Whaddya Think Of The New Taylor? Click And Tell Us!

August 25, 2017

NEW TSWIFT SINGLE! And man is she angry at someone or something...maybe Kim & Kanye?  And how about the "She's dead" lyric!

Click here to watch the lyric video & give us your one word or phrase thought on "Look What You Made Me Do."

Rob Lucas' words to describe it were:

  • Memorable
  • It's odd, but it's a hit
  • Quizzicle
  • Is that a Devo 80's drum beat? NO, it's Right Said Fred!
  • The country Taylor IS DEAD!
  • You can listen to this song 14x, and hear something new each and every time

Producer Rollie's words to describe it were:

  • I'm too sexy 
  • RIP Old Taylor (she's dead) 
  • We aren't singing cutesy angry anymore