Is your boss one of these Hween characters? Rob's Producers say he is...

October 28, 2016

A Halloween survey by reveals that 18% of workers would classify their place of employment as 'scary'. 4,000 workers were asked which popular Halloween character best reflects their boss and his or her behavior. The workers said ...

Glenda the Good Witch, liked and respected by all, ... 20%

The Wolf Man, is fine one minute and then howling the next, ... 11%

The Invisible Man, never around, 10%

Casper the Friendly Ghost, eager to help, but often misunderstood, ... 9%

Dracula, constantly sucking the life out of you, ... 6%

The Wicked Witch of the West, always conniving and doing dirty work, ... 5%

The Mummy, slow-moving with an ancient thought process, 4%

The Grim Reaper, constantly delivers bad news and inspires fear, .. 3%


  • Producer Rollie-THE WOLF MAN is exactly who Rob Lucas In The Morning is.
  • Producer Jimmy-Rob is definitely The Wolf Man with the ancient thought process of the mummy!
  • Producer Erika-I think Rob is both Glenda the Good Witch and Casper the Friendly Ghost, especially when it comes to new web stuff.
  • Former Producer Alt Brandi-Gotta go with The Wolf Man.
  • Producer Kevin- Rob is 150% The Wolf Man.




Photo Credit: Vertes Edmond Mihai via Dreamstime