American Idol Is Back And A Buffalonian Has Made It Through!

Monday, March 12th

On Friday, we listed some of the boxes American Idol would have to check if their reboot would be successful on ABC!  Rob Lucas gave last night’s American Idol a Straight A, while Producer Erika was a little more “meh” about it.  But we do know a Buffalonian will be going to Hollywood…and there is a STAR 102.5 connection, as it’s former RLITM producer Kevin Ford’s girlfriend Erika Hill.  Her audition wasn’t featured last night, but they were featured in a quick production segment 3 minutes into the show. 


Rob Lucas tweeted the pic here:

Click and listen to The Rob Lucas take on how American Idol is off to a good start, and how as it goes up against The Voice on nights like tonite, the ratings and advertising rates will tell the real tale of the rebooted American Idol’s success!


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On Friday we ran down and if you missed it you can catch up on demand of myself with a few buy dot com. But what she thinks American Idol had to do to be success the second time around. And it watched a little over an hour last night from what I saw it checked all the boxes. And and even my wife and you know if you waits as like something it's got to be good she's not into the idol voice idol voice that he feels like yet at all. If she really enjoyed watching last night why any. The great production American Idol of all we need if you keep the show though you've got to respect it's the best for you shall and TV. Great storytelling and they did some things right off the death of a few we have. Including I can tell you this you've been sealed last night that if you follow me on Twitter at rob Lukas two were at my store with a 25. We treated it it buffalo Ian has gone on to the next round we've known about this for a couple of months but it wasn't until now we could say it. And the reason we know is last night I like about 93 minutes into the beginning as they were sitting up the whole show. There was a scene were Latin Richie and Katy Perry and the right and all went York going to Hollywood. And the girls like. Only if you just over the moon to leaning forward with you smiling excitement and there was a guy behind her. We have feared playing guitar. That some of my former producers and used to work in the promotions department. Kevin Ford if you don't do when he starry night in the garden any star events chances are you've seen him. That was his girlfriend. Who made it through. And that was him having to play guitar. Is front of Katy Perry and Lional Richie. I'm sure we'll talk to him over the next couple weeks about the pressure. That was in that room when you're performing he'd probably it you know what. You know what to do good play guitar pretty meaty very here it was Friday. And so now they've featured them. At like seven seconds last night in the production peaks. They didn't show the official audition and they don't show every audition with people who make it through but tonight there's another idol. And so maybe Buffalo's. What is it Erica. And it's it would general Eric his last name producer Eric Taylor. I mean hill Erica hill rights deal with you for Erica hill. Who is the girl friend alana might former producers making it through an idol tonight. Erica hill that it's all air kills on CNN to I think it's it's a thought that's a good TV name. These as far as idol last night what are the things I touched on was a lot of it changes on the judge's. In our thought they all came awfully well. Even though I wanna call Luc Ryan and go over all the time. Lional Richie was like the Randy Jackson. He was there act yeah let's keep both personal Katy Perry was definitely if anybody's gonna be Simon it's going to be Katy Perry and I think this is a good career move for her. And I think she came up much better than I thought she was in I'm not a Katie Perry fans that he thought she would and I'm not keep Gary van. Lional Richie was great he's like the business side freeh told a couple of people look. We're not looking for operatic singer singers were looking for people who can make hit records that's what we're looking for a knew he was great in that role. It is as far as the storytelling. Their first contested through that great production they picked a perfect person. To get you hooked into the show. This drilling Katie turner. She was nuts she was goofy. I'm easily edge design I shouldn't to describe the person she was Luby's she was crazy she was dating all over she get a ton of energy. And then she sing. A song that she wrote. About how we mean especially. An edit it her age being influenced by the media and how it's got to stop and listen to the lyrics in this. People a lot of pain narrowing is always pretty sure I see him being the address putted well. You know the reason we did not easy as the only thing is it's. So. Oh yeah. Yeah not and I yeah but not on Halloween weekend I'm not in love how the man sitting there. No I don't mean this is all. Stand up to the money. Yeah. How are you kidding me that's on 21 century machine that can be used to commercial as it is right. Now. I mean I'm I'm not a lot I'm not right and I don't want endless music I sitting next to me I'm in love with it's just great lyrics. That song was better than anything I'd Katy Perry's last album. She's made it through villages. The characters. The party started to develop them producer Erika watched all two hours last night's shared it and you would given and I give us freed eight. Is it wasn't expecting a lot what grade would you give it. Margaret I'm like a B minus that's okay. That's OK what what didn't you like about it and again you solve two hours I saw it in our intent and I. Like so underwhelmed by the talent like I don't watch the boys and love the boys and I just like there's much more talent players see it was an American Idol the one thing about and we'll see with the ratings for the voice tonight who know the voice going up against the yeah that safety is I think the voice. Does have a little bit more. It anxiousness of are they going to turn the chair yet who's who it's got that little Genesee closet maybe idol doesn't path. But so I don't like the voice at all it's just not for me. But so what you thought idol was it better than you thought it would be about as good or Mattis here. Not Lou meeting OK that's fine who will see the ratings will bear out if if he gets stronger as it goes on. That'll show you something if it gets worse but I saw Eric he gives it a beat. The miners. Who. CD I'm giving you an aid in a million greeting at a curve this I didn't expect that much of the Katy Perry I thought did stand out much more than I thought she.