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Music Is Art is this Saturday 9/7)!  Robby Takac joins us to talk about the 17th annual MIA, and the new Goo Goo Dolls album MIRACLE PILL, which drops next Friday the 13th.

Robby Takac...always the MOST ENGAGING of guests...and lover of Buffalo!  
While the Tall Ships were at Canalside, one of the ships official pets, a cat named Fiji from the Picton Castle, decided to walk down the gangway and take a tour of Buffalo!.  The SPCA's Gina Lattuca shares how Fiji was reunited with her ship, an AMAZING story, that was the culmination of work by...
In between the music, food, and wine, finding time to take in all the floral exhibits at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens can be a little much to see!  Before you go to Starry NIght, click and listen to our 6 minute chat with David Swarts and Erin Grajek who dish on the must...
Max has a new song out, "Nothing Without Love," and joined Rob Lucas in the Star 102.5 studios to talk everything from music history (he grew up in Woodstock!) to his marriage and why YELLOW is his good luck color for the summer.  Click for an ENERGETIC and ENTERTAINING listen in 2 parts!