The 11 Day Power Play Is Back For 2018, And This Time YOUR TEAM Can Play & Raise $$ For Roswell Park!

Thursday, January 18th

Mike & Amy Lesakowski headed the 11 Day Power Play last year, set a Guinness World Record, and raised over $1 Million for Roswell Park along the way!.

This summer they're gonna do it again, but this time, YOU and YOUR TEAM can play!   All it takes is a team of 11-15 players willing to play hockey for 4 hours and $5,000 for Roswell Park.

Click and listen, then register your team at


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We welcome and studios some old friends from last July we got to meet them and you saw them for eleven days straits. It harbors that are and July. Damien Mike was a koskie of the eleven day power play welcome back how you do engineers get some sleep sleep since last July iron a little bit. If you're doing it where we're gonna do it kind of sort it all again. Playing hockey for eleven days straight not for Guinness book world record. But this is Buffalo's chance to take part in it and it is well it's yes it's gonna be the guys. It used our order two point part listeners taking part. And we'll get to that in just a second but we do need to go back to what happened last year and in July because. We were in studio what was the date of the final day might you remember was it till the header there July 3 get a little bit closer to the microphone their little hollowed out and we were watching in studio about 8:30 in the morning were watching on line. As you guys broke the record and that was a the hair on my arms are standing up thinking about it now yeah I wasn't even there watching that was the down listing how was it to be there. It was great it was great I recently put a lot of work and getting to that point and you put in tunnel work on the on the planning side and the guys myself and a lot of training. And to go through it and it wasn't easy iMac and I wasn't easy but to get there that morning. And have everybody there and and having that harbors are full of people chance on it was a it was a wonderful feeling. I know you wanted to hit the million dollar mark in when we spoke to you with the beginning you were like 75800000. Dollars emea hundred at all tally up at the end you just over one point one point two million dollars very nice. Are we gonna do some things that'll hopefully top that this year. I do have a couple of questions for you because we talk about the players and Mike and all the guys were on the team so many wives were down there including yourself. You were there for eleven A street as well. Didn't see the sunshine at all when Mike was done after playing hockey for eleven days ditty smell like a hockey bag with a that hadn't been opened for eleven days I don't hockey players wreak after two hours here. You know me and of course are after every shift and we had amazing volunteers that wash their equipment after everything else is there and I was down there a couple of times in it was just it wasn't just the forty players or whatever it what you're right it was an entire troupe of people it was like watching a Serkis. In that everything was so timed out erode you lose a chance to to break their record to see you were responsible for waking the players out mother here occasions when we are missing people. Which is my rehab team managers mixer that's right now at the time that they should start and we would find out you know and you know ten minutes like OK where's Matt you know where's where's days sleeping late again. Akron area and I look it's on now he wanted to do it. So it off and antilock and that's our and he couldn't turn on the lights right respecting. Just lately we talked about men and they they never complains they just got up and blocked like zombies to. It just went back. And Mike what was the final score do you remember. Auditors yes hundreds try members it was 100725000. Was my team picked to 1697. OK the big question was I know you and Indies great Mike's got a great history for don't need stayed in hockey all the stuff what was your plus minus five. And did you leave any goals on your stick dad just you wish you had that back and I always scored eighty goals the leading scorer like 212 I think but that was about middle pack a couple hundred points not that well that was the eleven day power play which raised over a million dollars for Roswell park in 2017. And 2018. It's coming back. The eleven day power play community shift in this is where this is open suit you're looking for team's total of eleven to fifteen players. And there's a few thousand of those teams in buffalo soldier tell us what you're doing now. Right so. After we got don't want this thing. It was apparent that we had you know we had some some support around town and people said you know don't just want to stop you know try to do something else and we had an idea. To open it up to the community so what we're going to do is that very thing we're gonna have an eleven hockey of we're gonna ask people to put in teams and play in four hour shifts raise money and playing for our ships so we're gonna have one continuous game. And instead of heaven to. Groups of twenty