Buffalo's Bachelorette Contestant Jason Tartick joins RLITM!

Friday, July 27th

Becca may have broken his heart, but it sounds like Jason will be doing just fine...and may be the next Bachelor this fall!  Click and listen! 

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I don't like good morning rob how aria 2 morning Jason how are you what's still an odd man. Not much I did do and what I'm doing well. But watching myself go to trial and he cricket and Atlanta are broken a couple of days ago figured well. With buffalo Williams drills Jason's article of the bachelorette odd star awarded 2.5. Are you Cipro well you can't beat you from buffalo so you're not surprised by all the buffalo attention are you or your like gets my city they eat this stuff up I'm gonna be a star there. Well you know it's much attention is upload giving me right now which created unbelievable support in overwhelming. I admit I. Wanted to do the same for buffalo which is why. I'd make sure that although I wouldn't. Seattle Washington. Buffalo, New York was stated in my hometown city and what I admitted as far as they did to hold towns which so proud to do. I was even more proud showcase buffalo and there was no way in which some people ask me. If that was good bad or ugly and I think it's great because Milledge who we are we battled through that the vs Al leather and it was good to represent buffalo and I appreciate all the support from the studio lot. You really both you and Erika really made in the production team they're made this city look great in all the different segments yell go you miss some of the worst weather this year there was a lot worse let me tell you so you lucked out with that. Was that when you are telling back you're gonna break when she found out she was gonna come here. Even though she's from Minneapolis a cold weather city did she say buffalo really. Know what she did that's why this year the person's genes from Minnesota well. She brought a lot you know a city of that nature and she understand the weather and and what it's all about. I will tell you this I think that. Production being cast in everyone involved. Had an expectation in the expectation with a good one about a buck well and I think leaving buffalo. A city and what we did. Exceeded every expectation out there and I could tell you know that the truth because all of them are reaching out to me. Nonstop when we're going to have built delegate lead or donors sabres game I wanna try those wings again so it was it was grade and she was that your bread nuclear in the Bahamas in ninety degree weather. And within a quick turnaround time we're back and scarves and buck coats in the snow and we both took it in stride and had a great time. So overall it sounds like you were. Happy with the production not only in buffalo but. It you know the production on that show can make or break you guys he can make you look like your perfect or make you look horrible. Where you'd you keep up pretty good in this overall. You know I will say I think that and by adding in what was showcase is nurtured depiction of just who I am the person I think there were crucial part of that is all my friends and family in and people I grew up with the ball well. Contacting me and said it was so good to see that you were you and I honestly I. I have to say. People who make that statement the production does have a lot of control I don't get desperate I think that. Who you are is what you represent. And it might be maybe just in a more magnified what so if you're being a jerk on the show you might look like a really picture. You're being a nice guy you gonna come across that way it's a tough situation. The competitive situation they're not easy to stay mentally strong and stable throughout so I was little. That in light of the person is what we showcase. One minute take a backseat in this interview right now because I've got my two producers here Erica and Rosie. And date they are so into the show and obviously Indy you and they have some questions that are like a title like it would be uncomfortable for you need to talk about girly stuff and all that. So so first say hi to Rosie you know let her ago. Hank. They're admitting you guys. UCL. So what we wanna know did you have any stage in which activities you did with back here in buffalo. Or was it they kind of bounced ideas off the view how did that work. So I think they always regardless of who you are or how things are going they always proactively prepare had to date have to right. And done they definitely ask my input is choosing don't wanna do a collared one showcase buffalo so hopefully that extra questions. Yeah definitely and see Heidi air can now Jason. And Erica how are you I. Get so my idea the first question was what kind of expectations did you have going into the actual crash. That's the great questions so. I look at the huge avid watcher obviously knew that show and would do an end here there my mother loves to show. And I little politically correct we say my father's probably indifferent about the show I'm so because I wasn't the most avid watcher I didn't have these expectations. Of now what I know it can be just incredible peak and journey is that. I didn't know you know some people knew exactly what we might be going out of the country cutter so I really just didn't know much. And I think England to split I think that was the beauty of this journey for me. What I didn't know when that whole one means a dedicated to my career so I had relocated looked like company's four times I earned my MBA at night at our University of Rochester. While working full time. And I hit it stayed in court in my life for this opportunity inflation. I said you know what why not present and it's ticking time for myself and do it so my expectations. We're just kind of like an open play let's see what happens when Tiago. Another question from Rosie. All over and they saw that I don't know that they she's been off since so. Of course they're protected by understand why they're protective. But at the same time support as it was great to see my brother even in the situation in the street vulnerability. And the situation that statistically this four guys one guy is going to earn back as our. I would get hurt. Bill Purcell but in my eyes and tell don't pursue it give everything you guys. You know I believe is his words are for bridge was there's not much runway lot so it was a great experience and I'm glad they're there to experience what. The way you talk about your parents haven't talked to my mom and ten days you may can you wanna hang up on caller. Of the he was my own blood and about literally Henry with the bachelor its case it's hard to guide star loaded 2.5 just a couple of seconds what left to them a producer Rosie has her hand up more questions she just a lot of our gas. So the question we all want now is if you were asked would you consider being the bachelor next sees that was my question to our our reader. But like Monday the men tell all our other leaders say make him the next bachelor. Yeah well versed in regards you know tell all night quality huge weight off my chest it was great to see back in out highly recommend everyone to tune in Monday because it's going to be. An emotional right it's gonna be funny night and it can be great summary of everything we experienced. I'll be in regards to detect that sort are modestly I am flattered that that they didn't a conversation in that rumbling in the media and that there's spends so much support for it. What else say I lead to a earlier is that. All my expectations Judas journey we're all. Exceeded and because of that and never in a million years did this I might find love and I'll lump an amazing person and you know that's somewhat informative stage well I'm looking for my person my partner. I'm analyzed and because of work this time around I have state that it will work next time around. And it that opportunity it was presented. It's most likely that it could urge. Well I'm sure when you come back to buffalo you can find a 34000 women who fit that bill for your. This is the eight gigabyte or near and dad and when he gets I don't think you'll have to pay your bills tickets anymore so our. Are you gonna be coming back for the holidays I mean you're known face now it's gonna be a lot different every time you come back home to visit mama debtor try to go to bill's game. Absolutely I will 100%. You're putting Buffalo Bills not delegate I might schedule. And if summaries and there's a conflict I will be back in and in short notice. Enjoy the city I love the books. Jason's article be watching you Monday night the bachelorette the men tell all be keeping tabs on you we know you're always watching buffalo you're on the phone when your mom and dad every day. Thank you for the time this morning on star awarded 2.5. Don't you guys say there haven't got one. Thanks Jason and. And saying about you guys.