SPCA Wednesday: Meet Remy!

July 11, 2018

Hi ! I'm REMY, a happy go lucky lady that really knows how to enjoy life ! I love going for walks and exploring the great outdoors, especially if water is involved . I love to play in the kiddie pool or even just lounge around in it while I soak up the sunshine- life is good ! I'm also known for being quit the cuddlebug ; I LOVE to lean in for lots of cuddles - but who doesn't? I hope you love them as much as I do! After some fun in the sun , I'd be quit content to take a little snooze on the porch, and if I have a soft comfy bed even better . My friends here say I'm a smart, funny, sweet girl who they can't resist ! I'm looking for a home where you and your older children can take me for walks and throw me a ball and I can be part of your loving family. I'd love to live the good life with you , so visit me today !