Backstage With LeAnn Rimes At Starry Night In The Garden 2017

Thursday, June 22nd

You saw LeAnn Rimes rock the stage at Starry Night In The Garden 2017!  So what was she like before the show, what's her routine, Rob Lucas takes you backstage and into meditation with LeAnn Rimes.


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Backstage starry night in the garden 2017 with a Leann Rimes who. I just interviewed last week and I took home my question itself that you come up with questions welcome to buffalo thank you think it's beautiful hair was so excited he's passing article my wife was mad at me about our interview though I know us is a good thing because remember you were late because you were meditating yes. OK my wife's that you know meditation and she's kind of got me into it and she says he no real cruelly question you should have passed was. What does she think of when humidity is because my wife who's been to Britain as she should be. Hoping not just for world peace but good things in the world friends who are ailing and if it's not too personal what yeah. Doesn't a lot of different things I think I trust my intuition when it comes so what I mean that day and it changes all the time man. But I do a lot of defenders are visualization meditations and they do I do a loving kindness meditation way to have that and way. Picture. Kind of spending light that is in my heart shot grant minute they feel that kind of go through your body as to light up your body and then you send them all about from. Just this room to this building and then you see it growing needs insulin it grows you know as big as it can you call a backhand but it's that it's so peaceful out. I do before I go on actually send it out I usually do that before Atlantis and let out an audience not not changes every. It really does I I've often said if quarterbacks could do that at halftime better second half would be so much better you want to be a little. We're seeing the light in the room young Leann Rimes just it's do you ever get any songs out of that are now I. Oh my god he had all the time I meditate and they'll be things that come to me and I can't most of the time I don't remember them so sometimes I'll have to dip in Europe sanitation so I write it down if it's Baghdad. And then sometimes I write it down and then come back to and I think what the hell is I think the mood is really cool when I was in the meditative state does or Canada as a no there's a lot of things that do that to come to me in the nets are they kind of creative energy. He comes let's talk about remnants. As you said there's a lot of love on the album I can see the word love it's in almost every single title. Tonight I'm sure you'll be doing love is love is love and what's the other one we were playing out of love love love love the triple Els was that. Here you are going into SE twenty years plus in your career now because it's it's two to 1997. When what came around time. We did dead yet then. Yeah I'm like Madden from good doesn't like by yes that's kind of America now is eleven since I've been like 22 times when he three areas like it's in this pretty insane. I met you their solidarity only once and how this looks good thank you your manager is holding up the CD. Your manager needs to learn this is radio play soccer that well now days you know you don't. Just radio and abusive to us he says filming it makes you once before by the way in Atlantic City. The boardwalk hotel it was a different life for both of us did and it was just doing the same person and that's so needs. You know I like growing up older I'm yelling here and when you set out as young as they did and people lead such a big deal grades. You have for me I was always thinking I can't wait to get older if you like to get older so I'm about 1035 in August and I'm one of those people I don't mind like saying my agent. And maybe a change eventually married right now I I feel like there's so much that you growing view that you become wiser and even they get older it's still there's there's something that feels really good about it's me. But thanks for the time tonight we'll let you go get certain meditate before you go out and started Heidi elected venue here with the basilica back. I'm ready and I think everybody is really ready seconds seems like it Leann Rimes is visiting with us before starting nine the garden 2017. Paying you well.