The American Music Award Nominations Are Out, And Rob Lucas Sez...

Thursday, September 13th


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So the American music award nominations came out yesterday and apparently while that was happening Taylor Swift just happen to be liking with a picture and and so they put out a video of it and there's some down its its 22 sort of played here but this a couple of times Taylor's making fun of added. Because he's somewhat it doesn't look like he. Hikes a lot he's we behind her. You can grab. The problem. They're outside of the MA nominations just came out it's that knee you in Drake they're in the tournament. Tricks children with streaks and we called exercise have you ever done Guardia and talk about that. They're out there so you see for yourself wherever you get your Taylor and they're cheering videos but yet the nominations came out yesterday. They did dominate on the topside you'll run out a couple of categories. Favorite female artist pop rock can be looked at Mayo party B Taylor Swift it's going to be if Carty he wins I'm disconnect I'd give up. Your party be. Who's Carty fighting with Jimmy. To keep it up nice and bright red both that and save your money. To Gifford male artist pop rock Drake post Maloney Ed Shearer and all three are worthy I hope it's post alone. Favorite duo or group and I called this there's two innocuous categories brits like the there's just not a lot so it's the same artist all the time. Imagine dragons Maroon 5 meego it's. I'm egos and if you don't know me ghost in his music should look it up. And this is the definite innocuous category favorite media and electronic dance music arts. Chain smokers marshmallow is dead. I think chain smokers instead especially have been nominated in the neck territory since 1974. And an artist of the year was an amount it that's all of them together compilation. Artist of the year male female anybody Drake imagine dragons. Post Malone. Edge Schering Taylor Swift so wait a minute. It if I'm in Maroon 5 and look at. Were nominated for favorite duo or group pop rock but we didn't make the cut artist of the year you guys must feel already that imagine dragons are better than us. That this is the way I would think. And then this is an example of a coming up. How he eats just in the seventies. I think radio today in these two days out of the way it was for those who were analyzed and it. In the seventies were I remember listening to this very radio station at 102 point five FM in in the seventies I would heat here but the latest hit from share. Knicks two Eagles life in the fast lane next to some country pop song from Olivia Newton-John the next two Led Zeppelin. But it was an out there and it's the same way today when you look at. Favorite country songs. And we play all of all favorite country songs have been keen brown made two DVD racks up at GL. And tequila. Dan in shape. Favorite country male artists came brown Luke Bryan Thomas read weekly two out of the three favorite female artist country merit Morris Carrie Underwood Kelsey ballerina I go from there and mourners. She's had a better year musically overall. Then I I think next year will be the year but carry American music awards. Tonight before pink party get your tickets now my Starwood to cart dot. Thank you liberty cap for being our new VIP sponsor. Fifty liberty can VIP experience in my stairway to buy dot com because. There's only like thirty plus tickets remaining that said. That's I think party aside American music awards tonight before things party October 9 and ABC speaking of Dan and today. Not to relief for a shot as it. What did you book by its. Yeah.