What It's Like To Be On The Backstreet Boys Cruise!

May 18, 2018

Backstreets Back, ALRIGHT!  
Every two years, the Backstreet Boys host a cruise to party and vacation with their biggest fans.  This year, they sailed from Miami to Grand Turk on a 4 day Carnival Cruise, and we've got the inside scoop on what happened on the boat! 
Producer Rosie's sister, Cristina, and her best friend Lauren have been Backstreet Boys fans since the early days over 20 years ago!  They couldn't resist booking this "fangirl paradise" trip of a lifetime! 
And they weren't alone... over 2,000 Backstreet Boys fans cruised with them! 

The itinerary included: 

  • Fun events and game shows hosted by the boys 
  • A meet & greet 
  • 2-hour concerts almost every night 
  • A door decorating contest 
  • Themed deck parties every night that lasted until 4:00am!  

Cristina and Lauren said that seeing the boys walk around the ship and interacting with the fans so casually was very surreal!  But their favorite part was the themed deck parties, especially "Millennium Night" celebrating their best selling album from 1999.  The boys came out in their original all-white outfits from the album cover, and sang the entire album with their fans!  On "90s Night" , the boys surprised them all by coming out dressed as the Spice Girls!  The danced to their biggest hits like "Wannabe" and "Say You'll Be There." 

Cristina and Lauren called it "A Fangirl's Paradise"...and it sounded like they were right!  CLICK HERE to look through our gallery to see their pictures and videos from this amazing trip!