man river there you go out and the singers were singing until both legs or four lines like and their mouths. To explore I was skidding I just those horrible and they if you turn your windshield washers on they don't launch now. They just rub them that's why I'm still looking I'm itching even as I I took like two showers last night in another 1 this morning I an army. Seriously I'm it'll walk through Delta's on a quick run 644. Will get a check of traffic from Alan Harris and editor James Arthur Starr over 2.5. I'm not alone with the.