SPCA Wednesday! Meet Patchy The Pirate!

August 2, 2017

BLIMEY! Navigating his way directly into your heart...that's Patchy the Pirate, a four-year-old, six-pound matey with the most hypnotizing deadlights (that's pirate talk for "eyes") you may have ever seen!

Patchy came to us as a stray way back on July 7. We noticed he was limping badly on his left, hind leg. Patchy seemed to be in a great deal of pain. We administered pain meds and a pain patch, and went to work with multiple exams. In the end, it seemed Patchy had an old injury that wasn't cared for and because of that, did not heal the way it should have. It was creating tremendous pain for this handsome, young man.

There was only one thing to do to alleviate Patchy's pain. All hands were on deck as we gave that bad leg the ol' heave ho in our on-site clinic on July 25.

When Patchy awoke, he was like a kitten! He had to learn to navigate on just three legs, and he's still learning, but he's happy while he's doing it because he's feeling such relief!

Patchy knows he can be your gold treasure if you just take a chance on him! Learn more about him Wednesday, August 2, 8:10 am on Star 102.5 with Rob Lucas! Better yet, come meet this handsome scallywag at the SPCA's 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter, or call the SPCA Adoptions Department at 875-7360 ext. 207! Remember, cats 1 and older have half-off their adoption fees through August 31!