What Rob Learned On Vacation Pt 1

May 23, 2016
  • The corner of W. Chippewa and Delaware is my new favorite downtown corner. With the new Delaware North Building on one side with the Westin hotel and business offices, Roseanna’s Mediterranean and Starbucks across Delaware, and just South and West there are Salsarita’s, Chocolate Bar, Subway, and Ted’s (the charcoal grill smell goes for a full block), the whole intersection looks and feels like what we used to go to Toronto for. Livable, vibrant, action packed, and forward thinking!
  • I’m also so excited about Niagara Street development. On the East side of Niagara you’ll see 2 apartment buildings being redeveloped just across from where you exit the 190. Just South of there on the West side of Niagara, new Shoreline Town houses are replacing the 1972 built version. Great work by Norstar!
  • Thank you to all businesses who open up at 7am or earlier, on behalf of those like me who sleeping til 5:30 on vacation is getting an extra 90 minutes in, and still being able to start garden and house upkeep duties before many are even out the door!
  • With the exception of getting news from mobile apps (NY POST, USA TODAY), I watched very little local and national news, and didn’t miss it, or miss anything big. In my daily radio/digital media job, I need to know a little about a lot so I can pass the important things onto listeners. On vacation, that’s when I take a break for my “mental news-overload health”.
  • Terry Pegula has to be peeved at either the Bills medical staff for passing Shaq Lawson as ready to play, or his GM and Coach for ignoring the medical staff’s reports. Already, this Bills’ Summer is starting suspiciously. And with very little wiggle room.
  • I tried watching Season 1 of American Horror Story, the only season I’ve missed, but I stopped 10 minutes in. I just don’t wanna be bummed out on a happy, gorgeous late Spring day with the sun shining. AHS is a Fall/ Winter show. I may try again, though. Gotta be in the mood!
  • After nearly completing my list of 19 things to do during my Staycation, now I see why my retired neighbor Ron is always so busy. When you have to time to really look at your house and yard, you will NEVER stop finding things you can make better! But I’m happy to be like that. Ron’s house brings a little bit of Nantucket to our Tonawanda neighborhood. I hope I bring some of the same.
  • During my first 5 days of vacation, Saturday—Wednesday, the earliest I took a shower was 3:30pm. I felt like a contractor wandering Lowes and Home Depot with 4x4 railroad ties and bags of decorative rocks at 8am. But my hair was always restaurant quality (thank you for the line Producer Jimmy and Kenny Mayne (ESPN)
  • If I could go back in time, I would grab the person responsible for putting all the Silver Maple trees on my street from 1940--60, bring them to 2016, and make them clean up all the whirlybird/helicopter seedlings that come down every Spring. Ridiculous. Though this seems like a light year for them.