Bear From Needtobreathe Joins RLITM

Thursday, May 11th

Star 102.5 welcomes Needtobreathe to The Rapids Theatre, this Saturday night (5/13). Bear Rinehart checked in with Rob Lucas as the band was finishing rehearsals and getting ready to head on tour.
Has it really been 7 years since Needtobreathe were in the studio with us? Sounds like they've been through a lot during that time!


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They're right heart it's probably kissing buffalo hi you doing buddy. Armed air. Or you don't need to breathe coming to buffalo Niagara Falls actually may thirteenth at the rapids the leader. All the ticket info on her official web page or concert calendar to my star awarded to five dot com their re catching you write the first week or so of your tour you're how rehearsals going are you had done with the rehearsals yet or not. Why not I don't believe it I go on record we're we're excited murder good I am or where. Players arsenal. In the and me and now we go on record kick com these that is. I don't want to retain Alex Gartner that it was on. Is speaking of records to pick from. Iowa as soon as they found out I was going to interview you I was thinking back to. You were in studio with us I don't think you did a performance and I thought it was like three or four years ago. And then I looked back in it was for you were on tour for the outsiders album. You had something beautiful out Dallas in 2010 and it doesn't seem that long so how the last seven years band. Pretty. And strike but it they could hear some. Yeah we're glad we weren't sure what they're metal bat somewhere in her own brother. That report that but we really have had a get a run. Well you're good you're not a good not little media run becoming a big run. What are. What are the bigger you tell you know a band is like a family and obviously you with your brother in in sept and judge what are the biggest changes. In the band over their time marriage kids what's been going on personally. You have all a lot of that stuff happens. The biggest thing you know bird started or are they furthermore. You know somewhere leave for good and bad is it all the rock oh like you're going under out now are not thinking about anything in some point. You know you start taking each other programs and and I think we we don't look a little bit and says hey. The verdict you don't remember that values each other values the work and that made it work better you know and so we'll have more on the road silly happened and am. Our resident Byron reality. I think there are all Margaret healthy but we get back on presently we really. You you mentioned inspiring your music is always stand at about personal spirit and family spirit. And your new album hard lovers out July 15 the single is out now with a on for day. Talk about spirit what a big production and then watching the video I was tired out watching that video what was that like to record it. Yeah Amanda Brooklyn from the beginning we thought maybe. You know maybe it'll be running yet we are a definite and I have actually. Are you really phone I think so a lot about oh we elect our story has been banned we've been doing that for a long time. And we feel like elegant app and very you know it and sometimes that's difficult to admit it really. Count that matters quite he'd do and and and Napoli Eli and Earl Clark was adamant in there and and I think and across. It's such an intense video obviously what was it like working with a hundred day she's just exploded. And who's the marching band what is that a high school marching band and they're alive. But it Gregory. Editor at his or. You know and people here on. We don't know that Adelaide renewed winning our. That motherboard you're done. But we are told it on by the election you know on the extract. He wanted to please people and probably. Spirit and like coach in the project it was amazing. But we had a lot of fun I can pay him and then there yet icicle and is in the local I've program for us. Who and we didn't know how they were gonna reactors where glued them a lot we a lot of like sort of bad breakout band that can put them to try to get him I guess they're they're collected all of them you know don't do that you know Friday night and inflatable ball finger like I got is oh. Have a couple of would bear Reinhardt of need to breathe they'll be at the rapist the leader in the fall Saturday may thirteenth. I'm looking ahead later on this year you're gonna be opening for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill that has to be very cool. Yeah we did we act existed at the date with them and yeah publicly you know people. You know other songs from growing up whether you you know where big you know countries and are not think it can't help that run and know what they're armed them. It sweet people and obviously big menu during that elect an umbrella on. With the bear Reinhardt of need to breed there at the rapids theater in the balls Saturday may thirteenth. You guys are from South Carolina I mean my first ever visit to South Carolina a couple of weeks ago I went to Charleston in the low country. Nut now you are from Seneca South Carolina is it true what they told us that there's Charleston and then there's everything else in the state. I think probably. We actually holding a live down here dropped out of it GM and a now so we we gap that that's probably true mile. While you the guys all live in Charleston hopefully you spent time what's the restaurant we went to O'Dell it was this place that served incredible pastries. And it was like an open pastry and bar it's open like 24/7 it seems like right down by gut night and commerce street. I have no idea how I didn't let it that broke the great buy it fat. Cadets at. That's it and they also talked about the DU has gone to score during the summer season get away from the 1990 whether there ninety. It made it for earth yeah we are trying to figure out as a Almonte is really up up up up. Up and keep that. The peak it and everything replica of the gulf war. 90% humidity in ninety degrees in case people didn't know what to in 1990 weather wise. Barrel look forward to seeing you may thirteenth rapids theater I don't think you guys have been there before. The acoustics are incredible. It's another one of these 1930s forties theater. Theaters that has been redone. And everybody's played their from acoustic acts to hard rock in and you guys fit right in between you're going to love performing their we hope you have a great show. Great thank or appreciate that.