Soon It Will Be Illegal To Post An Actor's Age Online?

September 26, 2016
We all know Hollywood actresses are often passed up for roles based on their age, so supporters of a new law believe banning websites from sharing that information will protect them from discrimination. But let's be serious, Dame Helen Mirren isn't going to bump Anna Kendrick out of Pitch Perfect 3.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law bill AB-1687, which as of January 1, 2017 will require that entertainment database sites that have paying subscribers (IMDbPro) must remove an actor's age or birthday if the subscriber requests it be done. "Any companion internet web site under the provider's control" is also required to make the change, per the bill.

But doesn't this fall under free speech? Like, we all know Angelina Jolie is 41. You could post that and it wouldn't be a lie.

The Internet Association's Michael Beckerman wrote, "Either censorship is limited to a few websites, making it ineffective, or it must be so comprehensive that it eliminates this information from the public domain entirely posing unacceptable limits to free speech."

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today