Why "Manterrupted" Is Trending

September 16, 2016
A technique for women in meetings is blowing up on social media, and it all originated from female staff at The White House.

A top female staffer told The Washington Post that when a woman suggests something in a meeting, it will get skipped over. Worse, if it's a good idea, a man will often repeat the idea and get credit for it.

Now if a woman suggests something, all of the other women in the room repeat it, making sure to give credit to its originator.

Obviously this can be used anywhere. Meetings are almost always dominated by a few people, and if the room is mostly men it's probably going to be men that do it. And as someone that sits in meetings a lot, I love this technique for anyone, anywhere. If you love someone's idea, repeat it and verbally give them credit - They deserve it! -Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today