You Can Now Punch The Guy Who Jacked Up The Price Of AIDS Medication

September 28, 2016
I do not condone violence ... but this guy could use a punch in the face.

Do you remember the name Martin Shkreli? He's the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals who jacked the price of an AIDS drug more than 50 times and was smug about it during his fraud hearing. Well he is now auctioning off the opportunity to punch him in the face for charity.

He said would grant the highest bidder one chance to punch or slap him in the face to benefit the family of his recently deceased PR consultant Mike Kulich.

He claims the bids are past $70,000 so far...
And if you are bidding, I'd like to point out that he did not specify if the donor had to be the one doing the slapping ... maybe The Rock is free?

-Mike Draup

Photo: © Michael Flippo |