SPCA Wednesday! Meet Our 2 Shining Stars Bella & Trinity!

July 6, 2016

Hello, we are Bella and Trinity - a bonded pair of sweethearts looking for our new home! Since we've been together for as long we can remember, we just can't bear to spend a day apart...and since we're equally sweet and lovable, we don't think you'll want to spend much time away from us either! Now since we are what you might call "perfectly plump" kitties, we would love to start a more balanced lifestyle - balanced between healthy meals and soft pets! Oh did we forget to mention how much we love showing our affectionate side? We'll come right up to say hello if it means we get to spend time with you! In the meantime, we're happy to find a comfy spot to rest our heads...and the occasional play session with our favorite feather toys is always fun for everyone! So if you think we might be the perfect laid back, super sweet additions your home needs - hurry over to the SPCA today to meet us...just ask for Bella and Trinity!