What Rob Learned On Vacation Pt 2

May 24, 2016
  • I personally love Charlie Rose as an interviewer, think Norah O’Donnell was a great political and White House correspondent, and respect Gayle King as being very smart and “with it”.  But as a team, they make watching the CBS Morning Show akin to going to a wake.  Do they ever smile?  Good content with no energy.  Completely underwhelming.  I watched 3 different times over the week, for more than 20 mins each time.  I gave them a chance, but totally understand why they lag behind NBC and ABC.
  • Tom Verducci’s Sports Illustrated piece on Vin Scully should be required reading for anyone involved in broadcasting, digital media, media relations, or public speaking.   I take that back, anyone who wants to relate better to those around them in everyday professional life will benefit from reading Verducci’s epic story about not only the greatest baseball play-by-play man of all time, but arguably one of the top 5 or 10 broadcasters of ANY type.

The biggest thing I took away from the article was Vin’s way of storytelling. All broadcasters tell stories.  The bad ones do it in a way in which you can see the payoff coming a mile away.  The good ones are creative and have an ending that was worth waiting for.  The GREATS, aka Scully, tell stories without the intent of airing them “just to show how much I know”, and often don’t have a complete ending.  They let listeners decide for themselves if the story mattered.  Vin’s use of the phrase “For those who care…”, so elegantly states that even though he has been talking about a topic for 3 minutes (or three outs), there are many who may not care at all about his monologue, and just want to hear the game and score.  Genius use of the English language from Vin Scully.

  • The Mets have sooo many holes.  You can’t have a 3rd baseman and right fielder who can’t throw, and a first basemen who is more than streaky. I feel I am watching the end of David Wrights career.  He needs to either go to the AL and be a SH, or agree to spend the year in Las Vegas and player –coach, and come back up when the Mets expand rosters in September.  But no player with any drive would agree to that.  Unless the performance gets really bad.  And it’s close.  Pivotal year for Terry Collins.  His manipulation of role players in the lineup with will be paramount.  But the Mets need better role players than Eric Campbell and Alejandro De Aza