SPCA Wednesday! Meet Our 3 Shining Stars: Selsun Blue, Shadow, & Ginger

June 15, 2016

We usually try to bring happy stories to the Star studio on Wednesday, but there's just no way around this one. And the end of the story is this: we need to find these three sweethearts, Selsun Blue (9), Shadow (8), and Ginger (13) a home TOGETHER.

These three sweet, cuddly cats belonged to a very special SPCA staff member. We sadly lost our Steve Smith to cancer last month at the age of only 50. Please take a moment to read our tribute to Steve and see photos of him and some of his favorite animal friends here.

Steve was an amazing, giving, compassionate man who was incredibly beloved. He devoted most of his life to helping animals in some way, working at the SPCA's Walden Galleria adoption location and, for a short time, at the Eastern Hills Mall spot, along with volunteering in our Wildlife Department. Steve worked for other animal groups as well. Even after his horrible diagnosis, Steve made it his job in life to make the lives of others...people AND pets...better in some way, large or small.

Steve left behind these three amazing beauties. Each received immense love and attention from Steve, and they're very closely bonded.

We know it's a lot to ask, but we'd love to keep these three together. We're looking for a special home, a special someone, a special family who can bring in three kitties who are past the active kitten stage, but who still have many years of love to give. They're just waiting to find that person or people to give all their love to.

If you think you're that someone we're looking for, visit our three felines at our Tonawanda shelter. If you'd like more information first, please call SPCA Adoptions: 716-629-3531. Please help make the lives of these little ones better again.