Too Hot In The Bedroom? (We knew that would get your attention!) Rob Sez “Try This…”

June 18, 2016

Too hot for sleeping?  Get a Vornado 41” Tower Fan.  It will change the way you think about Summer heat! 

If you don’t have central air, or have retro-fitted central air in an older home where the ducts aren't in the best of locations, I know what you go through on hot days, and especially nights.  We had central air put in our 1940’s cape about 8 years ago.  It was the best thing we ever did…for the downstairs.  The upstairs, with it’s poorly positioned ducts, just doesn’t cool down as it should.  It’s better, but still about 5 degrees warmer than it should be.

After a years of having a ceiling fan, widow fan and as many as two other fans rolling at the same time, we knew there must be something better.  We did the research and everything we read said to get a Vornado tower fan.  And they were soooo right!

The secret to this fan is that it hits the entire area ALL THE TIME…not just on passing sweeps like a regular fan.  Before we go to bed, we have the Vornado on for about 30 minutes, and it makes a HUGE difference.   And If it gets to warm later on, having the remote control next to you is a so convenient. I’ll just pop it on for about 5 min in the middle of the night, and it cools the room down again.

The only negatives:  It is a little loud on high speed , and we put black electrical tape over the blue lights on it’s control panel, which illuminate the room too much.  Other than that…it is the VERY BEST FAN we have ever used.

Price?  Anywhere from $89 to $110 depending on if you want to order it, or NEED IT NOW and will pay full retail.  We got ours at Bed Bath & Beyond for $80 after a 20% off coupon.

Tooooo hot in the bedroom?  Hope this helps you get through a Buffalo Summer!

  • Full disclousure: I get NOTHING from Vornado for this.  Just trying to keep Star fans cool!