What Rob Lucas Learned From Dr. Phil and Demi Lovato While On Vacation

March 26, 2018

I like to use vacation to not only forget about work and clean the brain and body, but to learn something new as well, and was excited when I stumbled upon a Dr. Phil special episode that centered on Demi Lovato, her fight for sobriety, and the inspirational gatherings she has before many of her shows with the help of Cast Center. I started to watch mainly because we play a lot of Demi Lovato music, and I want to know as much as possible about the artists we play. Plus, Dr. Phil is the real deal, even though I think a few topics/guests he’s covered of late have been a little on the “out there” side.   But ya’ gotta’ keep expanding your boundaries or the show gets repetitive, so I’ll give him a pass on that.  I’m sure he’ll be thrilled…  

Anyway, the Dr. Phil / Demi Lovato special was EXCELLENT, LIFE-AFFIRMING broadcasting. Here are my biggest takeaways that can be used in everyday life:

Regarding how social media, FOMO, and constantly comparing ourselves to others are messing up our personal values and feelings, Dr. Phil says, “We all have a PERSONAL TRUTH…what we believe and think (about ourselves) when nobody else is looking and nobody is listening.” So true.  Opposite that is our “SOCIAL MASK,” the shiny, happy, face we put on that looks perfect to others.  And the  issue that is destroying lives is (to paraphrase Dr. Phil) that we compare our PERSONAL TRUTH, with all its NATURAL warts and issues, to everyone else’s SOCIAL MASK, which is not the truth about their personal lives at all.  And the day-after-day comparisons via social media and false-faced interactions lead to self-doubt, anxiety, and loss of self-worth, all of which can sadly lead to self-medication through things like alcohol, drugs, and more. The goal:  Let’s stop comparing our PERSONAL TRUTHS to others’ SOCIAL MASKS.

Health-Engendering People. We should all strive to be one.  A health-engendering person is one who makes others feel better simply by being around them. They have the qualities of leadership, passion and compassion, empathy, and most importantly, are realistic when helping one be the “best person” he or she can be.  In essence, a health-engendering person doesn’t have to be the light in the room, but needs to be the mental heart of the room.    (Personal side note:  I think that being a health-engendering person is the #1 quality virtually EVERY nationally-known politician of EVERY party currently lacks).

And that’s what I learned from Demi Lovato and Dr. Phil while on vacation! I hope it helps you too!