SPCA Wednesday! Meet Ruthie!

May 25, 2016

Ruthie is truly a one-of-a-kind sweetheart, which is why it’s so puzzling as to why she’s our longest term resident! (She’s been here since the beginning of April.) Ruthie LOVES playing even though, admittedly, her fetch could use some work. Once Ruthie gets the ball, she doesn’t bring it back — oh no! She simply begins to play by herself! She throws the ball and catches it herself! And after awhile, she tuckers herself out. It’s absolutely adorable.

Ruthie also fancies herself a lapdog. Now at 60 pounds that may be hard to believe, but it’s absolutely true. Ruthie will cuddle in anyone’s lap and look up at you with her beautiful brown eyes and pretty soon, you're a goner. 

Ruthie was in our humane education program Teaching Love and Compassion where she enjoyed working with the 11—13 year olds who trained her using positive reinforcement methods. 

To quote Andrea, a dog enrichment volunteer who is in love with Ruthie, “She has continued to grow and blossom each and every week that I see her, which is not always the case with shelter dogs. She has even mastered her 'sit' and 'paw' cues! Ruthie LOVES her toys, and will prance and dance around her kennel and the yard playing by herself all day! But this girl needs a home to play in, and a lap to snuggle in forever!” We couldn’t agree more with Andrea’s assessment! 

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