crazy guys do it we're gonna have as many people as we can get to play it during that time and fill the entire site. And you're looking for can be men's teams women's teams anybody all of it. And also the eight this is really cool because families can do this if you are there are hockey playing families in Western New York beauty you can Q a letter ages eleven and older chair. Yeah so abused used teams whether beer actually use team or group of bodies either way. We're gonna put if ideally you bring into teams in in everybody knows each other exit just makes you play against each other airport two hours and it keeps the competition level to rise it's at a normal level or you don't wanna run up the score on seventeen you don't know right and that's an if you don't you bring in one team we're gonna make sure that you plan against a group that's of your same. Town an agent on that so it's it's even we're not gonna put a bunch of college kids with you know write a bunch old guys lackeys like me gasoline while. Did say let's look at it every other pleasure playing with yet not now. Amy you have over fifty turned teams confirmed already asked and how how many are you looking for. We're looking after a team so you're just about halfway there yet tapper at it just a few weeks and of a soft ones so you know worse. We're hoping to get those applications and really as soon as possible so you wanna get everything going we wanna meet with thirteen captains we want to build camaraderie and get people really. You know to gather with just about we've got lots of exciting things on the road immature of Roswell park. Com and also to meet with our new additional beneficiaries make a wish in western new York and also camp good days. We've got at them as well you know bass part families going through cancer and and you really wanna include them. So a lot of fun things on the road so as soon as people can apply for the water and analyze things and the next. Well what I don't think we've given the dates it starts in late June goes through July what does it dates this year like fifths. Okay July 5 serial Lester was through like the for the should read fifth through the fifteenth correct a little little bit later and all the information in case we have teams now maybe your family. Your family it knows another family you will get entire blocks. In the neighborhoods helping you know going against each other. Or in this category we have families reach out saying you know our family's been touched by cancer we have multiple levels of hockey players on our in our family. Can you out of family teams honest and re dead and we've had at least four or five families sign. And new website to do it is eleven day power play dot com eleven a power play dot com seems last year but it's all been updated. It seems like for you guys by the way were the much amien Mike was a koskie of the eleven the power play the race over a million for Roswell park last summer. And you with your help looking for teams still do it again maybe two million dollars worth not to separate goals too high this summer. It seems like for you guys are I see the passion as you speak about this on and off the air this is gone from just having fun res. Well in setting a world record for the Guinness book to this seems like it's gonna be a lifelong passion for you guys. Yeah we're we'll take it one step at a time but this is you know this this could live on were. Did when I know us not every year when it take a Lebanese and play hockey I know that but yet but creepy and off. Supporting an idea that you he just have to keep going there and buffalo is an amazing community we've we've heard it we've seen it. And it's rethink that we can continue us you know and keep going. It's an incredible opportunity to be a part of the eleven day power play if you went down to the arena at any time in how about last summer Mike. When it went like it 2 in the morning you can tell the bars let out exactly as good people coming into rouge and I mean there's so much fun. We had the guys it to the buffalo slow WorldCom it was the last night and Sunday night we are and AM Monday morning the bikers yes slow roll that they came like 400 locked in within about a five minute timeframe. And they were paying and the glad misses like 3 AM there was there was so much fun and they gave us a shot of adrenaline Fisher. Our rights without anything else we need to know other than you or your looking for about a 118 teams you already have fifty confirmed so far. You have to raise in this under the we touched on this here's the way we re read raise money 5000 dollars at least for your team for a four hour shift. But if you're talking fifteen players Randy trees about 501000. India did not even that's it for him about it in the fight the 5000 dollars is covered right there are so. Excellent all the information at eleven a power play dot com. They're doing it the community shipped version this summer. It's only January but I'm sure we'll talk to a few times between now and July as well popes and also Amy did the empire state right for Roswell two years ago off peer she's giving me a lot of biking tour so I appreciate all that.