Woman Gets 13,000 Texts After Debate Mix Up

September 30, 2016
Don't you hate random text messages? "Who dis?" 

A woman in Virginia was unknowingly a part of the most watched Presidential debate in history this week when C-SPAN accidently posted her phone number and asked viewers to text in and give their thoughts.

Tripp Diaz noticed her phone started to blow up with political rants about policy and racism. She was highly confused until she traced back the random texts and realized C-SPAN has been broadcasting her number all night long to viewers. 

C-SPAN spokesman Howard Mortman says the network got it wrong and has apologized to Diaz, who wasn't even watching at the time. 

Let's hope Diaz has a sense of humor...and a good lawyer. And who knew people actually watch C-SPAN?

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today