Ryan Lochte Was Attacked During Live Episode Of 'Dancing With The Stars'

September 13, 2016
Well that was an eventful evening. During the live debut of Dancing With The Stars, Ryan Lochte protesters were in the crowd and crashed the live broadcast, verbally attaching him. After Lochte performed his Foxtrot, two men walked in front of the cameras while the judges were speaking. Then they walked in front of host Tom Bergeron so they could yell into the camera.

The two men were removed, but there were four women in the audience wearing similar shirts that continued to boo. They were also removed.

Lochte was reportedly close to tears backstage after the incident. He told E! that it felt like "someone reached inside and ripped my heart out and stepped on it."

Interestingly he probably regrets his actions in Rio, but at the same time would he have been on this reality show if he wasn't all over the news? Also, when did he become so controversial that people would make t-shirts to protest him? Surely Dancing With The Stars has had more controversial celebrities than Ryan?

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today