SPCA Wednesday! Meet Tammy!

July 5, 2017

Tammy is so pretty to look at and she has a delightful personality to match! She's definitely the kind of dog who will keep you on your toes, but as long as she has an outlet for her seemingly endless energy, she's as happy as can be!

Tammy was born around 2012 and she's bright and healthy! She loves exercise and she's intelligent, so she'd be great at learning tricks in her new home! She’s always ready for something new.

But when she’s in her kennel, she seems desperately shy and will sleep with her back to the glass doors, but the second you come to her kennel with a leash in your hand, suddenly she’s your best friend and will jump around until that leash is on her! She enjoys being outside and exploring and she has the BEST manners. She doesn’t pull on her leash and she even knows the cues “sit” and “paw”. 

We’d like Tammy to meet your dog if you have one in a meet and greet with our behaviour and training department before you bring her home forever. We think she’ll be much more comfortable in a home setting! Come meet her at the SPCA! Or call the SPCA Adoptions Department at 875-7360 ext. 207!